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  1. Wildy Slayer Box Table

    Great bit of content. Especially for all the ironmen and women out there.
  2. Completionist Cape Guide

    So I need to do all these for completionist cape?
  3. Limes

    Wish i had like 10% of your bank xD
  4. nice 2

    One day I will get my cape back aha. Congratulations
  5. Staff Update 10/2/2018

    Dang must be taken you ages to do this. #stolen Congratulations all well deserved
  6. Lottery for RD Status!

    Looks like my bank needs a good sort out aha
  7. iron man - complete

    Account goals. Gratz
  8. Update Notes- 08/08/2018

    Cannot wait to be Pk'd every 5 mins woop!
  9. Update Notes- 07/30/2018

    Can't wait to use the star update. Thanks for all the hard work
  10. Staff update - 30/07/18

    Sad to hear you have problems. Hope to see you return in the future.
  11. What to do

    So I have 54 vote points. Do I carry on for like whip or gamble them all away on mystery boxes.
  12. 2 Month voting-ready for?

    I'm gonna try this too. Grats
  13. Voting Incentive

    Think this is a great idea. Or change rewards in shop. +1

    What is the chest ?
  15. Iron Day Progress Vid #1

    Can I have some of that rng please.
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