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  1. SB BAN This link will show you the correct way to post an appeal. Please post a new appeal with the correct format and I'll happily get it sorted! Best wishes, Torn
  2. Locked Accounts

    Damn. My grandmaster plan was foiled once again.
  3. Locked Accounts

    Too bad your account wasn't locked. Jk good post.

    Your rank isnt going anywhere, as far as issuing credit refunds, I imagine it will all be done at once.
  5. Pet perks, and maybe collector's necklace

    I don't think I like the idea of a Collector's Necklace. Picking up loot is realllllllly easy. You just click on it lol. I think the Collector's Necklace lends itself to botting too much. As far as the pets with abilities goes, they could be neat, but I think we'd have to be careful with what kind of power we gave them. They seem like they could get really broken really quickly. Thanks for the suggestions!
  6. Time to go

    Best of luck Doc. Catch you later
  7. Was already fixed last week?
  8. Joe King Staff Eval

    Im getting mixed signals from this review lolol. thanks for the 90%! lololol

    Stat warhammer is nice too.
  10. [sell] iron vs pvm bones

    I think I have a max stack of these somewhere.
  11. Buying osgp for nrgp

    This is not allowed. You will need to purchase pins with nrgp then sell for osgp with a middleman. Sorry for any inconvenience! Message me if you have any questions. Post closed
  12. Birthday boy!

    Happy birthday lad!
  13. test

    Closing this. Not really sure why a test thread surfaced again 6 weeks later lolololol
  14. bye 4 now

    Better stay in touch on disc. Ily
  15. Community Manager Introduction

    Nice! You do good work dude, I know you'll be incredibly successful in this role. Congrats!!
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