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  1. Staff Update [04/04/2018]

    gz posin! and welcome back @Jbaikie
  2. Official Price Guide

    Great Price guide! will def have to start using this. just started logging back in and coming back
  3. STAFF UPDATE [2/4/2018]

    congrats nade!
  4. Cruz's resignation

    awww. you will be missed bud! come back sometime
  5. Sig For Homtatt

    that's pretty cool, a bit much for my taste. but sweet nonetheless
  6. its nice to see magic is getting some love! and construction? oh boy, time to stock up on lamps
  7. Start of Homtatts Sig

    that's actually bad ass.
  8. Hi hi hi

    welcome back!
  9. The greatest intro

    nice. and gl mate!
  10. Amazing updates! ♡♡
  11. Beast suggestions of 2018

    I could get behind these.. as for the custom items. seems a bit much for the devs.. they have more pressing things to do than make custom items for the already ::rdi players.
  12. Type of Events?

    your tournaments are pretty much already held at ::ffa ..when theres one qued. hns and races happen often. that's about it
  13. jackmob pre texture

    i'm gonna need you to make me one of those works of art. it would be my honor to use it.
  14. jackmob pre texture

    yeah i'm here to just say, Posins siggy is #1. where can I get one of those? edit @op: that is insane! def wanna see what it looks like with texture now
  15. Staff update [18/01/18]

    gz guys! well deserved
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