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  1. I'm buying 100M 07GP - nothing more, nothing less - exactly 100M for $101 in one trade. You will go first, or have an Official Middleman from Sythe middleman our trade - you will pay the fee for that. Please contact me directly via private message if you have exactly 100M in stock and want to sell to me, thank-you.
  2. Take care of yourself, Jbaikie. Many thanks for all your contributions to NR.
  3. I did indeed go away on vacation a few weeks ago, but I've been ever so busy and enjoying life since I returned back home from the vacation, thus causing me to have no time at all for Near Reality or even any other game (other than Battlefield sometimes lol)
  4. Hello to you too.
  5. hmu
  6. So much free PKP, shame I wasn't online.
  7. http://www.aimbooster.com/ > Challenge. Complete the challenge and then send me your statistics/score by PM here on the forum. The three best statistics/scores by Friday will receive a reward. Good luck! Please use "Aim Booster Score" as the PM title.
  8. Not really, no. It has stats, but they aren't anything special. +3 for each Defence bonus IIRC.
  9. Hook me up
  10. Ganodermic Beast drops it (1/50). I'm not sure how else it can be obtained though, Ganodermic Beast may be the only way.
  11. They will be separate to loyalty titles, so no.
  12. Hi there, Yes, I believe United Nations very recently created new prices for current items in the PK Reward Store for the Development Team. They'll be checked over and changes will be made soon. I may do it in the upcoming weekend.
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