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  1. Can you atleast reply to my PM.


  2. Void Update...

  3. Game Update 12-12-2018

    Hello everyone! Small update today! Remove the ability to drop food to teammates in the wilderness. Further tweaked stats on ACB, CCB, and RCB. Tweaked spec on Degraded and Regular VLS Added a small delay to ::help. The command now opens the staff list as well. Adjusted Void pricing in PKP shops. Lowered prot value of the Barrows Whip Correct the movement of the Emblem Trader. Okay guys thats all for today! Thanks! -torn
  4. Can we have Gano *

    Likely not, I think we're happy with the tier list we have for magic now.
  5. Game Updates 12-10-18

    Hello everyone! Here are todays updates. Corrected HP bonus on Enhanced Nex Items Corrected interfaces on Enhanced Items Corrected stats on Enhanced Items Changed the BIS list for Magic, the new tier list is as follows (Ances*, Ances, Virtus*, Ganodermic, Virtus) Gave the Primal Warhammer a protection value of 10,000,000 Corrected FFA announcements and lobbys. Buffed the Heavy Ballista to make it more relevant in the PvP meta. Tuned the ACB to make it the BIS range weapon over CCB and RCB ( more on this below) Buffed the Statius Warhammer. Buffed Regular Vesta Longsword and Deg. Vesta Longsword. Corrected Enhanced Dragon Kiteshield Antifire ability and the Dragonfire ability. So a quick breakdown for the ACB and RCB debacle. Previously both the RCB and the ACB had been allocated a 20% chance to activate a bolt special ability. (1 of 5) chance. We changed this to the following list ACB (1 of 5) chance to proc. CCB (1 of 8) chance to proc. RCB (1 of 10) chance to proc. As far as the rcb providing generally higher damage, this was due to the RCB random generator rolling (1 of 4) instead of (1 of 5). Meaning the RCB would proc bolts more often, which would lead to a higher dps. We have more content planned for next week, and we appreciate you all being patient while we resolved these issues! -torn
  6. Herro!

    I don't know if I should delete this post or not.
  7. 1st D kite

    Good job dude!
  8. New beginings!

    Safe Travels! We'll see you soon!
  9. can you please read my PM?

  10. 2 Questions!

    This is two questions, scammer.
  11. E-Kit's Suggestion

    E kits aren't designed to be accessible by everyone at first. Kits are very endgame items that everyone is going to have to grind towards obtaining.
  12. E-Kit's Suggestion

    So your Jar of Swanp functions as an e kit?
  13. Staff Update 12-3-18

    Small update that happened after Paganesques post was up. @Ween has resigned from his position as Moderator We wish him the best in his future endeavors and thank him for his time spent assisting the team. Thank you Ween! --Torn
  14. e-kits thoughts

    So I understand where you're coming from on this but we have two developers at the moment. Klepto will focus on this project while Juan finishes up the QOL stuff. It should all start coming down the pipeline pretty quickly. Once Juan is done with QoL, then he'll be moving to working on another new piece of content.
  15. Cereal

    The proper way to eat cereal is to obtain one tall cup. Minimum of 20 oz capacity. Load that bad boy up about 70% of the way with cereal, then proceed to glaze the cereal with milk. Not too much or your cereal will rise out of the cup. Enjoy your combination meal+beverage. No spoon required.
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