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  1. Lottery Drawing Date Move

    damn u got me. babyknightirrelevant. its okay mr iknowall. ur the best. now stfu
  2. Lottery Drawing Date Move

    Cus u know everything. gj mr iknowall. Hey guys! Look! a guy who know whats getting bought of the store from everyone!! spastic...
  3. Lottery Drawing Date Move

    Let some other dude do the draw. we waited irl as well for this one.
  4. Lottery Drawing Date Move

    i mean its only been talked about for a months. no rush am i right
  5. Lottery Drawing Date Move

    or more dpins $ for whoever get paid. they saw how ppl went crazy with pins and made a lil extra last few days, why not extend it
  6. Lottery Drawing Date Move

  7. Lottery Drawing Date Move

    Nothing but weak. we waited long enough, simple.
  8. Lottery Drawing Date Move

    Thats why they are doing it. people will buy more dpins atm. good strat for the pocket(if ur torn)
  9. sell dpins 07

    Selling dpins for 07 cash, pm me here or ingame. offer ea, and ofc ur fee
  10. Divinate

    Cant tell how many times this mofo helped me out with mm or anything. Really just wanna say thank you (y)
  11. Divinate

    so am i! HÆHÆHÆHÆHÆ
  12. Final LDI price

    I still miss a Chaos Elemental pet
  13. Divinate

    and if we can get this blocked or something? retired mod / irrelevant by now i belive. HÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆ
  14. Numse sale-

    Offer here in cash or pins only. still muted.
  15. Buy dpin nr cash

    No clue. im buying to get osrs gold lol. just made a new pure
  16. Buy dpin nr cash

    Im buying dpins for: 1-9 3.5b ea 10+ 4.0b ea 20+ 4.5b ea 30+ 5.0b ea Will pay cash or items. Ur call Hit me at pm ingame @ numse or here on forums!
  17. Buy dpin nr cash

  18. Buy dpin nr cash

    Maybe it will make people donate for them. either way, im always buying, so people can pm me here or if im online ingame
  19. Buy dpin cash nr

    buying all dpins, as many u got. pm me here on forums
  20. Buy dpin cash nr

    Gonna sleep now. pm on forums, until i wake up -i pay 5b ea. the offer is gonna last until i wake from this cocaine trip. 10-12 hours aprox. spend some $$ and get rich in 1 trade!!! leggo faggots. *friends yew ash best88
  21. Numse sale-

  22. Numse sale-

    i mean 100m for a lime whip is pretty much saying ur a fucking retard or got dropped as a kid, so fuck off and get your attention somewhere else. ill get unmute today, so turn ur private on friends or ill flame u until log off. yew log........
  23. Numse sale-

    nah too much, come take it free with 5b @fuckoff
  24. Numse sale-

    we poor my doods?
  25. Buy dpin cash nr

    b to the b to the b hæhæhæhæhæhæhæhæ yew ash if u pm within 15mins ill pay 4b ea cash :-) #freenumse

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