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  1. Wildy Slayer Box Table

    +1 for that
  2. Suggestions for a better NR

    advertising has been the biggest issue for near-reality in my opinion...
  3. admin+ in the wilderness

    new fone who dis?
  4. admin+ in the wilderness

    so your saying i should take a leaf out of you're book and insult people? ill take the high ground here and not throw any insults at you which you are welcome for btw. have you even been reading all the posts? probably not or maybe you just wanted the post count and just jumped in and added your 10p. i have asked torn to take the forum post down because i'm not getting anywhere and as for me whining? look through the post and you will see other people have had the same issues in the past...
  5. admin+ in the wilderness

    he might be skinny tho....
  6. admin+ in the wilderness

    read the post...i am being fair i never said once that staff cant play the game i am saying maybe they should use alt accounts to pk in the wilderness then that way we are 100& certain no stats has been changed and the tele commands cannot be used and it will stop situations like this. You are entitled to your opinion the same as anybody that was why i made this post a pol If u read my previous replies i suggested testing bugs away from the main pk area that way players wont be tempted to rush or interfere with the testing of bugs. Now as for forg33 doing good for the server well done on just goes to show what somebody can do when given the opportunity to do so...
  7. admin+ in the wilderness

    explain to me how this is stupid.. 23 members have voted 12 for yes and 10 for yes but eith alts....there is obviously some concern among players as to admin+ being in wildy... Am i wrong in saying that it is staffs word against regular players with no evidence?
  8. admin+ in the wilderness

    so how would you know if they was abusing their power or not? buy their word? so basically it would come down to either a member of staff's word or a regular players word? and we all know how that works out.. people are quick to jump on this post and defend the actions of staff which if they are close friends or maybe they have never been in the situation i was in then that is understandable but people need to think about what if they was in my shoes and they was in my situation then would they be happy with the outcome? hp'd at 4k and teled out of wilderness at lvl 40+ after being tb'd by myself.... we all wish we could do that but as a staff member you cant simply bend the rules when u feel like it. its one rule for all.
  9. anotha bandos avatar drop

    best drop so far is virt mask for me :L
  10. admin+ in the wilderness

    i am fully understanding what your saying the problem is that i feel that your not comprehending what i'm saying. why not just put a stop to admin+ pvming and pking in the wilderness? what reason do they have to be there? they can spawn items and adjust stats..they have access to all of the server including LDI which has the wilderness bosses there i believe? when forg33 was in the wilderness yesterday and calisto he said he was doing slayer... i can understand you using the live server for bug testing while the beta server is down for whatever reason but why not do it in a discreet location instead of the main pk area? i feel as though i am fighting a losing battle..there are many people that see my point of view hence the reason why i made the post a pole but we both know nothing will be done about it so just close the thread and have a nice day. and watch out for the hc specs
  11. admin+ in the wilderness

    the argument is if they dont drop loot then dont go into wildy with max gear and put their hp to above normal this gives them a massive advantage. or if they need to be in wildy for some reason then use the invis command while testing bugs..that way no one will bother them. before jbakie left there was issues with jungle rushing in the wilderness and leaving the gear on the floor to be loot by anybody. the people who was rushed was compensated as he was abusing his staff powers. also contradicting yourself on this post asking why i would be getting mad but then saying you can understand why i am mad. when i attacked forg33 he never said he was out there testing and as for torn67 in edge he was pking and not testing bugs. the reason this is a thread is because as you can see its not the first time this has happened so my suggestion is if admin+ want to pk in wildy then use an alt account instead of the main account except when testing bugs but of course that will always be the answer " i was testing out a bug" also staffermen look out for staffermen so it doesn't matter what me or anybody says the decision will always come to torns feet which depending what mood he is in will determine the outcome which is highly unfair and should be discussion within the community.
  12. admin+ in the wilderness

    i expected nothing less than the attitude you have taken with this subject. just goes to show how much of a "manager" you really are and how biased you are to the player base or should i say staff base good day.
  13. admin+ in the wilderness

    i think it is you who doesn't that you're a "manager" have you forgot what it was like being a normal player? not being able to spawn items and having to grind for your gear? because i can almost guarantee if the shoe was on the other foot i'm sure you wouldn't be too happy about it either. we are meant to trust the staff of this server. if he was in the wilderness and wasn't pking then why not use the invsi command? as you can see by looking through this forum post that a few people has had the same problem as me in the past and nothing is being done about it. i am not saying all staff abuse their powers but unfortunately some staff do so what are the consequences of those actions?
  14. admin+ in the wilderness

    Wether it was a rush or not you died and dropped no loot it was in the wilderness and the last I checked there was no rules on rushing... why did forg33 have to lie about what he was doing? If it was a genuine reason why he was there at calisto?
  15. admin+ in the wilderness

    Thankyou for the support on this everyone
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