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  1. Good fights Torn67 Respect.

    Good fight bro, was a good time! I had to lose that max set eventually
  2. I run the show.

    Was a good fight. Respect
  3. I run the show.

    We gl
  4. fix this

    Will be in the next update!
  5. Hope all is well

    Good seeing you dude. Hopefully you'll be around sometime soon!
  6. Iron Bar's Resignation

    It was a pleasure working with you Bar. Best of luck on future ventures!
  7. yay zenyte shard

    Zander the PvM Lord. Sick drops lately dude
  8. Add Zulrah to the first page

    Shouldn't be hard to change. Solid Suggestion.
  9. Good Afternoon! I have some quick information to get you up to date on regarding upcoming wilderness changes! The overwhelming majority of you voted in favor of drastically increasing the value of these emblems, and we've done just that! However, to compensate for the new value of these bad boys, we had to implement a little bit of balancing. Revenants will have their cash drops reduced to be in line with these emblems. The rates at which emblems are dropped will stay the same for now, but may be modified in the future. The Cash drops rates will be slightly buffed, so that you see them a bit more often. This will be the new pay scale for cash and emblems from each revenant: Ancient Relic- 1,600,000,000 Coins Ancient Effigy- 800,00,000 Coins Ancient Medallion- 400,000,000 Coins Ancient Statuette- 200,000,000 Coins Ancient Totem- 100,000,000 Coins Ancient Emblem- 50,000,000 Coins 25,000,000 Coin Drop 10,000,000 Coin Drop 5,000,000 Coin Drop When this update is live, Ancient Relics will become a world announce item. Now, onto Wilderness Slayer and the rewards that go with it! Wilderness Slayer will be exactly as it sounds, Slayer tasks that are exclusively in the wilderness. You will be assigned anywhere from 15 to 30 of any particular wilderness NPC. Think more along the lines of Callisto, Demonic Gorillas, and Venenatis, instead of hobgoblins and spiders. The slayer points you'll receive will be handled by an entirely new NPC, instead of using Mazchna or Summona. The points you'll receive per task have yet to be determined, as we wish to finalize the list of potential rewards before assigning them a value. So, with all that being said, lets check out what we've cooked up for rewards so far: Ring of Wealth (i) The current idea we have for the RoW(i) would be that it is kept on death just like any other imbued ring, but we have two routes we can go with it from there. Make it pretty expensive in the Wildy Slayer shop, but allow it to be tradeable. Or make it considerably cheaper, and make the ring untradeable. Question 1. How should we handle the RoW(i)? Click here to Vote on the Ring of Wealth (i) Question 2. Should we offer Ballista pieces in the Wildy Slayer Shop? Click here to vote on Ballista Pieces Question 3. Should we offer Elite Clue Scrolls in the Wildy Slayer Shop? Click here to vote on Elite Clues Question 4. Should we offer Imbued Magic Capes in the Wildy Slayer Shop? Click here to vote on Imbued Magic Capes Question 5. Should we offer the ability to imbue the Treasonous Ring, the Tyrannical Ring, and the Ring of the Gods? This would require you to own the rings before you could purchase this, and it would be a one-time imbue. Click here to vote on the ability to imbue the Wilderness Rings Question 6. Should we offer the Rune Pouch in the Wildy Slayer Shop? Click here to vote on the Rune Pouch Question 7. Should we offer Dragonkin Lamps in the Wildy Slayer Shop? Click here to vote on Dragonkin Lamps The aforementioned rewards were some suggestions we thought the community might enjoy. Please by all means, use this thread to voice your opinions and even suggest rewards you might like to see! Thanks so much for your continued support! Torn
  10. singles pk

    Willyd dies to barrages
  11. Wilderness Poll Results

    @Divinate Yeah that ones my fault for using a mediocre voting site. The options were to either repoll and lose data or use the decent sample size we had already seen come in on the first poll. Adding comp achievements will certainly be time based and not skill based like the 15 Kill streak req.
  12. Hello all! I just wanted to gauge some feedback regarding our wilderness. Please feel free to leave your opinions down below, try to be constructive and not just flamermening. Specifically looking for reasons why you do or do not go into the wilderness, what you would like to see regarding wilderness content, and how we can improve the wilderness. Thanks everyone! Torn
  13. Someone explain this...?

    LOL wat
  14. Few Suggestions

    Lowering Row to where its always dropped on death seems appealing to me.
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