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  1. Cruz's resignation

    get anger management before you decide to return for the third time, take care
  2. Hello Near Reality Community, We are now handing out in-game rewards for those who are active and contributing around the forum. The rewards are currently mystery boxes, legendary boxes, and super boxes. Rewards will change in the near future as I would like to spice things up and not keep giving out mystery boxes as rewards. How to earn rewards for forum activity: Simply be active and contribute around the forum. If I see someone continuously being active and contributing around the forum, I will give that person one or a few mystery boxes every so often. Reach forum milestones. Every time you reach a forum milestone (100 post count, 200 post count, etc.), you will be rewarded a legendary box or a super box (your own choice) and 3 mystery boxes. Please note that you won't be rewarded for past milestones, so if you reached 300 post count last week, you will not be rewarded for it - sorry. Create high quality guides. Every time you create a high quality guide, you will be rewarded 3 mystery boxes for the hard time and effort you have put in to help others in the community. Suggestions and Feedback. You will be rewarded mystery boxes for doing the following: - Actively reporting bugs. - Creating suggestions that will be beneficial for the game. - Sharing feedback. Feedback can be helping someone improve their guide, improving their suggestion, or even Near Reality related feedback - whether it be helping to improve the game or giving a superb staff evaluation. Those who go above and beyond around the forum will be rewarded special rewards. If you feel you have done something above and you have not been noticed, please post down below using the template underneath: What are you rewards are you requesting?: What have you done to deserve the rewards?: Proof:
  3. Hello Near Reality Community, Today I have advertised Near Reality on several forums - the forums are very busy every day, so I need help from the community to keep the advertisement threads constantly at the top in the advertisement sections on each forum. You can earn a mystery box every 24 hours by simply posting "Bump" here: Please make sure you do not bump the threads if you have done so already within 24 hours. You can also earn an extra 5 mystery boxes by posting a good comment on Near Reality here: This is a one time thing only, however, as already stated, you can earn a mystery box every 24 hours by bumping the threads on Rune-Server and MoparScape. Whenever you have bumped the threads on Rune-Server and MoparScape, please send a PM to either Jbaikie or I with proof provided, so that we can reward you a mystery box for our appreciation. Please do the same after you have left a good comment on Near Reality on the threads on RuneLocus and Sythe as well - do remember, the threads on RuneLocus and Sythe is a one time thing only.
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