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  1. Welcome all feedback and suggestions regardless of tone or presentation. Negative or positive feedback is what drives and develops a community and company. Jeff Bezos said the better question in business is "why not?" Rather than why? My only suggestions to you are that some people are abrasive, or have bad tone- but they still have valid feedback, ALL feedback is valid. Instead of explaining why you think someone is incorrect or their feedback isn't needed, just say thank you for your feedback and pass it along. It may not happen, but at least that person feels heard and understood which is critical for growth of any community (or business). Always seek an answer, if someone has a question you don't know the answer to, research with them, help them as best you can and if you don't know say hey man, I really don't know... but I'll find out and get back with you. Leaders are right a lot(but not always,and own when they are wrong), they seek to understand a situation, they have a bias for action, and they never give up. They show ownership, and take a problem or issue and make it their own, and then work to solve it. You naturally have some of these qualities, but some of them need a little work. You decide what you want to work on first, analyze yourself against the key points I've listed and I'm sure you will improve as a leader. If you have any questions on leadership or management, I'd be happy to discuss. Overall good job, but "KAIZEN!" as the Japanese say, you ALWAYS have room for improvement.
  2. The real question is what would additional teleports actually hurt? If minimal coding can provide a major life improvement why not?
  3. Small community, you have now. I'm the first of many lol
  4. ::gano ::bork ::wc ::wc60 ::farm nobody likes menus or walking, thanks!
  5. With no 50m per 99 AND no coins for skilling, its too much. I agree that the 50m per 99 was overkill, but I do suggest adding the coins for skilling back Ie:100k p/magic log as you chop Skilling will always be underpowered compared to combat, but this will bring a lot more balance and incentive to do other things within the game than slay, and it makes getting completionist a LOT less boring, thanks
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