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  1. l0000000000l I killed 77nev7sykcul with ring of recoil
  2. 69 but did he kill you in no armor
  3. 2B Crafting Random Pictures
  4. Loot from Dharok + Korasi PKing 0 Food Used (1 shark is on ground under me) No Armor PKs Hardcore Ironman PKs
  5. Excellent post, very quality. I especially liked the number of kill pictures.
  6. GZ!
  7. Welcome to our new developers!
  8. Thank you for posting this Sabz. I think how all of us players communicate in-game is very important and can have an impact on others. I understand that a lot of people are frustrated; every week I have multiple people venting (aka suggesting improvements) to me. The other members of our wonderful staff team also have similar experiences. This is not a bad thing. IMO, it is great. If the playerbase didn't care, they wouldn't say anything. I think this is very subjective. There are lots of improvements to be made, and they are in the process of being implemented. Lots of big updates to look forward to in the near future.
  9. I agree with this, but I don't think gambling will get removed. I know people really liked being able to host dicing. Flower poker also looks cool. Nice suggestion, keep them coming
  10. Reminds me of my time on NR
  11. Congratulations Jase! Very well deserved
  12. Sorry to see you go Lumplum. Wish I had gotten to know you more. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do
  13. GZ! You made it!
  14. Take care @Trippy. Here's a list of items Trippy gave me which staff will do giveaways for in the upcoming days: 1xddef, 2x p maul, 3x b ring I, 2x seers ring I, 2x archers ring I, ss set x2, bandos set, claws, lime, fsh, 3a kite, ags, 2x dkite, 1x p maul, 1x korasi He also dropped somewhere between 100b and 400b in items in a huge drop party. Stand up guy, hope to see you back in a while.
  15. whats ur kd tho
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