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  1. Incredible job getting the ball rolling on revitalizing the community firstly, with just the amount of actual interaction with players in just the first week. Whether it was giving feedback and paying mind to things that even an average player may have even ignored on forums or just simply being active whilst logged in-game. Second these "Events" hosted have not only been loads of fun by offering perfectly fair and actually great incentive to get out there and pking with your buddies but it is exactly the kind of stuff I believe NR needs when it comes to keeping this player base active\content. So far nothing but promising work from jungle. Hope to see it continue for sure. Much Thanks -Yuh 2-0cx
  2. Great Back n Forths with my boy keeping pking active and brid\nhing alive, sorry u aint getting my death in this Cx If someone could tell me how to make NR flush with the youtube border so it's not so zoomed out (the black bars bordering the video) please essplain to me it'd be awesome and improve the quality of what i can do to help promote le game :D.
  3. that loot , rm ( :??
  4. *WARNING EARS* Guess i Learned who was king Cx
  5. Username?: Yuh Are You Maxed Combat?: Yes Do You Have The Required Gear?: Yes Are You 200% Certain You Will Make The Hybrid Tournament?: Yes Do You Have Skype?: Yes What Clan Are You In?: Valhalla
  6. DONT Quit ur like the only other nher on the server, nice repeat KP. DONT Quit ur like the only other nher on the server, nice repeat KP. @Wests Is Loc @Wests Is Loc
  7. does making a video count :3
  8. is that u pking? im coming on.
  9. I didn't find it worth paying 50-75 dollars for an editor to do an hours work, felt as tho clips were good enough with music, so enjoy it ya filthy fucks. wont be playing much unless there's a bloodlust season\ anybody to come brid til classes start for me and im gawn. love the game but recently it's frustrating to port around to find someone I feel bad to kill\leave loot on the floor for if I do lmao. Or have to beg\flame for fights lol. I'll def be back prob with vid 2 LOL knowing my ass - Much love from me to all of you except mizzy, stay slaying dragons bro you got this Love Nr see yall soon - Yuh EDIT: about 15b+ Pked making this
  10. or is it cuz u couldnt keep up with the boy last night nhing?
  11. mb
  12. this nigga turned up on me after he lost a lime in a risk fight with the killpics with 0 loot, kill me at gano? @freedog loc is castles mate not forums LOLOL
  13. Hi Welcome To Pnc, Would you like to make a deposit? You can single handedly get the wild active like you talked about in your post in pk media LOL gaaahdddamn Hit that tril mark? Gj bro
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