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  1. weirdo tbh

    Nice Kill dude!
  2. looking for someone who can make me a sig

    Hit up " Get Wrecked"
  3. sig for torn67

    +1 you are the best.
  4. rdi islands

    I feel like the alters would be an easy add.
  5. test

  6. Global kill message

    Fixed. Closed.
  7. Ignore List Glitch

    This has been corrected for a while now. Closed.
  8. This has been corrected. Thanks for the reports! Closed.
  9. Ring Of Vigour

    This is resolved. Closed.
  10. Tormented Demons

    Closing the client and reopening is the working fix for this right now. Closed.
  11. Pm Issues

    This is working now. Closed.
  12. Attacked By 2 People In Single Way Combat

    This was reported in May of 2017 and was literally fixed at the start of 2018. Closed
  13. Wildy Frost Dragons Turned To Pets

    Simply relogging fixes this issue. The same thing can happen with Tormented Demons.
  14. :: Check Inventory Bugg

    Fixed and closed.
  15. This has been corrected and you can make furies again. Closed.
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