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  1. wut u going to do

    That's my plan too tbh

    It's a great idea, but who in their right mind is gonna skill after reaching 2b?

    Looking forward to it, should be a fun one!
  4. Welcome to Dread | New Developer

    Welcome to the team, great to have you on board!
  5. RARES

    New steel phat just got added to game, add that to the list
  6. suggestions

    +1 for all of these
  7. Final One Claimed

    RIP Ryan, only UIM i've seen venturing into the wildy, let alone on a ks. Idk why Scorpio and this Draco random are piping up in the comments, never seen them in the wildy once. Props on the kill, some juicy loot in there
  8. Final LDI price

    We don't even have a clue what benefits LDI is going to have, bit early to be trying to change the price.
  9. Buying pins for 07

    Looking for 15 pins, pm me here on in game
  10. The time has come

    Sad to see you go, hope life isn't too much of a bitch for you!

    Was just thinking this, Cayleb once told me the wilderness already has a boosted droprate. Would be good if this info was available for everyone though!
  12. New prayer

    Use super prayer pots while pvming, Prayer potion (3) and a bonemeal, gives twice the points per dose.
  13. Who #Rain Really Is... [Detailed]

    Neither are half the people this moron listed.
  14. Some Final opinions on 2018

    I'd love to see the change of death mechanics, maybe at zulrah, so that ultimate ironmen can use it as a death store. Would obviously love to see some sort of raids system implemented, failing that maybe skeletal kings.
  15. Game Updates | 12/06/2018

    Whilst's it's good to have an update, it feels like some things were missed in the testing (if any was done). FFA's aren't working, not that we know what the new ones would have been as nothing was said in the post other than new ones were added. Lime (*)and Thok's Sword(*) both show up as unarmed in the attack options menu, and Lime(*) doesn't work as a weapon in the duel arena, not sure about it working in pvp or wildy yet. I'm not 100% but I thought kits were adding 10% bonus, not a flat +10, could be an error or my misunderstanding. I'd also like to bring up the point of Elysian shield being reduced to 1gp prot value, if this had been polled and passed i'd have no problem with it at all. There's only two clans on the server, maybe 3 max, and as far as I know not a single person was asked what they thought about the Ely value. Rain, THK, and a few rouge nhers are the only one's who'd use an ely in the wild, and not a single one of us got a say in what happened?

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