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  1. Selling Bare Shit

    I'll take the cash stack, whats the pc on tickets?
  2. felt cute might delete later.

    my nan pks better
  3. biggest kill so far

    The only thing he can do is stake lmfao, steps into wild with anything on and free loot. You too.
  4. NH Tournament - Sept 28, 2018

    in game: willyd Feedback: no one should be able to bring a different +1, last nh tourny was aids because of the kids that brought ely/dkites. l2pk children.
  5. Had Some Luck

  6. I run the show.

  7. Staff update - 14/08/18

  8. Buying Pins 2.5m 07 ea

    i have 39 di's currently. pm me
  9. I run the show.

    youre a snack to me. easily.
  10. Update Notes- 08/08/2018

  11. An even Greater day staking


    I've never seen you step out of rag void. see you on next years whale week
  13. Clear White The Legend

    Hope to see you in wilderness
  14. rdi

    this would make this item unattainable for non-rdi's, and have basically little to no value for those in RDI really. Would be like getting a jester drop from a rev
  15. About time i got bwhip

    how many ahrims pieces tho
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