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  1. Bank Sale

    15b ea
  2. Bank Sale

    Cash or pins preferably
  3. Max E-Kits Incoming

    I don't even have that much cash nor am I hoarding shit as hard as certain other players who disappear with upwards of 1t. It is literally impossible to cash out all of this shit with the few people who even partake in the pin market.
  4. Max E-Kits Incoming

    So you're suggesting I empty the rest of my shit? I don't get the point you're tryna get at here.
  5. Max E-Kits Incoming

    you obviously dont see the positive side in this
  6. Max E-Kits Incoming

    it was to clear that shit?
  7. Max E-Kits Incoming

    Wasn't only for the e-kits ofc lmao
  8. Team Hello Kitty Win Again..

    wow u r veri gud add me pls
  9. Rits Cracker Kill Pic

    lmfao crushed @rits cracker
  10. Selling Bare Shit

    -gano set 2.5 -gsh 2 -fsh 1.5 -acb 1 -spellcasters 2 -occult 1 -anguish 4 -blood tali 1 -agb 2.5 -scythe 1 -p2h 400m -male ward 500m -asn 500m
  11. Integrity

    demote slim he a retard too @Slim Shaco
  12. drop tables

    Okay but if the item you're after has a higher drop rate it shouldn't matter if you get the cons drop. 1/400 or whatever for gold leaf and 1/2k for a pet lets say. If you get a gold leaf, doesn't mean you were snubbed of a pet. Without the gold leaf in the 1/400 slot you wouldn't be getting anything. Unless the cons drop is the same dr as the items nothing is really being affected (Look at rammernaut drop table).
  13. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Nice to see this, good luck in the future with your clan.
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