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  1. Mithril's Resignation

    Near-Reality, Before any of you ask "Who's Mithril? wtf he doesn't even play." let me shed some light on the situation. I joined the server in May 2017 and was promoted to SS under JB and Logic's management. I was finishing my final year of Uni and at that point my schedule was fairly light. I was able to log in during off-peak hours as my classes were quite spread out over the day. Things moved quickly and I was bumped up to admin shortly before Logic and JB left. As I completed my education, I stepped down to Moderator predicting my server presence would drop significantly working 8-10h a day. Initially I thought I could balance the workload and time on NR however this is unfortunately not the case. I often work weekends and I'll be honest I spend a good chunk of my free time with friends and family. So this is my farewell for now post, stepping down (again) from my staff position as I feel it is unfair to hold a rank while other members are waiting in line to help the server. As for management, you're in good hands. The staff on the NR team work hard and put their blood, sweat and tears into keeping things running smoothly, be it new content, bug abuse/fixes and keeping the rarts in jail I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the staff team, running events, skilling for those ranks on the highscores and being part of this community we have. I will still keep tabs on new updates and I'll poke in from time to time but as mentioned previously, I am not in a position to spend much time online. Farewell for now. Had a blast, Mithril (Retired Staff: 28/07/17 - 14/04/19)

    Congrats to all the winners!

    #3. already done

    From what I remember, the wilderness already has (invisible) boosted drop rates similar to RDI -- caps at 50% with DR pin and Ring of Wealth. (keep in mind the post linked is old and monsters on donator islands are not identical to what is shown below)
  5. Sneak Peek: Comp Capes

  6. 1st

    I had all phats minus rainbow before server wipe. #goals (red,yellow,purple,blue,green,white,black,lava,lime,pink) <-- think that's all of em?
  7. More events!

    Start collecting items, you might need it
  8. Game Updates | 12/06/2018

    They aren't
  9. Wildy Content Sneak Peak

  10. Discord Channels

    No? I've been on the discord server for a year+ though so idk for new joins
  11. @staff help

    Irrelevant discussion, staff are aware of your appeal. Locking thread, thanks.
  12. My time has come

    Same reason I stepped down from Admin to mod; life got busy, less time to be around. Best of luck dealing with being understaffed at work, sounds rough but at least you're raking in the moolah And grats on the girlfriend
  13. Staff update - 14/08/18

    grats on staff. gf my shot at highscores lol
  14. Game updates - 14/05/2018 - Fixes + drop rates

    Lovin these long lists. I assume the skilling pets counting towards the achievement means new pets and not ones we already have?
  15. Not being a developer on the team, I can't say much else on the matter. Sorry.

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