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  1. Logour bank pin

    So the first thing that should be legit fixed is when a player logs out you cant attack him in the wildy, he needs to enter a pin to get attacked. but you can abuse it. like running in the wildy and logging out then back in, so he can just stand there with a risk and after a while people forget him then he rushes you. aswell they can get targs and if theres not that many pkers in the wildy they cant get targs. that should not be allowed.
  2. Little pk suggestion

    So first of all curses are broken as f....... when someone leaches you cant even see what items they are wearing like from whip to axe in dh fight. loots double bugging cant even loot. And why could a guy attack me 3 tiles away? with a dds would like to know that.
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