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  1. Only 2 sets, damn. Did you buy it or PvM for it?
  2. @Jungle - Sexy avatar. I'm not too sure what the most wealth I have EVER had, I calculated my bank one time though, and it added somewhere in the 800B.
  3. @Pnc - Too bad my account didn't roll back to the appropriate time and date, we would have had a roller coaster of a staking session.
  4. Hahahaha, you can't even spell benefits! In all seriousness, thanks for this!
  5. If you agree or disagree with any though, do post down below. Post down below if you have any ideas of your own as well. (Won't let me edit OP for some odd reason).
  6. Hi, I had a tour around RDI yesterday, and I can definitely say the PvM content there is superb - you'd think it was Heaven if you were a PvM fanatic. The skilling content, however, is poor. It looks like it was just rushed and nothing was discussed or thought about beforehand. I know a couple players who are RDI and are big skillers, so I'm sure they'd love for improvements and more content to be added to the skilling area at RDI. I have some ideas which I would like to share and get input on from every player who is an RDI. Current content: Suggestions for new content:
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually legit. Nice RSClient.
  8. I thought you could kill 5 Zulrah's at once - blindfolded! I guess it was just a myth...
  9. You should make this more appealing now that it's pinned.
  10. Your Staff evaluations are my favourite, regardless of how silly they can be.
  11. This makes me sad. You should have hit me up when I was rich, I would have definitely sorted you out - although you probably would have lost it all the same day at the Duel Arena.
  12. Took you 3 years. Congrats nonetheless!
  13. Acb

    Beautiful - congratulations! Will you be keeping or selling? L2Crop
  14. Bought - this can be closed, thanks!
  15. @Maximus - They should be the same as OSRS, I'd be surprised if they weren't.
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