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  1. suggestions

    +1 on all of these
  2. LDI Yell timer

    I think 15 seconds would be fair for the RDI people. +1 support to lower the yell timer
  3. Add Crystal Chest drop Table

    +1 I agree with this.
  4. LDI Appreciation

    Loving the new monsters Phoenix and Bandos Avatar. Hopefully I can get some good drops off of them
  5. LDI Appreciation

    Thank you to the staff team and whoever else helped create legendary donator island and also the graphics. They both look amazing and I hope you keep up the great work.
  6. Bandos Avatar Suggestion

    great suggestion +1
  7. Phoenix

    oooo good idea I +1 this
  8. Phoenix Drop

    wowowow gz
  9. Phoenix

    It'd be great if we had a Pheonix kill count \ have it added in kill log. Also have drops shown in chat instead of having to right click to see loot.
  10. Misleading Title

  11. Update 2-10-2019

    Very nice update!!!!!!!
  12. Lottery Drawing Date Move

  13. Goodbye for now.

    Sucks to see you go, but hope things are well irl.
  14. The Lottery II

    Exciting lottery! good luck everyone.
  15. Inventory Sale

    Also selling these items in tp Rsh 18b Anguish 2.5b Pegasians 10b Swifts 3b Row (i) 3b Vesta set 1b Skele set 5b 3a bow 5b Sled 5b Lime phat 25b (Negotiable) Black phat 4b Post Here or pm me in-game / Will accept pins for items
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