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  1. ideas from vh for active wild/updates

    please actually use this like
  2. ghostface loc

  3. Near-Reality Client v15.0.1

    ur hot, fire
  4. Near-Reality Client v15.0.1

    LETS GO.
  5. I mean, you tried... i had the only ely btw :x
  6. Official Price Guide

    great job and accurate
  7. Valhalla Day Out Ft. Kingz\Pirates

    Topics like these show us how much of a clue people have about singles pking, yall needa catch up
  8. Valhalla Day Out Ft. Kingz\Pirates

    siri... what can i say on forums to continuously show people how miserably clueless i am?... But seriously everyone in this video piped up and called us out to castles with two teams thinking they came right. k9k This is how Valhalla responds fam
  9. Bloodlust Wya baby?? We've been out here. You talk all this shit hiding pvming. this is what it looks like when you leave edgeville. 20v8 45 minutes in singles Results: 7-. If you have any hope of a win, Get better and Come correct. @SandNiqqa 4hed, ali, lesbians, whoever u are. 5-0 get ya score right. Ya'll had 2 deaths on half tbs and rag. Getcha game up fam. Keep defaulting to ::pvp on you know where LOL. Btw you ain't welcome above edge there neither. @Kingz Don't Quit before the season's just begun fam. You're trying. Keep things interesting!
  10. HP / Jugg Events

    @middleman thats more what hes gettin at its causing people that didnt participate to come secure loot they did nothing to earn because they're a low level.
  11. HP / Jugg Events

    this is a great idea loot shouldn't be free because you suicide and de-level to claim it after an hour event uncontested. easy fix : you must wait 60 seconds to change levels after combat ? should be looked into regardless
  12. Jaybee

    was ez 1-0
  13. Simple things

    my max hit dummies name is john54
  14. anti-vh team

    Sound, they will be easy L0L