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  1. This weeks Spotlight belongs to @Sociopath! Socio has been a figure on NR since I've been around, playing on and off. He always has quirky quips and isn't scared to jump into a flame war with someone just for the hell of it. We appreciate you keeping us entertained and thanks for being part of our fantastic community! You're on a date and you are really trying to impress her, what song are you playing in the background? I don't like girls! But I would play him one of the songs I wrote it's called With You can find it on my soundcloud Ranged, Magic, or Melee? Ranged What's your favorite thing to do on NR? Zulrah!!!!!!!!! and complain Are you an actual sociopath? Personally I don't believe myself to be, but that's what a Sociopath would say. The preconceived notions of I will do whatever I have to in order to get my way and that I will manipulate others to get what I want are only half true. I feel pain, happiness, sadness, etc just like everyone else and it is often the reason for my actions. I'm just like everybody else except I'm a bit socially awkward and tend to get in trouble What kind of events do you enjoy? Like real life events? I like school shootings... not really. Ingame I frequent the FFA, PVMArena, HNS, and Races I am not a pker but I'm learning through the FFA so that's a plus right? Favorite memories of NR? Scamming the staff team for a Zulrah pet, smacking TinyPony in FFA, Flame wars between rytard + everyone else over the years and going from one of the most hated players to seemingly getting along with the current playerbase + staffermen/lady If you could come up with one piece of content, what would you like to see? PK training, Like a bot or an area where players can gear up in any kind of available items to test their skills without risk of losing things. Favorite weird food? Pop-Tarts with mustard l0l something about the sweet/vinegary taste just makes me want to... eat it What keeps you coming back to NR? Zander, Zulrah, + the people I've played with for nearly a decade. I don't play RUnescape because I don't understand it but private servers have always felt "right" idk maybe it's because I can talk to whoever, whenever and it's easier here because we're all a bunch of rejects who enjoy the easier side of things. You just landed on Mars, whats the first thing you say? /@mag@ REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Roblox or Minecraft? lol Fried fish or sushi? I'll take fried fish for 400 Alex
  2. Newspost! 10-16-18

    Good afternoon everyone! This month we're rolling right along with our spooky holiday item giveaways! Watch out for chances to earn Halloween Masks, Scythes, Skeleton Sets and more! Last week we talked about a donation store update, and that we are looking for input on items you'd like to see. Still interested to know your thoughts and opinions on it! We also have decided to continue the Ironman Series of events with the following rules. ANY Ironman account can participate, and will be awarded the next piece of the Ironman Armor set. If you already have the helmet, then you'll receive the chest. If you don't have the helmet, your first item will be just that, the helmet. Once a month we will hold a special Ironman contest that will truly test the ability to be a BTW. This event winner will be awarded the Ultimate Ironman Helmet, and will make this person eligible to receive Ultimate Ironman armor pieces in the future for winning events. Currently there is only one King of the Ironmemes, and that is @Damage! Weekly Events We also held an event last week called Petty Skills, where we had to hunt down skilling pets for neat holiday loot. All the pets were claimed within about two hours, except for one that just didn't want to show up. So this week I'd like to Increase the bounty on the Tangleroot once more. Petty Skills 2: Hunt for the Tangleroot! The first person to receive a Tangleroot will be awarded the following items- Scythe, Skeleton Set, Web Cloak, Black Ween, and 20 Super Mystery Boxes. I'm very eager to see if @killerrun Or @Divinate will pull it off first! Boo at the Zoo! Watch for events hosted by @Paganesque @Cayleb and I! We will be awarding Paramaya Tickets to the lucky winners! What does a paramaya ticket do? It gets you entry into the spookiest Zoo in game! To redeem you'll need to contact Advisor+ in game and we can get you set up. You will be granted a modified Ranged and Hitpoint level, then you're free to try your luck at getting the sickest loot in the Zoo for about 10 minutes! All you need to bring is a your favorite ranged weapon and a Ring of Wealth! Note- If you are concerned with your place on the Highscores, I highly recommend you participate in this event on an alternate account. Editing your levels MAY cause your Highscores to reset. Note to Ironmen- If you are interested in retaining your place on the highscores, we will allow you to compete in this event on an alternate account, then transfer the loot to your ironman. Kreepy Kraken Ahoy Mateys! The beast we be hunting this week be the Kraken and her vile offspring! I cringed typing that as hard as you did reading it. The first person to receive the Kraken Pet WITH a screenshot of proof will win the coveted Penance Trident and Pirate Boots! The Kraken can be found at level 23 Wilderness and requires Ranged or Magic to kill. Shes pretty easy, but don't underestimate the threat of pkers! Ironman Series II This week we challenge Ironmen to test their might against Demonic Gorillas! The first Ironman to receive A Zenyte Shard drop after this post is live will receive a piece of the Ironman armor set. Best of luck! Slim Shaco's Weekly PvP Tournament. Last week we had Battle in the Knight! and from what I heard it was a nice break from the typical NH and DH Tourneys. So let's try out another weird one! War of the Wizards! Ancient Magics and Dark Bows only. No overhead prayers. Gear is mystics, no ranged armour switches! Pictures of acceptable gear in the registration thread to come. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other News Congratulations to @Cayleb for accomplishing his life's goal of eating 87 hot dogs in one sitting. We're all very proud of you here, and know that you can do even better! Don't forget, @Paganesque Has a costume party coming soon! Check out her thread! Costume Party Info here! Player Spotlight- Sociopath! Thanks for reading and as always, thanks being a part of our wonderful community! --torn
  3. Signature Artist needed

