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  1. pking feat. NR orig owner Chachi

    Weeman was the man! bring back DAN!
  2. Final One Claimed

    Do you play with mittens on? because it appears that you have hands like Stephen Hawkins when you try to Nh. You're straight up the worst NH'er I have ever seen.
  3. Final One Claimed

    Still avoiding me though aren't you boys, cute. Location is Graves.
  4. Selling 07/Rs3 gp

    @ThomasI’ve pm’d you.
  5. Best in slot range cape.

    Death cape is currently best buyable bis for range.
  6. bye 4 now

    Sad to see you leave planker, hope to see you come back
  7. Rags to riches sike still broke af

    I’ll meet you at the sand casino and take your for these good job lad!
  8. POLL RESULTS - 02/22/2018

    Love that you’re already doing WORKKKKK!! Good job lad!
  9. Community Manager Introduction

    Only bloke I’d have in this role! You put hours into this game and actually stick to your word! Good job! #1Bitch
  10. Casual Gano trip

    Already been done you're late to the party pal.
  11. Staff team overhaul

    Looking forward to this! good job guys!
  12. instance hp events

    No barraging has always been a thing, even when AJ and Lozking were present.
  13. #ilovebbe

    Easy clear!
  14. Barrows project

    Pointless sacrificing pieces for pet as you could just buy 1k sets and then you’d already got 1/4K chance of a pet.
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