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  1. Sneak Peek - Bandos Avatar

    looks great
  2. Add SafeSpot to KQs for Rdis

    +1 The only reason they added kq to rdi was to create less traffic for di2 and I never see anyone killing kq on rdi2 anymore bc it isn't as easy as going to di2 for task
  3. Final LDI price

    +1 for lowering cost, when I got RDI it cost $600 in donations and then eco reset happened a month later... and now it only cost $400 dollars to get RDI
  4. Update Notes- 08/08/2018

    Great work on the updates, keep them coming
  5. Donation Refunds

    Name: SpencerPhill Total Donated since April 2017: $650 Did I receive first 25%: Yes Other Relevant Info: PM me if you have any questions
  6. Daily Credits Post

    im still waiting for the account adjustments that they said they could recover from reset
  7. Game updates - 14/05/2018 - Fixes + drop rates

    Thanks for the detailed update list, keep them coming!
  8. 1100 POST COUNT

    On trek for that 2k mark!! GZ

    updated my comment for who needs to check these issues

    I lost my achievements(including loyalty points if those weren't suppose to be reset) also lost my 6 pets and lost ALL MY XP I also lost my KC log pets lost were: Baby blue dragon, zammy pet, mining golem pet, jad pet, tormented demon pet, raccoon pet also if drop rate pins transfered i lost that too, but i bought another one
  11. Drop Rate pin not kept on reset?

    ah welp i already bought another dr pin but my entire account got reset unlike most
  12. Drop Table Update 1

    this is a great change overall ~Nice Work
  13. Forum Post Rewards Program

    I like the idea of this and look forward to seeing a lot of pet cats running around the game lol
  14. Obtaining pet

    last i heard that achievement wasn't actually working but dont Quote me on that
  15. 1K PC :D

    Ayo!! congratz on the BIG 1K
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