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  1. wtf is this

  2. Looking forward to 2019

    Welcome back.
  3. Pking Bug

    You were killing me far more often than every 2 hours haha. Although, I have been told once before that people don't get pkp as often as they should when they kill me, so perhaps there's merit to this, though I find it unlikely.
  4. Antifire Counter

  5. Modern Price Guide

    I have decided to refrain from pricing any rares in this guide, as a result of the infrequency of trades for rare cosmetics. However, if there are any major items which I have not listed in this guide that you believe I should add, feel free to let me know in this thread, along with the price they sell for.
  6. Modern Price Guide

    That is not what I am doing, nor my intent. This guide is only to serve as a guideline for the prices that items have already been generally selling for. If any prices listed are inaccurate, I ask that you instead tell me how I should improve them. Cya.
  7. Modern Price Guide

    Which, specifically?
  8. Modern Price Guide

    Do you think there's something wrong with the prices?
  9. Modern Price Guide

    Yeah, that is a major problem, one which I struggled with heavily while trying to make this guide haha. Despite that, however, I feel it is useful to have an at least vague guideline on general prices for popular items, which was my inspiration for making this
  10. Modern Price Guide

    I've noticed that all of the previous price guides on this forum are incredibly outdated, so I felt it necessary to create a reinstation. Here it is. WHIPS Abyssal whip : 20M Dragon whip : 50M Barrows whip : 100M Lava whip : 1B Lime whip : 5B SUPPLIES/GENERAL Overloads: 4-5m Rocktails: 20-40k Barrows Sets: 10-20m Ship Tickets 400-500k Mahogany Planks: 400-500k PVP GEAR AND WEAPONS Statius' Warhammer: 400m Statius' Helmet: 100m Statius' Platebody: 200-300m Statius' Platelegs: 250-350m Vesta's Longsword: 300m Vesta's Chainbody: 400-500m Vesta's Chainskirt: 350-450m Zuriel's Hood: 100-200m Zuriel's Robe Top: 350-500m Zuriel's Robe Bottoms: 350-500m Morrigan's Coif: 100m Morrigan's Leather Body: 350m-450m Morrigan's Leather Top: 350-450m Dragon Claws: 400-600m Armadyl Godsword: 400-600M Korasi's Sword: 1b GOD ITEMS Bandos Godbow: 1.5-2b Zamorak Godbow: 1.5-2b Saradomin Godbow: 2.5-3b Armadyl Godbow: 2.5-3b Armadyl Crossbow: 1-1.5b Armadyl Chestplate: 100-200m Armadyl Chainskirt: 100-200m Bandos Chestplate: 100-200m Bandos Tassets: 100-200m SLAYER ITEMS Slayer Helmet: 1b Full Slayer Helmet: 2b Green Slayer Helmet: 2.5b Black Slayer Helmet: 3b Red Slayer Helmet: 50b (?) Ring of Wealth: 400-450m Hexcrest: 500m Focus Sight: 500m CHAOTICS Chaotic Rapier: 150m Chaotic Maul: 150-200m Chaotic Longsword: 150m Chaotic Crossbow: 250m Chaotic Staff 200-300m OFFHANDS Spectral Spirit Shield: 200-300m* Divine Spirit Shield: 1b Arcane Spirit Shield: 1-1.5b Elysian Spirit Shield: 2b Dragonfire Shield: 50-100m Dragon Kiteshield: 800-1b Dragon Defender: 300-400m Flameburst Defender: 2-3b JEWELLERY Berserker Ring: 10-20m Archer's Ring: 10-20m Seer's Ring: 10-20m Berserker Ring (i): 700m-1b Archer Ring (i): 700m-1b Seer's Ring (i):400-600m Amulet of Torture: 4-5b Necklace of Anguish: 4-5b Tormented Bracelet: 4-5b Blood Necklace: 1.5-2b Occult Necklace: 800m Amulet of Fury: 50m NEX ARMOUR Pernix Body: 7-8b Pernix Chaps: 7-8b Pernix Coif: 1b Torva Platebody: 4-5b Torva Platelegs: 4-5b Torva Full Helm: 1b Virtus Robe Top: 500-600m* Virtus Robe Bottoms: 500-600m* GENERAL GEAR Toxic Blowpipe: 16-20b Serpetine Helm: 1-1.5b Toxic Staff Of The Dead: 2.5-3b Celestial Catalytic Staff: 4-5b Ganodermic Poncho: 1.5b Ganodermic Leggings: 1.5b Staff of Light: 20-50m Kodai Wand: 20b Imbued Capes: 2b Spellcaster Gloves: 1-1.5b Swift Gloves: 2-3b Goliath Gloves: 2-3b Pegasian Boots: 20b Eternal Boots: 20b Primordial Boots: 20b OTHER Hand Cannon: 50-100m Eccumenical Key: 5m Dragon Pickaxe: 20-30m Ranger Boots: 50m Tokhaar-Kal: 400-500m Abyssal Bludgeon Pieces: 500m-1b* Abyssal Bludgeon: 2-4b Death Cape: 8-10b Heavy Ballista: 2-3b* Thok: 50b DI Pin: 3.5b DIE pin: 5-6b RDI pin: 500t PRIMAL Primal 2h Sword: 800m-1b Primal Maul: 500-700m Primal Rapier: 800m-1b Primal Boots: 2b Primal Gloves: 2b Primal Platebody: 2-2.5b* Primal Platelegs: 1-1.5b* * - Prices which I feel may be inaccurate. The prices for most items are currently very volatile, so as such I will do my best to update these prices as necessary. I have omitted several items due to not being aware of the going prices, and I presume that some of the prices listed are not entirely correct, so I ask for your aid in making this price guide sufficiently accurate and urge you to comment any ammendments you feel I should make. Thank you.
  11. Red Slayer Helm

    Sold to Oh Shux for 50b
  12. Glory charges

    ^ this
  13. Red Slayer Helm

    I'm selling a red slayer helm to the highest bidder. Hit me with offers. Looking for a ludicrous sum of money.
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