    Oh my God, he lives. BB come back
  4. Where the oldies at

    Lold way too hard irl
  5. Where the oldies at

    Who are you
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  7. Nice

    An armadyl godbow?
  8. Looking for Youtubers!

    Hey guys! Looking to work with 1 or 2 Youtubers, if you meeting the following criteria, PM ME! 1.Video Recording and Editing Experience! 2. A strong drive to be successful and a reliable person! 3. An interest in working closely with me to create entertaining and attractive videos! Willing to work with new content creators if they have the drive and ambition! Thanks guys! --torn
  9. :)

    Hey dude thanks for the shout out. We love hearing when we're doing something y'all enjoy. More to come in the future!
  10. Ironman winners!

    Hello Everyone! Quick post to announce our winners of the Ironman Contest! After spending an hour trying to decide the winners of the contest, we decided to award our contestants equally! They all played so well and did a wonderful job! We did have to pick one single winner to be named King of the Ironmen. On a unanimous decision, big congratulations to @Damage! Iron shux, Iron Hax, Damage, and Guysiron- please see me in game for your rewards! --torn
  11. Hello everyone! This week's player spotlight shines right onto our most beloved troll and critic, Rytur! Rytur is a player that is vocal about his concerns with the game and the state he's seen it in, and we are deeply appreciative of this. We can't improve unless we hear the problems. Thank you for being a part of our community Rytur! *Warning: Very explicit Language* If you had one dead celebrity to spend an hour with, who would it be? XxxTentacion just so that I could kill him again. Did you have previous RSPS experience? What a fucking stupid question to ask me, you know damn well I do. Whats your favorite thing to do on NR? Kill people, burn shit, fuck school. Can you finish the following sentence? " A q p" Torns U is small What kind of events do you enjoy? Pvmarena because I fucking love PVMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Favorite memories of NR? Time to get serious. My absolute favourite memory of Near-Reality was back on OG NR when Miroslaw was promoted to SS after working his ass of for 3 months, only to be demoted after a hour. I have never seen a guy with a missing chromosome that fucked in the head, and it was damn hilarious fucking with him. I also love the memory of G R A P E Dd Fingering his girlfriend on stream. I was 12 at the time. If you could come up with one piece of content, what would you like to see? Ouff, this one is so extremely hard. Despite me being a cunt I've very often tried to provide ideas for content and updates on every NR game I have played, however at this point for this NR I don't believe there is a lot of new content that needs to be added, I simply think the game needs to find a nice balance to it. Fix bugs, make sure weapons do what they're intended to, balance the rewards you can yield from pking, events, pvming. Last but not least I cannot stress enough how important the presence of an owner or a person in charge, a person who can take responsibility for certain behind the scenes things such as advertisements, is to create and upkeep a successfull game. Favorite weird food? I eat garlic bread. Nothing else. Any close friends on NR? Sadly most of the big dick boys I used to play with and talk with a lot no longer play rs or any rsps, so no... No close friends. Hence my hostility towards everyone. Whats your favorite song? Look at amount of plays If you had to pick one celebrity to date, who would it be? Leonardo Dicaprio, who the fuck wouldnt be gay for that guy. Frogs or lizards? Lizardmen shamans drop dwh so lizards. Anything else? Thank you for spotlighting me of all people. To the dear reader of this message, if you're ever feeling down then do not hesitate to hit me up with a chat in-game. I am always happy to make you feel even worse. Perhaps even if you're not asking for it. Maybe just because you're a pvmer and you smell like you've been eating cheetos in a sewer somewhere. Shit I don't even know why I flame. Take care kids, stay in school and most importantly of all, dont do pvm!
  12. Newspost 10-8-18

