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    Hello Near Reality! I'm hosting a pvp tournament to get the community involved in a bit of fun and for a chance to win some awesome prizes! I'm going to try and host these at least every 2 weeks with all different styles. This weeks Tournament will be a barrows based pvp event, Here is the setup you will use. This event will take place on Thursday 30th of May at 8PM GMT ( 4PM EST ) Anyone is welcome to come and join in but you MUST sign up for the event in order to participate. Rules You must have the exact gear i use in this picture or its an automatic disqualification. You must use regular prayer book. No overhead prayers are allowed. ( Redemption when you're out of food is allowed ) The brew cap is 3, No more. Rocktails and Karambawn ONLY Invent and Gear will be checked before your fight! The fights WILL be picked for you on the day, It will be set into rounds when we know how many are participating. First fight is best of One, If you lose the first fight you're out! The second lot of fights will be best of Two The Third round with will best of Three The final will be best of 5 If you would like to take part in this Tournament please leave a comment or message me in game ( Ticket ) To be added to the list! There will be a reward for First, Second and Third place and they are as follows 1st Place - 15M OSRS 2ed Place - DI Pin 3rd Place - Lava Whip & Statius Set If you're worried about not being amazing at pking don't be, join in and have some fun, You have nothing to lose! Gear will be provided if you do not have what is needed, Don't be afraid to let me know on the day. Thanks! Ticket
  2. 1800Downed for Admin

    He’s a moderator, They aren’t asking for him to become staff. yikes
  3. Staff Evaluation (No Flame i Promise)

    i cant be owner together with a planker
  4. minor player review

  5. Staff Evaluation (No Flame i Promise)

  6. [PVP] Meet Spots!

    Nice one plankermen
  7. Hey there

    L000000l gf torn no coming back from this
  8. Im back boys

  9. Staff Update | 04/08/2019

  10. PKING SERIES!!!!!

    this is sofar the best idea fuck mine
  11. Alpha Chads - New Clan.

    lmao naice clan
  12. PKING SERIES!!!!!

    this would be fun to see or maybe something like what ditterbitter did with the max set from ags
  13. Welcome to Dread | New Developer

  14. Hello

    spooky shit
  15. PvP Poll

    the pieces of the barrows brothers are already a while again at 1/10. We just lowerd the high alch value of the pieces so that they wont get sold to the general store for alot of $ like back then.
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