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  1. Thok Giveaway Winner!

    lol does it really impress u?
  2. Huge Sale

    if its row i ill buy
  3. PvM Poll

    I think this poll should include wildy PVM, also the fact that you have to rely on other people to play this payed contect seems unrealistic, you should be able to solo it. If its a payed event, we should have options whether on the playing style (with people, solo etc). Maybe you could add more monster and harder bosses if its a team play and less if solo idk.
  4. QoL Poll

    I do not agree with pet benefits, theres tons of rspvs where pets give benefits and people ran from them. Pets should only be a cosmetic so to say, although +1 towards TP and the crystal chest (but you should check the balance of half loops and other keys).
  5. PvP Poll

    The real prize were pkp, Dh pking was only the way to get tons of them back then.
  6. PvP Poll

    I like these polls, like ive said before, the communtiy should have more input in updates. Thanks Torn! Also, on another note, i believe WILDY PVM impacts hugely on pking, as it attracts people into the wilderness, this said, im still upset my lime whip speed, and would like to see some middle ground (lime* has it speed back thanks to lower prot value IDK). Finally ive posted some suggestions regarding the droprate of certain basic pking items, that I think would help pking, back then i remember an update that made barrows drop VERY COMMON and this spiked the wildy activity but it brought, as always, negative effects on the economy, gl finding a balance, I will help with what I can.
  7. Aimed at PVMers

  8. increase drop rate

    Hey, I was wondering if we could INCREASE the drop rate in the mage arena for the following items: (i) Infinity boots; and (ii) Mages Book. The reason for this would be to increase basic pking items, idk how much they are worth or if they are valuable at all, but im finding trouble finding these items in bulk and I believe this could improve the wildy activity. What are ur opinions?
  9. Price guide-basic

    Could we get a pc on the max sets? Ancestral Saggitarian
  10. sold

    Still up for grabs
  11. sold

    PM or post offers
  12. Fury should never protect over Lime Whip*

    dont sweat about it, lime sucks in wildy anyways.
  13. NR`s Lime Whip

    Any ideas on other points, on the votes?
  14. Suggestions for a better NR

    Lime is currently the issue.
  15. NR`s Lime Whip

    Agreed. Read the suggestion

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