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  1. Glory charges

    not unlimited lol defeats the purpose of pking in high wildy always relying on your glory....
  2. Rain Clan 4 B0NK LOOTs

    you see my main with blood key.... lol. i killed 6 of them before i got blood key and your bragging how you killed some of us for some nice loot.... ill see you in duel arena lol
  3. Game Updates | 11/18/2018

    yes added 5 second time for attackers.... come on man seriously... keep wildy the way it is and fix the bugs like hes doing.... wildy doesnt need to be re worked on.... what needs to be worked on is the advertisment........
  4. Wilderness Poll Results

    next year?
  5. suggestions

    divinate if you are a pvmer thats fine. but u have to also agree that players want pvp to be more active and to be honest if u dont like going in wildy then your fine?
  6. Instagram Accounts

    i havent seen one to unfollow i think u might maully have to do so or make your own app to do so
  7. [implemented] capes

    would be more fun to see a higher recommendation to obtain them like higher kc and higher pvm kc and the possiblity to add skilling to it like cut 20k of eac log and the list goes on for other skills
  8. suggestions

    i would really like to see a new multi type boss something unique and worth actaully going into wildy to farm. i would also like the fact you would need decent gear to even try such an attempt so makes wildy more active and the fact it would players close together and team work. as for pkers its wildy enter at your own risk.
  9. Instagram Accounts

    theres a bot that auto follows many people per day and % of actually follow back and thats how you gain so many followers if you want more info theres a hack forums out there that give the right steps to do so. do it on your own risk i am not implying to do so or in anyways try to get people to get it.
  10. 2000 Zulrah kill count & spoils

    do u ever sleep? great job
  11. b2b Dcapes (almost)

    great job man l0l sucks tho cant really sell em unless you stake hihihihi
  12. Divinate Progress and Goals

    you ever think about moving out of your parents basement? and getting a job? you know its ok to take a shower man
  13. A rollback is needed to undo the combat update

    dude just stop trying to make the combat system be the main problem for everything else that is broken in this server. and to clear the air the only roll back there will is update roll back its been confirmed. everyone just wants everything so fast and op and the mooment they start fixing shit its the end of the world
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