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  1. Looking forward to 2019

    For your sake, I hope you stick to your word. Best of luck.
  2. YAW YEET.

    Voting for a lime is always a nice feeling, congrats.
  3. The post I didn't want to make today

    The Guy Fieri meme makes this a top notch post. Thanks for all the kind words and support everybody, i'll pop up now and then and am always around on forums so feel free to shoot me a PM.
  4. The Time Has Come

    Hi guys, You know what I always say. You can't win a marathon without putting a few band-aids on your nipples and unfortunately, i'm out of band-aids. The last year I've spent apart of the NR staff team has been extremely tiring, demotivating and a real cluster-fuck, but strangely fulfilling. I never would have thought I'd be in the position to work on the game I loved, alongside some of my closest friends. For that, thank you. To Torn67, Paganesque and Slim Shaco. It all started as DIE members hunting pets, with a dream to make this place great. We did that together, many times over and should be very proud. As for you Will, please listen to your players and team. You have such an amazing community of people here dedicated to this game, please don't waste it. Thank you for the opportunity to manage the game. To my friends, you know who you are and you have my details, keep in touch xx To my enemies, fuck you. Signing off one last time, ~ Cayleb Near Reality Leader
  5. Some stakes

    Some nice stakes, grats on the wins.
  6. Where the oldies at

    Hi John, welcome back. Now all we need is John53 to return and we'll be set.
  7. nice 2

    Congrats on the max cape pal, nice achievement.
  8. Nice

    Pretty nice thing to unlock for the iron. Good luck on the grinds for the heads!
  9. Changes To RD Status.

    No. just the cost of the rank itself.
  10. How I broke the server

    You are an oakloid.
  11. Where my old timers at?

    Is it really you? @ me in game if it is and i'll blow your mind with my memory of the v6 times.
  12. iron man - complete

    Very nice drop to get, congrats
  13. Thok

    That was originally correct, yeah. They were only added as a 1 in a million to cows for bragging rights to anyone that actually got a drop. Write up the thread please, i like this idea. I want to bring it forward to the team.
  14. Thok

    I understand your point, but the fact of the matter is anything easier than Gano, should not be getting a chance for a $300 valued drop. We could potentially rework Gano, and add some of it's existing drops to this new boss?
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