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  1. when u brid in fullscreen lololol
  2. I came back for one hour. Rm? I really will rematch a thok risk fight.
  3. LOL literally and then when you get caught out for some absolute bullshit y'all cop to "oh I'm completely clueless to whatever else anybody on the staff team is doing" take some responsibility even if you fucking muted or jailed someone inappropriately. Like the fuck is Daddy snackmob gonna spank you?
  4. Buying Dpins for Nrgp the absolute best offer you could find pm me on forums or in game if u see me on ALSO selling Dpins for the best prices for 07 you can find same applies pm me thru appropriate medium SPITEFULLY BEATING DR. DRE'S PRICING I PROMISE
  5. 1 time, 1 trade 25mill 07 for 7 pins on ur fee for MM ( : This the best damn deal u gon find charlie
  6. this needs a bump
  7. wait i mean i know you're a shitty pker but where's the nice kills\loots bro?
  8. feel that lmao i barely been on i will soon
  9. over a week nulled XD yo at least youll have the loyalty points for comp cape
  10. IF Your tbed you can still use that lever, yeah its been busted for a minute, you cant tele into mage bank but you can out and back into mage arena. Drop this in suggestions aswell as ardougne lever\web being fixed lmfao.
  11. @wtf 69 yo i'd like to provide the clips of 69 getting 3-0'd in 45 minutes
  12. Thank you @death eye556 for a clean\quick edit literally as soon as I requested, highly recommend, very cost efficient work and will work personally with you til your satisfied with what you're posting.
  13. still have more than me C x would like to see ya stick around u know that shit comes n goes like its nothing. 44b makes an ez 300 stack quicker then you'd believe
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