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  1. Zulrah Rotations

    Okay so this video isn't a beginner Zulrah guide but more to show the difference between Zulrah on OSRS and Zulrah here. Think of it as more of a "how to be more efficient when killing zulrah" sort of POV. Additional Notes: - 1st phase of every rotation is also 'SAFE' - Bring a Ring of wealth and equip it towards the end before you kill zulrah =] - Gear: Best ranged setup + food, no need for mage switch. Veng once before you tele in
  2. Staff update [18/01/18]

    Congrats team!
  3. Come chat in the discord once in a while. Tu m'aime
  4. Tome of Frost

    Technically still an issue with it (not working as unlimited water runes) but it was part of a list I sent to Juan
  5. pet insurance

    Ticket is correct. You are unable to lose pet and we have fixed losing them in ffas (as you can no longer take them into the ffa lobby)
  6. I have found 2 minor bugs with the NR high-scores page. I can not provide any instructions to reproduce these scenarios but will try to give as much detail as I can. When did you discover? A couple days ago How to reproduce? Not really sure 1. 2b xp permanent rank I was woodcutting on my alt, Runite, going for 2b wc xp, and was tracking the players ahead of me who did not yet have 2b xp. At the time, Izno was in 8th spot with about 1.95b xp When he got 2b xp (and logged out), he shot past the first 1-7 2b players and now holds the #1 woodcutting highscore even though he finished 8th. Unfortunately I have no screenshots before he hit 2b 2. Incorrect donator label on high-scores page I am not an extended donor (yellow), just a regular green guy though on the highscores I appear to have a different status
  7. Useless Dragon Bones

    What the bug is: Dragon bones that can't be used on altar or buried for xp. When did you discover the bug? When I saw a 2nd stack of dragon bones in my bank How do you reproduce the bug? I'm 90% sure I got the noted drop from nezzy after today's patch but it could have been from trading in stardust. Additional description of the bug (Optional)
  8. I got a message saying "An internal item method has occurred, please report this bug" whilst mining runite ores. Basically what happened was the anti-cheat question popped up but didn't stop me mining. I was on my last inventory space, got an ore (full inventory) and then I answered the question. There was nowhere for the 100k to go and the message popped up in chat (didn't drop 100k on the ground for me, rip). Not really a game-breaking bug but it should at least be recognized.
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