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  1. Welcome to Dread | New Developer

    Welcome. Looking forward to some back end action
  2. Wildy Slayer Box Table

    Great bit of content. Especially for all the ironmen and women out there.
  3. Completionist Cape Guide

    So I need to do all these for completionist cape?
  4. nice 2

    One day I will get my cape back aha. Congratulations
  5. Staff Update 10/2/2018

    Dang must be taken you ages to do this. #stolen Congratulations all well deserved
  6. Lottery for RD Status!

    Looks like my bank needs a good sort out aha
  7. Update Notes- 08/08/2018

    Cannot wait to be Pk'd every 5 mins woop!
  8. Update Notes- 07/30/2018

    Can't wait to use the star update. Thanks for all the hard work
  9. Staff update - 30/07/18

    Sad to hear you have problems. Hope to see you return in the future.
  10. Staff Update [13/07/18]

    Congratulations everyone
  11. Neal

    Welcome back. Don't die.
  12. Update Notes- 06/23/2018

    Thank you so much. The ::cwars Tele will be so useful
  13. Wiki Team Update

    Congratulations can't wait to see all the improvements you do. Good luck
  14. Update Notes - 6/16/2018

    Gonna have to look up some bossing guides so I can make use of these updates. Looking great!
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