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  1. Thank-you, guys! I really appreciate it! Makes me happy to know I'm meeting the players' needs and keeping them happy.
  2. Hello Near Reality Community, I've been the Community Manager for over a week now and I would like to hear from the community how you feel about me thus far - whether it be how you think I've done currently, what I could do to improve to meet your needs, or what you like/dislike about me. Thanks, I look forward to hearing feedback!
  3. Rare Store?
  4. Bump
  5. I'd slap you all 24/7.
  6. Well done, Breadly!
  7. I've moved this from the Content Polls section to the News section until the poll closes, so that you guys can also post. Seems like Members cannot reply to threads in the Content Polls section currently.
  8. Hello Near Reality Community, The Development Team are looking into introducing new content to Near Reality. We have came up with some ideas and decided to put them up in a poll for you guys to vote on which new content you would like introduced to Near Reality first. Slayer Updates - Slayer updates will include: Superior Slayer Monsters, New Slayer Monsters, New Slayer Bosses, New Slayer Dungeon/Cave, and more. Raids - The Inferno - Wilderness Updates - Wilderness Updates will include: Wilderness Achievements/Tasks, Wilderness Resource Area, Wilderness Monsters, Wilderness Bosses, Wilderness Clue Scroll Steps, Bonus XP and PKP for skilling and PKing above level 25 Wilderness, and more. Please note that the new content which receives the least votes won't be ignored and will be worked on either after the new content which receives the most votes or in the near-future.
  9. I'll get the first Member of The Month out of the way first and then I shall begin community awards.
  10. Already on my To-Do List.
  11. Congratulations on the drop, guys!
  12. Best of luck with this, Stephen!
  13. Still need 9 more players.
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