  13. Near Reality Rules

    Added Rule 34.
  14. Newspost 10-8-18

    Gooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Near Reality! Not a terribly long post this week, but an exciting one none the less! We're getting close to the best holiday around, Halloween! Throughout the rest of the month, we'll run weekly events to snag some of the following items to make sure you're ready for Hallows Eve on Near Reality! Green h'ween mask, Blue h'ween mask, Red h'ween mask, Pumpkin, Scythe, Skeleton Set, Grim Reaper's Hood, and the Web Cloak! We won't put too many into the game, just enough to see a little holiday spirit! A little later in the week we'll announce the contest for the spoooookiest prize of all, an Ankou Set! You may remember the change we made to RD a few weeks ago. The general feedback was that the change was well received, so today I'm excited to announce a complete overhaul of the donation store! Where it stands now, the store is boring, expensive, and in need of a serious update. We are looking to make the changes sometime this week, I'm unable to provide an exact date as to when. We are also interested in offering more items in the store! Planks, potions, general supplies; is there anything in particular you guys would like to see? Weekly Events Slim Shaco's Weekly PvP Tournament! Format: Battle in the Knight! (Any sword Any Shield-No Elysian-, full steel armor, No spec weapons!) Date: TBD Time: TBD Petty Skills! 10-8-18 - 10-15-18 Come hang out with folks and skill until you find the pet! Send me a screenshot of you getting the pet (timestamped please!) to receive your prize! The bounties for each are below! First come first serve! One prize per person! *UPDATE, TANGLEROOT BOUNTY INCREASED!* Tangleroot (farming)- Scythe, Skeleton Set, Web Cloak! Rift Gaurdian (runecrafting)- Skeleton Set! Baby Chinchompa (hunter)- Halloween Mask of your choice! Rock Golem (mining)- Pumpkin! Heron (fishing)- Grim Reaper's hood! Beaver (woodcutting)-Halloween Mask of your choice! Rocky (thieving)- Web Cloak! Real Estate Realness 10-8-18 - 10-15-18 Spice up those houses and get ready to be judged! Screenshot pictures of your house and tell us the story that goes with it! We'll be judging based on a couple of things- Style and Creativity in the story you tell! Make an individual post on the forums and PM me the link to the post to be entered into the contest. Looking forward to seeing if we have any writers out there! Best of luck Everyone! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other News This week we see the addition of rule 34. "Pin abuse in the wilderness. It will not be allowed to use the pin screen to prevent a scout from being attacked in the wilderness. This is wholly up to the staff as to whether or not the player is abusing the system. In general, if you're using the pin system to escape an attack, it's not an issue. If you're using the pin system to set up an attack, then you may be sent home from the wilderness. Repeat offenses will incur sanctions. " Winner of ImaFan/ofIronman Will be announced Wendesday night! Good luck everyone! Player Spotlight- Rytur! Looking for a content creator with editing and video making experience, preferably with an established viewer fanbase. Willing to work with new creators if they are willing to make quality content. PM me for further details.
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