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  1. I did indeed go away on vacation a few weeks ago, but I've been ever so busy and enjoying life since I returned back home from the vacation, thus causing me to have no time at all for Near Reality or even any other game (other than Battlefield sometimes lol)
  2. Hello to you too.
  3. hmu
  4. So much free PKP, shame I wasn't online.
  5. > Challenge. Complete the challenge and then send me your statistics/score by PM here on the forum. The three best statistics/scores by Friday will receive a reward. Good luck! Please use "Aim Booster Score" as the PM title.
  6. Not really, no. It has stats, but they aren't anything special. +3 for each Defence bonus IIRC.
  7. Hook me up
  8. Ganodermic Beast drops it (1/50). I'm not sure how else it can be obtained though, Ganodermic Beast may be the only way.
  9. They will be separate to loyalty titles, so no.
  10. Hi there, Yes, I believe United Nations very recently created new prices for current items in the PK Reward Store for the Development Team. They'll be checked over and changes will be made soon. I may do it in the upcoming weekend.
  11. Hello Near Reality Community, Here's what to expect over the month of September! Slayer - Imbued Ring of Wealth, Slayer Helmet Recolouring, Abyssal Sire and Cerberus An imbued ring of wealth is going to be implemented and players will be able to purchase it from the Slayer Master's store for 400 Slayer Points. The imbued ring of wealth gains an additional function, on top of the regular effects, which gives players an extra 10% drop rate and doubles a player's chance of getting a clue scroll, but only in the Wilderness. If a player kills a player with the imbued ring of wealth, the killer will receive 10,000,000 coins and the victim will have to buy back the imbued ring of wealth from Death for 40,000,000 coins. Players will soon be able to have their slayer helmets recoloured by using certain special items on it, but first players will need to unlock the ability to recolour slayer helmets at the Slayer Master for 1,000 Slayer Points. The colours and certain special items are: + = + = + = The certain special items are: King Black Dragon heads, Kalphite Queen head, and Abyssal Demon head. These will of course be implemented and added to their their respective monsters/drop tables very soon. They won't only just be fancy slayer helmets, each colour will have its own boosts too, them being: Black Slayer Helmet: Permanent anti-fire and 5% more melee stats than the regular full slayer helmet. Green Slayer Helmet: 5% Ranged strength and accuracy. Red Slayer Helmet: 5% Magic accuracy and unlimited blood runes. 2 new Slayer bosses will be arriving to Near Reality very soon - Abyssal Sire (down below; left) and Cerberus (down below; right). Players will need level 85 in Slayer in order to kill the Abyssal Sire. Players will be able to kill the Abyssal Sire if they have Abyssal Demons as their Slayer task, but players will also be able to get Abyssal Sire itself as a Slayer task. The Abyssal Sire will be located in a new area called Abyssal Nexus. Abyssal Sire's rare drops will be: Abyssal Head , Abyssal Orphan (Pet) , Abyssal Dagger , Abyssal Bludgeon , and it will also drop items such as abyssal whip and high-level skill supplies. The Abyssal Sire's combat level will be 350, with 400 Hitpoints. You will have to wait and find out its attack styles, its weaknesses, etc! Players will need level 91 in Slayer in order to kill Cerberus. Players will be able to kill Cerberus if they have Hellhounds as their Slayer task, but players will also be able to get Cerberus itself as a Slayer task. A new area will be added deep within Taverlery Dungeon, which is where Cerberus is going to be located. Cerberus' rare drops will be: Primordial, Eternal and Pegasian Crystals. These crystals can be combined with one of the bestin-slot boots for Melee, Magic and Ranged to create the new, top tier boots in Near Reality. Players will be level 60 in Runecrafting to create the primordial, eternal and pegasian boots. Other rare drops will be: Infernal Pickaxe and Hellpuppy (Pet) . The infernal pickaxe will be a pickaxe of the same tier as the dragon pickaxe. When mining rocks with the infernal pickaxe , there will be a 1/3 chance the ore will be smelted as it is