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  1. Loyalty Rewards

    wait can we request these?
  2. admin+ in the wilderness

    yeah I agree, ive seen admins kill players and leave the items to be looted, they pk in max gear with no fear of losing the items they pk with they have a massive advantage over other players with lower gear
  3. #freegodlix

    i was there 2 days ago when you asked a guy to drop something so you can "check" something, you then kicked us all out so you could grab the item you have now done it again, they have more tools than you can imagine to figure this out
  4. Aimed at PVMers

    i'd pk but i cant afford the loss if i died, also pking events, unless your in a clan you have no chance, just get piled if you're on your own
  5. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    please make bulwark multi @ die or add more elsewhere hard when people are camping the only 2 in there
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