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  1. Cmonbruh @staff

    Don’t even try to fucking start a religious war on the server kid...... not the fu kin place
  2. Vh joins thk but still get clapped

    yeah im sorry but youre a shit pker…. come out to wild without 6 friends? still waiting on the opportunity I get where youre not either tryna show off your bank I cleaned off you or you shit multi clan.... @ pms willyd
  3. buying bulk pins nrgp

    buying bulk pins for nrgp, 3b cash each. If you want items as well I have some to choose from. pm me here or in game.
  4. Jeremiah’s Introduction

    welcome back

    ely is 1b, as you bought mine from tp. poor attempt at a merch
  6. Pointless Title.. We Know What Happened....

    just wondering if I should add to this thread of only ur kill pics
  7. selling dpins nrgp

    Selling up 50 dpins, 3b ea nrgp. Pm in game or here
  8. Selling 07 for irl

    selling 300m 07 cash for irl cash. Open to discussion on how much per mil but wont be cut too short. Pm me on forums or comment below if interested.
  9. NH Tournament - Nov 25, 2018

    In game: willyd feedback: why does Rits feel like free loot already
  10. #THK - Team Hello Kitty!

    yo reading this hurt my head
  11. Selling Bare Shit

    I'll take the cash stack, whats the pc on tickets?
  12. felt cute might delete later.

    my nan pks better
  13. biggest kill so far

    The only thing he can do is stake lmfao, steps into wild with anything on and free loot. You too.
  14. NH Tournament - Sept 28, 2018

    in game: willyd Feedback: no one should be able to bring a different +1, last nh tourny was aids because of the kids that brought ely/dkites. l2pk children.
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