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  1. Communication

    Alright well dont tell me its that hard to go on ur mobile and post a update including the above u said to keep us up to date. He doesnt communicate at all wich gives us mixed feelings about him. With his history its not a good idea of not updating us since we all been through it already
  2. Communication

    Ive never saw such a bad communication of a owner to his communinty. @Mod Jacmob could u give us constant updates what u are doing. Bc rn 90% of the server thinks ur just grabbing the money and not doing anyrhing for the server and i cant blame them. We waiting to see big changes , if its not done yet atleast update us what u are doing. Same for Juan. Pls respond to all the feedback we give u, u dont even look into the suggestions or u just dont reply. Pce
  3. Where is Jacmob?? Fixing combat, #1 priority

    Lmao atleast fkn update us with shit u dont communicate with us at ALL and im 100% sure u not even gonna respond to this, ur full of excuses, its not our problem u dont got a pc so atleast fkn let us know whats going on instead of just wasting our time and why tf does Juan doesnt let us know that hes busy jeez
  4. Server downtime information - 5/21

    Loc game fixing updates hello
  5. Unpopular Opinion

    They need to fix the pvp shop and drops. Staking isnt the problem, the only thing is that on old nr stakers played the game to have fun. The stakers here now just stake and dump their items for cash to buy pins and cash out since the game is not really enjoyable with the broken combat system and the eco. So stakers dump their items and not enough ppl want them, wich means they lower the price wich makes items crash hard
  6. Update Log - 21/05/2018

    Did u guys srs spent a hour on this update? Huge improvement keep it going with this update the server gonna progress kappa
  7. Game already dead mod jacmob fuckd up again

    Cringe u got cleared today
  9. Raggers and current eco

    It seems like the devs arent even looking to the server imo. It took them 1 month to relaunch the server with even more problems than it had b4
  10. Raggers and current eco

    Currently u have ppl ragging edge constantly, pls make a rule about ragging bc rn its going to far. Also i never saw such a bad eco on a server, claws and ags 150m. Chaotics worthless , korasis like 700 dkite 300 sotd 300 and i could go further and we are only 2 weeks in or so.. might add a rare store where u can trade in items for "rare tickets" wich u can use to buy rares (they did this in old nr) and changes from a rare every 1-2 months. We really need a item sink rn
  11. Logic in NRPK

    This whole game is shit lol
  12. These updates are so useless. Focus on the shit combat system and the npc bugs b4 even starting to change drop rates
  13. #Tm Chat CC

    Clan application form: Age/Location: 20 yrs, the netherlands In-game name: donikk How active are you(hours on daily): 2-4 ( depends , i have college and work ) What is your reason for joining: Trying to get into a clan and i met fire giant ingame who told me about ur clan What will benefit us for having you in the clan: good pker, im active in the pure clanning scene on osrs and a good nher ( gotta get used to the rsps nhing tho) been in several pure 07 clans and still in one (FOE , SF , RAGE , DOOM) i got a maxed 75 atk pure, a zerker, a baby pure and a ironman on 07. i also play dmm seasonals on 07 and roll with some teams there will be back Sunday.
  14. Make TD's wildy only

    Also pretty common from mbox
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