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  1. 1k

  2. Clue Scroll Chat Announcement

    meh, why not but i dont see it actually being made, seems useless and a waste of time to implement
  3. buy d pin

    wrong section mate
  4. 2B slayer achieved

    damn very nice
  5. Items that Need Some Buffs

    ah right, well i only agree with trident fix and heavy ballista buff Also as for kodai wand i think it should be +20 mage as it's a wand anyway and its faster than celestial
  6. STOP reverting items stats back to osrs

    damn i take my original argument back, the new item stats have ruined the game a little, i may aswell play osrs if i want those items.
  7. Items that Need Some Buffs

    I think they should just rollback the osrs stats back to nr stats for items
  8. STOP reverting items stats back to osrs

    hmm idk but something like prim boots were stupidly OP, we could just make something like primal boots more rarer to get seeing as they are dropped by monsters which don't need slayer task to complete and have +4 more strength
  9. Update Notes- 07/03/2018

    nice updates
  10. S00per L00t and Sabrina

    ive talked to people with his timezone more or less and a lot of them say that he comes on and most of the time he is afk for 20 min and logs off
  11. S00per L00t and Sabrina

    doesn't show dedication to server so whats the point of giving them staff?
  12. S00per L00t and Sabrina

    s00per said he wanted to cash out day before getting staff, i have screenshot and there is a thread in spam section lmao
  13. S00per L00t and Sabrina

    why were they given staff again? Ive talked to many people about them and i even know staff who claim about these guys because they are never on and i know a few people who applied for SS which are for a fact better and more active Not to mention day before, we all know what happened with S00per l00t, writing in forum chat box that he wanted to cash out, ffs cmon, who actually approved this guy? As for Sabrina, she just isn't active enough Also i understand Sabrina is on vacation rn but she wasn't active enough prior this

    In-Game User: Near Iron Feedback on Rules: Let us have the choice between amulet of glory and amulet of strength
  15. 2 Days..

    nice work
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