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  1. ohh very nice rebuild so far!
  2. Nice pet! Good kc to get it too lol
  3. Very nice! Maybe keep a pvm a set or two for easier rebuilding Look at that 86B tho
  4. No virtus set, primal set , or phat set. bank rating 4/10 Ha! Jokes, Nice bank! All from staking and pvming? Also I wish my bank was as organized and pretty. With the amount of random pieces you have you could probably liquidate those and get a thok
  5. It's the adrenaline rush you get from staking man! Pixels are life! I had to find my fix somewhere else, almost cleaned my entire csgo invy, NR bank, OSRS bank, and IRL bank LOL.
  6. Dang, definitely never saw this one coming. You were always the positive guy in the sea of negative players/comments. The banter was nice at times and attempts of reassuring the mass was always helpful. Good luck with your new project and hope to see you around sometime. Thank you for everything you've done and all your attempts to keep this server we all love stay alive. One of the hardest working, thick-skinned, and motivating staff members. NR has truly lost one of it's finest and I hope the owner realizes it sooner rather than dwell on it later. Best of luck Jbaikie, you glorious bastard.
  7. Nice, but why no name or loot pile picture?
  8. I think the rate is fine for what it is, as for you giant mole analogy; You risk death in the wilderness whether or not you are in a safe spot. As compared to the cows you don't risk death and are able to kill many so the drop rate is justifiable. As for adding a cow pen onto Di and Die, not enough of a demand for cow killing to warrant such a drastic change. Too combat "over-crowding" in cow pens, why not give yaks a 1/1m chance of dropping limes too? lol
  9. Nicely done
  10. All those drops are meh but the zulrah. Hella jealous of that one! haha gz!
  11. @s00per l00t is about get 500 Gz to both of you
  12. Nevermind
  13. @TravisS32 shoot dude, I'm waiting on my advancement results! Might be getting promoted haha
  14. @TravisS32 look at this guyyyy
  15. @TravisS32 thanks for the heads up, I'm glad I've held onto my nex set
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