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  1. Howmuch is my OSRS acc worth?

    Why block out all stats lol? Also would be nice to post the quests and untradeables on the account.(Noteworthy items)
  2. Why the current donators zones destroy the game

    @wtf 69 it seems you put to much feeling into your arguments/responses and you're jumping to conclusions really fast. Also, it's kind of cute how you to ask rhetorical questions to try to get a point across. With said rhetorical questions, you out words into a statement that wasn't said and or implied. In my post i used the RDI as an example, your decision to attack it and personally become hurt about it, i don't understand. Also, RDI have the most to lose out of this than anyone. Just saying. It's a good topic to stir the pot, but wasted breathe(I would like to hope no one takes this seriously).
  3. Why the current donators zones destroy the game

    All NRs in the past have had D Zones and past NRs have been successful. I will agree that the current RDI is over-kill but guess what, it's what we paid for. From my own opinion here, the server is dying from aggressive/toxic players , gambling, an absent owner, and basically being fed the same shite. Also from what i've noticed, Donators are about the only people donating their in-game items to events and such. D zones do not contain all wilderness bosses. Donator Status is meant to split the community hence the appeal to get it(To stand out). From the Donators that paid for their advantage and support the server over the non-donator who will eventually become a donator(irl or ingame cash) to get said advantage. Other servers provide donator benefits in the form of; Exclusive D Zones, Ranks/titles, Access to exclusive buyables, and much more. Don't blame those helping to keep the server up for it's demise. If D zones were taken out and donator benefits was completely revamped. I'd expect a choice to have my donations be refunded for the stuff that i essentially paid for was not delivered and/or taken away from me. Now those select RDI that sit there for weeks camping for bulk items and monopolizing certain items might be a problem, but the biggest problem is not many people are looking for a new rsps when 07scape is bascially a vanilla private server ran by jagex.
  4. Effigy

    Dragonkin lamp interface is broken, can't use lamp to select skill for xp reward.