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  1. Hands down the best manager we've ever had on Near-Reality and deserves praise for going above and beyond to help Near-Reality. Recently i've noticed the server has been more active then usual ever since Jungle came in our lives !
  2. @Jungle Yeahhh , should add $5 rare mystery boxes where you have a chance to get one if you open enough
  3. Yeah i like!
  4. Jungles a god
  5. We're all posting just to post , i mean sh*t i don't mind some free post counts ayeeee! But on a serious note bring back Weed cape + Dc hat
  6. @Mod Jacmob When is bloodlust ready because i sure am ready
  7. I remember getting my account stuck 3 different times , was so pissed.. +1
  8. I'll never get the flameburst
  9. I don't follow
  10. @Diddy He sits in dharok's axing when he hybrids l0l
  11. @wtf 69 Can't even consider you anything to be honest , we can nh whenever son (no Rng involved).
  12. @Recksify Ed Edd & Eddy lmao , where is your child hood?
  13. The only competition on Near-Reality.
  14. Welcome back!
  15. nice.
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