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  1. Old NR Screenshots Thread

    Very good name.
  2. wut u going to do

    be more corrupt and get ez gp
  3. Raids and new content

    I can't confirm or deny any plans at this point, but I like your ideas.
  4. 2019 NBA Champions

    Why isn't drake in that picture
  5. Revamp/redoing NR

    You've hit the nail on the head. The ultimate items and kitted items were something we released to absorb the gross overpopulation of items and attempt to prevent a crash in the economy. Without being able to correct drop rates and do a massive stat overhaul on existing items in the middle of the servers life, we were left with having to release overpowered gear that only delayed the inevitable. You'll find that your suggestions are nearly exactly in line with out plans moving forward. Great minds, right? Noted barrows drops are certainly doable. Vote tickets are something we've seen suggested quit a bit in the past. I'll talk with Dread and see how difficult this would be within our current timeframe All Prot values will be reexamined as we are balancing stats and such. Good thread from a weird person, nice job! torn
  6. A Proper Near-Reality

    I certainly wouldn't say the backburner, as we have some really amazing content planned post launch for our PvM community. We know how loyal PvM players have been to us and we certainly aren't abandoning you. Even some of our staff primarily engage in pvming such as @crucio and @Ticket. You will be well taken care of, trust me.
  7. Did the staff know?

    The management team knew, but that was about the extent. When we saw there were several people wanting to cash in several hundred million OSRS, we decided to stop MMs to avoid any problems. There were many staff left with quite a bit of wealth in the game that were unable to cash-out, but they understood it was for the greater good.
  8. A Proper Near-Reality

    It wouldn't be possible without Jacmobs involvement, which we are extremely grateful for. I have no doubt that with our support and Jacmob and I working together towards a common goal, this server will be restored to its former glory in just a few short weeks.
  9. A Proper Near-Reality

    Hello everyone, It's time to make a post I certainly did not think I would be making since I began my tenure as Manager. There are changes coming to Near-Reality. Before that, I just wanted to thank everyone in this community for their continued support, and the love they show not only myself but the entire staff team. You are the reason we continue to donate the hours to NR, and you are what makes our success possible. I speak for the entire team when I say that you are what has helped entwine all of us so deeply in this project. Thank you from the Near-Reality Staff team for honoring us with your time, your friendship, your support, and your patience. You will never know how much it means to all of us. A few months ago, we brought on a developer that was meant to help pull us out of the slump we were in; as well as lead the charge towards a new era of Near-Reality. As I'm sure all of you are aware, our faith was slightly misguided and our plans were once again foiled by unfortunate timing and an imbalance in commitments. With a shrinking player base and the lack of a lead developer, the future was dim for Near-Reality, and for the first time in my career on NR, my team and I were having a difficult time finding hope in our situation. To see the players begin to writhe with contempt for the lack of progress, and for frustrations to build both within the team and the community, it was clear there was no easy way forward. Where Near-Reality stands today, it is in a strange state. The Wilderness stays empty, except for when the occasional event hosted by the staff. The once legendary clan fights and elite pkers have gone to other, more active servers. The "Max" sets are an amalgamation of item-sink gear whose powerlevels and stats are so skewed and unbalanced new content is nearly impossible to release. A clan leader who visited our server once told me "Why the f**k would we try to pk here when people are running around in full alien?". At the time, I chocked it up to someone being upset they were caught in the deep wilderness, but after PKing again and listening to my PvP oriented team members, it was easy to see a serious problem existed that was not easily reversible. PvM content additions, including the World Boss and the "Jad Minigame", were our main focus for far too long. While both interesting concepts, there is something not quite Near-Reality about them. In our eagerness to please the community, we fell short by not staying true to our brand and shirking off the ramifications of a safe-zone loot pinata. This coupled with the extremely lucrative methods of PvMing that existed in game before hand lead to continual surges of items that are uncontainable and stagnated a once flowing economy. These were just some of the problems the current game state faces. Not all of them began under my leadership, but they were left unchecked, and that is inexcusable. That is why this post is being made, and that is why I must break one more promise in an effort to correct all of the wrongs that have occurred to you, the community. Beginning on June 14th, the current iteration of Near-Reality will close, and a new, PvP based Near-Reality with a mix of both old and new concepts will be reopened on July 1st at 12pm EST. A full reset will be conducted during this time, as well as a litany of updates to bring Near-Reality back to a proper state. All donations from October 1st 2018 to present will be 100% refunded in credits. All pins will be removed. You will keep your ranks. All players will be set back to level 3, all items, pets, and achievements reset. The PvP Arena will be open to host weekly tournaments for OSRS, NRGP, and other prizes! The PvP ELO system will be fully functioning as well as rewards designated to the top PKers weekly/monthly. All items scaled back to more reasonable stats All NPCs will have their droptables reworked. I understand that this announcement will be polarizing. There are many of you that have spent an incredible amount of time working on your accounts, and I fully realize the frustrations this may bring. I can only ask for your continued support and to have faith in the vision that we all share. A Near-Reality with hundreds of players online, not dozens. A Near-Reality with weekly updates, not seasonally. A Near-Reality that feels like Near-Reality, not an imitation. We want to share with all of you the details surrounding this event, so expect frequent Development posts that will keep you updated. Dread has been doing an amazing job so far and you'll be pleased to see his work. Finally, I wanted to get this announcement made as soon as possible to the community. This has been carefully considered for weeks, and with the resolution having just come down a few days ago, it was time to fill all of you in. This is not the post Jacmob wanted me to make. I needed you all to understand that this was a decision made by people that work on the game and with you everyday, so we understand the gravity of this decision. We want to continue forward in a positive way, and we fully intend to work with you, the community, to present a server that you can come to enjoy for the foreseeable future. Thank you all for supporting us, Torn
  10. test1

  11. Drop Party!!

    A huge drop party in Varrock Square! Please feel free to join us tonight!
  12. A small taster...

    poor tbh
  13. ???????????????????????????????????

  14. How about 2 minutes?
  15. Rare collection


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