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  1. Game Updates | 12/06/2018

    Whilst's it's good to have an update, it feels like some things were missed in the testing (if any was done). FFA's aren't working, not that we know what the new ones would have been as nothing was said in the post other than new ones were added. Lime (*)and Thok's Sword(*) both show up as unarmed in the attack options menu, and Lime(*) doesn't work as a weapon in the duel arena, not sure about it working in pvp or wildy yet. I'm not 100% but I thought kits were adding 10% bonus, not a flat +10, could be an error or my misunderstanding. I'd also like to bring up the point of Elysian shield being reduced to 1gp prot value, if this had been polled and passed i'd have no problem with it at all. There's only two clans on the server, maybe 3 max, and as far as I know not a single person was asked what they thought about the Ely value. Rain, THK, and a few rouge nhers are the only one's who'd use an ely in the wild, and not a single one of us got a say in what happened?
  2. I die a lot

    Dark crabs loc?
  3. E Kit Results and Another Poll

    Looking good, good to see some new content finally!
  4. Integrity

    Bro i'm fucking dying this is too good
  5. News Post 11-4-18

    Gz man hell of a grind, deserve the win for this one
  6. Suggest/feedback/minor rant

    I'm with you here, but the dice RANK doesn't exist which I think is the point middleman's making. The donation item only gives you a dice bad.
  7. News Post 11-4-18

    Congrats to Slim! Some good looking events this week
  8. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

  9. Staff Update 10-27-2018

    Good luck dealing with these animals, gz on the promo boys!
  10. Old but gold

    Wish you had some more pics of the ironcc times, those were some of the most fun i've had on nr.
  11. The Time Has Come

    The fall of the Berlin Wall. Mandella's release from prison. The twin towers collapsing. All monumental times in our history that we'll never forget. Today we add another one to the list: Cayleb's retirement. There's not much to say here that's not been said already, but i'll give it a go. You've done more for this server than anyone else, put blood, sweat, and tears into making it better. Acted as prison warden, carer, zookeeper, and countless other roles in your time here. Always quick to help anyone in need, but never afraid to bring the rain on anyone misbehaving. Gone, but never forgotten.
  12. #THK - Team Hello Kitty!

    Good to see some clan action going again, see you at gano boys!
  13. GÄNG GÄNG Goes Grazy

    Different gano I believe
  14. GÄNG GÄNG Goes Grazy

    I teled up to kill some gano, saw you guys were fighting, then ran away.
  15. Loot from 500....

    TD's, Zulrah, Godwars bosses, Nex would all be cool to see!
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