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  1. Staff Update | 04/08/2019

    well deserved gz!!
  2. Thok Giveaway Winner!

    congrats guy fieri!!
  3. Hi, I'm Chaflie!

    Welcome, I am excited to see what talents you have and looking forward to seeing your work!
  4. Buying DEG Morrigans

    i got deg morrigans if you are still looking for it
  5. March Events!

    I am looking forward to the events, TY for setting these up for the community
  6. Donor island PvM

    +1 support this
  7. Sneak Peek - Bandos Avatar

    looks great
  8. Add SafeSpot to KQs for Rdis

    +1 The only reason they added kq to rdi was to create less traffic for di2 and I never see anyone killing kq on rdi2 anymore bc it isn't as easy as going to di2 for task
  9. Final LDI price

    +1 for lowering cost, when I got RDI it cost $600 in donations and then eco reset happened a month later... and now it only cost $400 dollars to get RDI
  10. Update Notes- 08/08/2018

    Great work on the updates, keep them coming
  11. Donation Refunds

    Name: SpencerPhill Total Donated since April 2017: $650 Did I receive first 25%: Yes Other Relevant Info: PM me if you have any questions
  12. Game updates - 14/05/2018 - Fixes + drop rates

    Thanks for the detailed update list, keep them coming!
  13. Drop Rate pin not kept on reset?

    ah welp i already bought another dr pin but my entire account got reset unlike most
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