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  1. #Spareno1

    goodluck with the clan man!
  2. Farewell

    congrats on the kiddo Spankie ill miss you keep in touch
  3. Game Update 12/30/2018

    Hello everyone, Today's update is mainly fixes! - Ava's assembler is now kept on death in wild. - Vesta spear (deg) has been fixed. - Protection value of the colored sol has been changed to match regular sol. - Brawling gloves are tradeable now. - Elite clue scrolls now appear under you at kraken instead of in the water. - Slayer box is now locally announced. - Morrigan's throwing axes drops at nomad now give an announcement. -Only one character from any given IP address can go into FFA or LMS now. - Claiming vote rewards inside of a FFA/LMS has been disabled. -Increased abyssal sire slayer xp reward to 350k per kill. - Vorkath head is now globally announced and a killcounter has been added. - When fishing, the "big swordfish" and "big shark" drops are fixed to no longer give a broken axe. As usual, thank you Juan for the update. Everyone can suggest bug fixes under this post to help and Juan will be looking into it!
  4. Hello new nr

    Welcome back, Hope you enjoy your stay lad!
  5. Rimjob

    welcome lad !
  6. Selling only scythe in game

    looking sexy
  7. Ironman Luck? 03.12.2018

    good loot ! can I have some of that rng ?
  8. NH Tournament - Nov 25, 2018

    In-Game User: luckybamf
  9. firecape

    ^^^^ thanks for that!
  10. dice rank

    there isn't something as an dice pin only way you would be able to dice is buying it through the store and the dicebag itself is untradeable.
  11. HALLOWEEN BASH 10/31 11pm

    5am our time nub gl
  12. The Time Has Come

    don't even know what to say pff.. i will miss you a lot thankyou for everything you have done for us and the community
  13. Some stakes

    naice still staking is bad
  14. Selling Gano Passes!!

    1-0 =]
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