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  1. Loot from 500....

    TD's, Zulrah, Godwars bosses, Nex would all be cool to see!
  2. Dharok's Tournament - Sept 14, 2018

    You know i'll be there big boy
  3. A scavenger hunt! I

    Bank full of every drop i've ever had finally payed off
  4. Update Notes - 08/16/2018

    Unless I'm missing something obvious, there's no task list in the general store for ironmen.
  5. Update Notes - 08/16/2018

    Praise Kraken, i can slay again!
  6. Update Notes- 08/08/2018

    Okay so I posted a bug report but i'll post here too so people know. Looks like Kraken task is bugged, I'm not getting xp for kills and as it's only my second task I cant skip it so GG wildy slayer for me.
  7. Jellyman226 R.I.P green slayer

    Yeah rip, was it your alt that I skulled on?
  8. In-Game User: Jellyman226, yall know me Feedback on Rules: Looks all good to me, been waiting for this one
  9. STOP reverting items stats back to osrs

    Okay so the changes keep pouring in. Not a single attack bonus on max cape when people have been on the Con grind for so long? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING DEVS??
  10. STOP reverting items stats back to osrs

    +1 I personally don't think ANYTHING needed to be nerfed. Why not work on small QoL changes (peep my suggestion thread) instead of month long updates that piss off the playerbase. The whole reason people play NR is because of the differences to OSRS, if you're just gonna change all the items to match it we might as well be playing there. Stuff's supposed to hit hard on a private server, half the fun is banging out a 75 on some unsuspecting monster. The solution to all this seems simple to me, POLL YOUR UPDATES. Let the players actually have an input on what we want to see. At the risk of sounding like some pre-eoc douchbag: WE PAY, WE SAY. Oh and when you post patch notes, list EVERYTHING that's been changed, not the same old vague "changed a few items".
  11. Update Notes- 07/03/2018

    Could you list the items with the altered stats instead of "a lot of items"? Curious to know what's changed.
  12. Few Suggestions

    Yeah I know that bud, there's overload, veng, barrage, antipoison. There's no antifire timer on screen, that's my whole point.
  13. Few Suggestions

    u can do dis already its in advance setting Unless i'm missing something there's no timer for antifires, only a chatbox warning when it's about to run out
  14. Gold Drops

    -1 game's too easy anyway
  15. Few Suggestions

    Ideally you'd have the option to turn it off or only select certain items to be displayed, similar to whatever osrs client has the same option.
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