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  1. Congratulations Jase! Very well deserved
  2. Sorry to see you go Lumplum. Wish I had gotten to know you more. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do
  3. GZ! You made it!
  4. Take care @Trippy. Here's a list of items Trippy gave me which staff will do giveaways for in the upcoming days: 1xddef, 2x p maul, 3x b ring I, 2x seers ring I, 2x archers ring I, ss set x2, bandos set, claws, lime, fsh, 3a kite, ags, 2x dkite, 1x p maul, 1x korasi He also dropped somewhere between 100b and 400b in items in a huge drop party. Stand up guy, hope to see you back in a while.
  5. whats ur kd tho
  6. this is actually dope af
  7. Thanks for taking the time to make this Aznfightah! I can see this being very useful for our new pkers
  8. Hi I am buying a cat staff (the animal staff) and a celestial catalytic staff. Pm me in-game: Diddy
  9. If this is an actual issue, it needs to be fixed. The priority would be the level to mage bank, not arena. Is that one working?
  10. Welcome Mr. Bunnykins!
  11. Everyone who has friends, family, or lives in the area, please stay safe
  12. Nice guide! Thanks for putting this together
  13. sit down. be humble
  14. HnS Clue 1: "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life." - Oscar Wilde
  15. After no-lifing for an astonishing amount of time, our hero finally has 2B crafting banked. Thank you to everyone who was gracious enough to sell me black d'hides, d-leathers, and various uncut gems and hides.
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