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  1. Donor island PvM

    We'll be increasing the number of spawns on LDI in the next update.
  2. Donor island PvM

    I'm more than happy to add some more spawns on LDI if you can garner enough support for it!
  3. Very First Ring

    awkward. reload your client for the correct name
  4. Update 2-16-2019

    Hello everyone, A few small, but very needed updates today. ::wb command implemented instead of ::worldboss ( think this was Zanders idea, nice) Fixed WB spawns outside of LDI Increased WB HP to 80,000. Increased WB damage output slightly Changed tele location of ::ldi2 Changed LD "Global" signature to "Legend" Added some new tools for staff Added hints for the Golden Feather. I think that about sums up today's update! Thanks for your continued support, we'd like to hear feedback regarding these changes. torn
  5. Can you unban me this is biggest joke I ever seen.

  6. All Skilling Pets Obtained!

    Very cool post!
  7. [QOL] ::WB

    Good idea! Accepted.
  8. Update 2-10-2019

    Hello everyone! The day is finally here! The lottery is closed and our brand new LDs have been granted their ranks! To settle the mystery that has been around the total price of LD, the number has been settled on 1,000 USD. Originally we had planned to set the number at 1,500, but after hearing feedback from players, 1,000 seemed to be the happy medium. I'd like to issue a huge "thank you" and "well done" to all the staff team that contributed to the creation of LDI. Additionally, I extend the same sentiments to our loyal donors and those who helped clean up our economy via the lottery. Except I Drop. We didn't want that many Torva helms. Below are all the updates that occurred today! Add Legendary Donor Island Add Ultimate Gloves (and creation process) Add World Boss: Bandos Avatar Add Sumona back to her house in Edgeville. Add the Ancient Mace Add Ring of Fire We'll elaborate on each of those additions. First, Legendary Donor Island, or LDI. This island contains brand new skilling zones, a coalless furnace, kingly implings, and passive rune crafting training. There are also locations for Dark Crab fishing and rocktail fishing. The new zone comes with some new NPCs as well! First is the Phoenix! An old NR classic, the phoenix has finally risen from the ashes and takes its place back in the realm of elite mobs to kill. The phoenix boasts a rather unique table, including the cosmetic Pyromancer set. We see the Transfer Device at 1 in 10,000 The Golden Feather at 1 in 7,500 ( We're interested in letting the community discover the use of this item) The Infernal Cape at 1 in 5,000 The Phoenix Pet at 1 in 2,000 The Ring of Fire at 1 in 1,000 The Ring of Fire is the new best in slot ring for magic, better stats than the Seer's Ring (i), including a 3% flat damage boost, but with a 30k protection value. Only bring this one in the wild if you're confident in your ability to not die! The new World Boss: The Bandos Avatar has a pretty incredible drop table, but protects its loot with powerful magic attacks, limited spawns, and randomized locations for him to appear. However, our LD friends are able to farm the Avatar freely, as he spawns constantly on LDI. We see plenty of best in slot gear here, along with the reappearance of the Ghostly Partyhat at 1 in 1500. The Bandos Avatar pet at 1 in 2,000. Finally, the most interesting unique from the boss, the Golden Needle at 1 in 500. You'll need the Golden Needle to construct the new Ultimate Gloves. Remember, its a one time use item! Here are the stats of Ultimate Gloves. Pretty significant upgrades over any of the current gloves in game. To craft these bad boys, you'll need a pair of Swift Gloves, Goliath Gloves, Spellcaster Gloves, an E-Kit, and the Golden Needle! From the Bandos Avatar, we also gain the Ancient Mace. The Ancient Mace appears to be a rather weak weapon at first, but placed in the hands of a coordinated team, it becomes a powerful tool used to smite +1s via its special attack. The Ancient Mace special attack consumes 100% of your special attack meter. When the special attack is activated, every point of damage dealt by the mace is also deducted from the targets prayer points. For example, if you special attack with the mace and hit a 10, you'll also drain your opponents prayer by 10. Expect more content coming very soon! Thank you for your continued support, we hope you enjoy this update as much as we do! Thank you, torn
  9. Easter

    Easter is canceled. Yes we already have the items ready for it.
  10. Lottery Drawing Date Move

    Hello everyone, After having been reached out to by several parties and having IRL time conflicts occur with the originally planned lottery drawing, we are extending the duration collection until Sunday, February 10th 6PM EST. The drawings will take place at 9 PM Est that evening. I appreciate your understanding in this matter. Thank you, torn
  11. Global - Introduction

    Whats up my man? Welcome to NR, let us know how you like broski.
  12. Game Updates | 02/02/2019

    Hello Everyone, some nice QoL updates for you today. The following items have had their level requirements changed. Lime Whip Lime Whip* Lava Whip Sagittarian Body Sagittarian Chaps Sagitarian coif Deg Vls Vesta spear All Godbows have had both their special attacks and level requirements reworked. The Scythe of Vitur now cuts webs. Augury now requires 77 Prayer and 70 Defence. Rigour now requires 74 Prayer and 70 Defence. The royal seed pod has had its range extended to level 30 wilderness. The No-Honour FFA has been implemented. Additional backend fixes
  13. Divinate

    Kind words, thank you for the compliment Numse. Always nice to see people recognizing the efforts that our team puts out.
  14. notscorch v scorch

    Whichever scorch flames me less will be the real scorch
  15. The Lottery II

    Sigh. Theres always one. or two. Gz Drop and Jelly on RD!
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