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  1. Need a clan

    Didn't think to bump your last topic??
  2. Update on Downtime

    Thanks for the update.
  3. Unplanned Downtime

    U wot
  4. [Client] Drop Table Fix

    Bruh is that windows 98???
  5. Game Updates | 12/06/2018

    Haha lol xd lol haha xd lol
  6. Game Updates | 12/06/2018

    This looks great, thanks for the update.
  7. Snow baby!

    We changed Edgeville to a snowy backround last christmas and it was met with negativity. it's extremely bright and makes PM reading nearly impossible. The snowballs itself are a nice idea though.
  8. Oldie but goldie

    Your name is familiar from AJ and Zeroeh's era, was that you?
  9. Staff Evaluation

    What does this mean in English
  10. Staff Evaluation

    I hope you're not opposed to an old mans thoughts. Crucio - You're fairly new to the scene, you seem to have a nice rapport with the team and players as a whole. Nothing of concern noted. Ween - You have an underlying anger problem, whether or not you're seeking help for this or not is entirely your choice, but it'll drag you down in the end if it's not remedied, not just in the game either. I think you do good work, but becoming more open and accepting of others issues is never a bad thing. Catwick12 - Along the same lines as Crucio, fairly new to the scene and a nice enough lad. You seem quiet and reserved, whether or not you're that way with others, i'm unsure. Hippo422 - You've been a consistent player through NR's toughest and lowest activity times, if i could go back, i'd have given you a chance sooner. Divinate - When you first applied, I thought you were a bit of a cunt and your attitude sucked. You've mellowed out a lot, which is great. I get along with you well and am excited to see you progress. If I could go back, I'd have taken the time to get to know you sooner to know that most of my thoughts were just your sense of humor and you are in fact a well rounded member. Sandballoon - You're also an older player, for a while your activity died out which was unfortunate, it's good to see you back and active though, a deserved spot. Mithril - You were on the team when I was just a regular player, and you were one of the first staff I met. You've done fantastic work in the past, and understandably real life takes priority which explains the activity drop. I highly appreciated the offer of stepping down a rank to make way for the others. Phinoy1 - You're a very intelligent person, who plays dumb a lot of the time, which is frustrating. You're studying to be a doctor in real life, and from what I heard, you're excelling. A lot of the player base is a lot older than they used to be in earlier versions, perhaps showing a bit more maturity in times would do you well to solidify your spot. Espire - You were one of the greatest promotions I've ever made. Humble and intelligent, you do great work when tasked. We get along great, and spent/spend a good chunk of time together due to time zones. Forg33 - Extremely intelligent, well driven. Your sarcasm would drive me up the wall, but it was a small price to pay for such a solid staff member and friend. Luckybamf - The #1 foreigner. We were promoted on the same day, and played together nearly every day since. I have one regret and that is that I didn't push for your promotion sooner. A very valuable member to the team. Slim, Pagan, Torn - I grouped you all together as you all already know. We played and managed the game for nearly a year, starting way back as expansion donors. You're all brilliant staff members and even better friends.
  11. Game Updates | 11/18/2018

    Nice to see an update, at last.
  12. Looking forward to 2019

    For your sake, I hope you stick to your word. Best of luck.
  13. YAW YEET.

    Voting for a lime is always a nice feeling, congrats.
  14. The post I didn't want to make today

    The Guy Fieri meme makes this a top notch post. Thanks for all the kind words and support everybody, i'll pop up now and then and am always around on forums so feel free to shoot me a PM.
  15. The Time Has Come

    Hi guys, You know what I always say. You can't win a marathon without putting a few band-aids on your nipples and unfortunately, i'm out of band-aids. The last year I've spent apart of the NR staff team has been extremely tiring, demotivating and a real cluster-fuck, but strangely fulfilling. I never would have thought I'd be in the position to work on the game I loved, alongside some of my closest friends. For that, thank you. To Torn67, Paganesque and Slim Shaco. It all started as DIE members hunting pets, with a dream to make this place great. We did that together, many times over and should be very proud. As for you Will, please listen to your players and team. You have such an amazing community of people here dedicated to this game, please don't waste it. Thank you for the opportunity to manage the game. To my friends, you know who you are and you have my details, keep in touch xx To my enemies, fuck you. Signing off one last time, ~ Cayleb Near Reality Leader
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