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  1. Wildy Content Sneak Peak

    cool new content
  2. Pvmarena nerf

    I don't agree with this. I don't see the point in adding difficulty levels to pvmarena because it would be easy points for people. It should be a challenge to earn points with a chance to get loot. I usually only see 10 people per pvmarena. (with some random people without blood barrage) But, I agree with the removing jad part and nerfing/removing vet'ion in pvmarena
  3. e-kits items

    wow rich guy showoff smh?!?!?!?!?
  4. Edgeville PK Events

    Staffermans always host pk events but no one comes, i know because i always sit at edge ditch and watch people die.
  5. Combat Dummy

    fix combat dummy so i can test my specs and maxhit, ::maxhit not accurate.
  6. 2 Questions!

    Ironmen are the REAL normies
  7. Event time

    on my way???
  8. Zulrah Droplog

    Blowpipe on first day, not much of a grind, pretty happy with that! Unlucky Jar of Swamp rip Drops not included in screenshots: 1 x Tanzinite Mutagen, 1 x Serpentine Vissage, 1 x Uncut Onyx (note: This account was made specifically to kill Zulrah, I bought myself a Droprate Increase Pin and Dpin, and I was going to kill Zulrah for 1 week straight, but my computer stopped working so I gave up. Most of these screenshots are within that week.)
  9. E-kits in Slayer Shop

    +1 I like the idea.
  10. Iron Man Btw's Drop Log

    Nice droplog, goodluck on all future drops, Keep us updated
  11. Small ::Die Improvements

    I like it
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