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  1. Donation Refunds

    @Jbaikie Name:Diddy Total Donated (Since April 2017): $1265 I have already received the first 25% of my refund (Yes/No): yes Other relevant information: preferred if you just put all the credits (including existing credits) on this account
  2. Donation Refunds

    Name: Diddy/Dr Dre Total Donated (Since April 2017): 1206 or something like that I have already received the first 25% of my refund (Yes/No): Not quite. I've been refunded 1500 + 1506 = 3006. The total is 100+500+150+4500+2000+1500+600+50+1500+600+4500+2000 = 18000. 25% * 18000 should be 4500. Other relevant information:
  3. Ganodermic Beast Guide

    The Ganodermic Beast ("gano") is a monster that spawns in the Wilderness every hour. You can kill gano for the chance at some great rewards, including the extremely rare black partyhat and Nex sets. Gano does have 20k hitpoints, so it is recommended to do gano with a group of friends. Also, there is a chance that other players may kill you at gano. It is always located in a multi-combat area in the wilderness. Location To get to gano, type ::gano. If gano is not available, the system will tell you how many minutes until the next spawn. If it is available, it will tell you the area it is located in. If you do not know where a location is, you can ask in the "help" cc. You can also Google the location. Gano This is the Ganodermic Beast. It's pretty T H I C C. Gano has several different phases. When it first spawns, everyone will receive the server message "The beast has been spotted near [location]." The next few phases are also announced via server message. Each phase is announced when the Ganodermic Beast reaches a certain number of hitpoints. When someone shows up and attacks gano, this message appears: At approximately 11.2k hp left: At approximately 7.5k hp left: At approximately 3.5k hp left: Gear and Strategy Note: When you attack gano, you become skulled! Note: During the final phases of gano, it can teleblock you for up to 5 minutes. Since gano is located in the wilderness, do not bring anything you are not willing to lose. The fastest way to kill gano is to melee it, but you may also want to bring other attack styles in case there are pkers. For the first few phases of gano, always protect from magic. Gano has two types of attacks. This is his magic attack, which is a few blue lightning bolts: Here is his ranged attack, which is green clouds of loud: Leeching Leechers are people who come when there is only a little bit of health left, usually 6k hp or less. They are leeching because other people put in the work of killing gano. These people should be killed. Rewards Please note, the item values are the high-alchemy values. The general store will buy each item for 75% of the high-alchemy value. However, some items can be sold for much more money to players.
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