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  1. Donations and Other News

    My only concern is that this will stagnate the economy even more than it is now. Few items move around the game as it is and with increased pin prices it's likely that it will stagnate more especially with fewer pins in game.
  2. Thok Giveaway Winner!

    Figures a rich af ldi gets it. Shoulda known
  3. So This Happened...

    So this happened.... #3 on my iron???????
  4. Ironman Potions

    Could 3 dose super sets be added to the die potion store so we don't have to drink 4 dose potions to make overloads? Or add a decant 3 option to decanter =] Thanks
  5. Welcome to Dread | New Developer

    Whalecum =]
  6. QoL Poll

    The only thing that concerns me here is developer time.. Pet functions outside of cosmetic appeal seems cool but i'd much rather see developer time going towards custom pvm (raids as discussed in the pvm poll) as well as pking updates as those are what retain and attract players to this darn near perfect server. Justiciar definitely needs a boost as it's very expensive to donate for and very rare in game with a negligible strength bonus and on par with primal defence bonuses. I think perhaps the top and bottom should give the bonus however, because with a slayer helm few people will actually wear the full set. The trading post limit increase would only make everyone better off much like when they removed the trade limit in Runescape some years ago. Overall I think this poll contains pretty great content, can't wait to see where these staff introduced player driven updates take us =]
  7. PvM Poll

    As previously mentioned i'm glad to see the community involvement in these polls tied with some great ideas and content that feeds all ranges of pkers and pvmers alike. I love the idea of custom raids and it will help retain and draw in the crowd that greatly diminished with the release of OSRS. As a long time player of NR, I felt it always had so much potential but lacked the IT factor that separated itself greatly from the competition. A hard yet reasonable raid with little lore and more pvm would be a great addition. This could easily fill the role of the IT factor to increase retention and future player base. A slayer re-work with more attention to the amount of monsters needed to kill based on flat out annoyingness and hp should be considered. None of us want to kill 100 brutal green dragons or mithril dragons. My last concern is for us that really enjoy the game but cannot afford to donate $400+ for RDI or LDI. A monthly rotation of monsters in DIE would be refreshing and help level out the economy as things like promethium have become relatively worthless. It'll help with morale issues and get us back into grinding! We've noticed a lot of LDI updates which are understandable, but anything for us less fortunate would help out a lot!
  8. PvP Poll

    Really appreciate the poles as the communities input should be a factor (not the whole thing) in decision making. That being said, NR has always had the home to some of the best deep wildy and NH pkers out there. Although i'm far from one them, i'd like to consider myself pretty good at everything else that doesn't involve F3 when pking. I guess as a moderate to good pker i'd like to see multi events include people like me where the lower skilled deep wildy pkers can atleast enjoy themselves and not be completely mowed down after gearing. I think evening the gear would greatly help with this and I look forward to participating in these events and wildy changes =]
  9. Buying D pins Osrs

    it's nibpure btw
  10. Buying D pins Osrs

    Okay cool, thanks man =]
  11. Buying D pins Osrs

    Buying up to 10 d pins for osrs. Please either pm me here or respond as i'm muted in game.
  12. Buying D pins Osrs

    Buying up to 10 d pins for osrs. Please either pm me here or respond as i'm muted in game

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