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  1. Am i allowed to keep bumping this?
  2. Are we getting player owned houses too? Lol what purpose would constructiom have other than owning a home.
  3. Lmaooo that's insane!
  4. Woooah! I wanna see a vid of photo of the end result! GL to whoever accepts this!
  5. Woooo! Great decision! Congratulations @Jase and keep up the goodwork!
  6. Happy Birthday!
  7. Nicely done!
  8. Nevermind i answered my own question. Woohoo update.
  9. +1 bring back rng specs! Oh and bring back 100% anti dragonfire from stacking. Osrs is anti dragonfire shield + antifire = no damage from dragonfire. Nr logic. Dragonfire shield(dkite) + antifire(super antifire) = 50% damage from dragonfire.
  10. Everyone has that one annoying task they wish they could just block out entirely. Mine just happens to be chaos fanatic.
  11. I'll help you out 500m
  12. Anything you want bb @Jase
  13. Has to look for validation through forums. SICK. JK, you're a pretty good server support, only time I hear things bad about you is when you punish people for being idiots. You're always around for mms and events. Always willing to help and such. yeah that's all you get for free boyo
  14. Can't complain with free loots boi
  15. Make this happen!
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