mined. This will consume the ore and will give you some Smithing experience based on the amount that would usually be gained when creating a bar from the ore. Same with the Abyssal Sire boss, Cerberus will also drop high-level skill supplies. Cerberus' combat level will be 318, with 600 Hitpoints. You will have to wait and find out its attack styles, its weaknesses, etc! PvP and Wilderness Some time in September we are going to start making updates and changes to the PvP scene to spark up its activity and to also give players the hype to PK like everyone once had when Near Reality released in April. We'll be working on a PK Reward Shop 2, which will also be at Carol. We are open for ideas, what we have in mind so far: Saradomin's Blessed Sword , Granite Maul (or) , Team Cape (i) , Team Cape (x) , Team Cape (zero) , Dragon Scimitar (or) , Dragon Defender (or) , Dark Infinity , Light Infinity , Ward Upgrade Kit ( = and = ), and Demon Masks . We are also looking to add some more items to the Ship Tickets Shop, as we have received a lot of feedback from you guys that nothing is worth buying from it a part from the rune pouch. If you have any ideas for new items to be added to the Ship Tickets Shop, do post down below. We are also going to implement a few things to reward players for reaching PvP milestones, such as: Items; Rouge's Revenge Rouge's - For killing 500 players in the Wilderness. Hunter's Honour - For killing 250 targets in the Wilderness. Titles; Killer - 25 kills Super - 50 Kills Outrageous - 75 kills The Wild - 100 kills Untouchable - 200 kills The Skillful - 300 kills Overlord - 400 kills The Undefeated - 500 kills The Warrior - 600 kills Assassin - 700 kills King of Edge - 850 kills #1 - 1,000 kills Other upcoming PvP updates and changes: Known bugs & glitches patches - this also includes over powered and under powered weapons and armour. Killing players in PK hotspots will grant you bonus PK Points. Players will receive a reward for reaching high streaks (10, 20, 30, etc.), and the game will also globally announce when a player has reached a high streak. The global announcement be something along the lines of "Mod Jacmob has reached a kill streak of 10, shut him down for bonus PKP and & Reward!" - Players who kill those on a high streak will receive bonus PK points and a reward. Players will no longer be able to attack other players in their own clan chat. A timer will also be implemented for when a player is kicked from a clan chat. Players won't be able to join clan chats while in combat. Much more. As for the Wilderness, we'll be looking into making improvements to the Wilderness bosses. We are aware players rarely kill them as there is no motive to do so, and their drops are similar to Revenants, which are in a safer environment and safer, easier and quicker to kill. Updates will be made to spark up activity in deep Wilderness - players will be granted 25% bonus PK Points and experience for PKing and skilling above level 25 Wilderness. One thing players have seem to have wanted for a while now is the Resource Area from Old School School, well - I have good news for you guys, you can expect it in Near Reality in some time in September! The Resource Area is a small enclosure located East of the Deserted Keep. An entrance fee of 5,000,000 coins is required to enter the Resource Area. If a player logs out while inside the Resource Area, players will be brought to the entrance, and must pay 5,000,000 coins again to re-enter the Resource Area. Resources will consist of (ignore the image above, it's just an example of what the Resource Area in Near Reality is going to be like): 7 Magic Trees. A variety of Mining rocks. 1 Rocktail Fishing Spot, 1 Karambwan Fishing Spot, and 2 Dark Crab Fishing Spots. An NPC, Piles, will be in the Resource Area, who will note items obtained within the Resource Area for 1,000 coins per item. 2 Runite Golems will be located there, which players can kill for bulk noted runite ore and runite bars. The Runite Golems will also have a rare chance on dropping brawlers. There will also be a furnace and anvil within the Resource Area. Players will not need coal ore when smelting ore such as runite and adamantite when using the Resource Area's furnace. Jungle Near-Reality Community Manager
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