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  1. Staff Update 1-14-19

  2. Farewell

    Hook plz
  3. Old NR players

    Definitely not how you spell those, but there was a "veteran" status back in the day.
  4. Teleblock in rags

  5. @Torn

    You look like my dads girlfriend. idiet. kk now I disappear again for like 10 years
  6. Suggest/feedback/minor rant

    Yes, that was the point I was trying to make Thank you. Would be easier for players to tell apart, instead of having everyone crowded with :: di ranks, die or rdi ranks. Dice rank would cover over those ranks.
  7. Suggest/feedback/minor rant

    Bloodlust is going to be awhile tbh, I do have a different discussion for that, including the point - elo system how it should work, replicating Drax's with a few minor tweaks, BL was a big part of NR so its definitely on my mind. Gotta fix the smaller shit first. Vine whip would just be the replacement of Thok swords, hell i'd be okay with just having the lime whip and players get compensated for their thoks. Would be much better if we didnt.
  8. Suggest/feedback/minor rant

    As NR is steadily keeping its playerbase, some changes should be made, if it intends to ever return to its normal state as a Pking server as it always has been. At first I was skeptical when the talks of adding the "Vine whip" came into our staff topic, back in the day. Having an item with over 300+ players, it was bound to be a shit show. Not because it was a new item, but its effect was 50% special attack took off 50% of the players prayer points. But to be able to add an item into the game with as much power as that, we would have to definetly remove Thok sword. TBH adding the thok on any NR just doesn't give it the NR feeling. Vine whip was a major success due to it being a whip and just a tier bit stronger than the lime, being the same tick, but its special attack adding something useful to the pking community. as D spears were currently the only thing used to smite players in multi. This NR has drifted mostly to a pvm server, which is nice. but Pvming isn't going anywhere. Its the pking that dissappears. Players are always going to bounce back to pvming and staking as real income, unless pvp becomes a rich source of income. Obviously flooding the economy isnt the greatest idea. But, when you have 100m tickets, 1b tickets, the items become "over priced" NR hardly had any items really worth over 100b, mostly rares. Which is how it should be. I say bring back 2.5m Reward Tokens, introduce the vine whip as a donation item for a limited time. Then add it to a boss either for RDI's or deep wilderness. Hell you could even add it to the rare fragment shop - you wouldn't have to even reset the eco, just convert current tokens into reward tokens. To attract old players, you have to give them that old NR feeling, I log onto here and theres really nothing other than the pvp shops that make this feel like NR. I understand not a lot of you are going to be up to my changes or suggestion, because most of you actually enjoy it. I get it, i've played NR for years, I particulary enjoyed the old school shit Some enjoy the new shit, just how it is. Please give some feedback as to why not, give me some of your ideas, im actually interested to see if NR would be worth replaying, even if these changes aren't made. If needed I can even rewrite the entire rare fragment store, with newly introduced prices/points bound to fluctuate with the new currency being up to discussion. I still have lots of things from old NR saved to my notes, including past discussions of introducing new items, the rare point shop, donator store. At this point and time, the eco is non competitive, you're either poor or you're rich. You play a few days, kill a few bosses, no one to pk, hardly anyone to stake. You're only going to build your wealth. This isn't necessarily bad, but id love to see some more risk fights... Rather than just either pvm or go straight to duel arena. Vote Tickets: VOTE TICKETS should be introduced, players should have the opportunity to sell their vote points, its great money for new comers, not only that. But you can use vote tickets for soooo many things, including raffles, giveaways, lottery. Theres so much to it, sure event tickets are nice and cool, but literally you're only spawning these items into the game and retaking them out???? WHY NOT add something players can obtain through supporting the server, take them out from multiple people and have like 1-5 winners. Dice Rank: WHY not add dice rank, make it a hefty donation item, pay $150 or $300 whatever for the rank. If a player wants to scam another player after spending hundreds of dollars for the rank. They get banned, rank taken away and the player gets refunded. How hard is that. Sure its annoying over time to hear "scam, scam, i got scammed blah blah blah. But there is definitely ways to reduce it. Theres plenty of things you could add to help reduce the scamming. We do need more donating, i know for a fact because this server allows trading of pins to 07, so hardly income is going to be made. We have to add new items to the donation shop. i have plenty of items on my mind Minigames: Hide & Seek: automated Npc announced that H&S would start soon, after a staff started it players donated their own items into the H&S invy, obviously it had to have some face value first to be accepted. It was such a nice thing to have, but players knew most of its location making it more of a race, but nonetheless it was still fun. Scavenger hunt: Another automated event that copied whatever items a staff had in his/her inventory, players would then have to get those items in the exact form it came in Example; (5 noted spider eggs, had to be noted), the loot was also donated by players/staffs and started only when a staff starts it (with the items in the invy being what was needed to win) NPC DROPS: (Barrows) Barrows: For as long as I could remember barrows were always dropped noted and quite frequently, we need to reimplement this for players to be able to obtain "sets" for pking. It is so damn annoying sitting there for 10 minutes hoping RNG God will bless you, then bank after 20 minutes after getting a fully invy. NR is suppose to be a pvp server, its suppose to have a semi broken eco, barrows as of now is still inexpensive, but to get bulk isn't as easy as it use to be. Nobody actually wants to pk in mystics an rune armour. It's 2k18. Almost 2k19.
  9. Throwback NR stakes

    damn, definitely a throw back, miss it
  10. Where the oldies at

    Cows are still good money
  11. Looking for Youtubers!

    I'm really good pvmer, can make cow killing videos. HMU for price. Real offers only please.
  12. :)

    Torn sucks ass at pking thats why he hosts pk events for other ppl
  13. Player Spotlight! Rytur! *Explicit*

    how to fuck?
  14. Player Spotlight! Rytur! *Explicit*

    suck a fat big juicy toe
  15. biased staff members

    tbh torn worst staff ever, id rather have Jacmob look at dis.
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