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  1. Fury should never protect over Lime Whip*

    I think this is probably good too but I dont like that if I bring a Lime whip* a fury protects over it like cmon dude a fury
  2. Fury should never protect over Lime Whip*

    So an AGS is not Op? Primal Rapier? Lol Thoks* isnt op in Pvp? LUL
  3. As it stands the Lime Whip* holds a protection value of 550k. This is lower than a fury lower than I believe all chaotics. Lower than a dfs. The list goes on. The Regular Lime whip (Non enhanced) holds a value of 15, 000, 000 yes 15m it beats out most items as it should its the BIS. I've asked Slim why this is the case he told me he brought it up to the team and they did not want to increase the protection value. I want to know why on earth this even remotely hurts the game. If anything this is better for wildy pking which we all know Chaflie is trying to increase wildy activity (Btw he's doing a great fucking job). So why does everyone but Slim thing Lime Whip * should stay an abysmal protection value its the same as abby whip almost WTF.
  4. NR`s Lime Whip

    +1 should be fast for pvm same as abby for pvp
  5. Game Updates | 03/12/2019

    I understand making lime and lava whips slower in pvp situations but lowering it in wildy? Really? I really feel like it should only be lowered for pvp situations.
  6. Game Updates | 02/02/2019

    What are the new godbow special attacks?
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