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  1. Staff Update 2/18/19

    you can call me daddy.
  2. Staff Update 2/18/19

    gz to those promoted! big oofs on sandy. gonna miss him :/ loc of crucios resignation update?
  3. Update 2-16-2019

    oofta. nice
  4. suggestions

    +1 to that. cant see that being "op" wait I stole your idea? which one, pleb.
  5. suggestions

    only way to balance scythe if you add the bloods to it is to make it unuseable without bloods. either way one of them need added. ss should proc on all 3 hits imo
  6. suggestions

    add the ability to add bloods to scythe of vitur to get hp heal? orrrr fix soulspit to proc on all 3 hits. enhanced cannon? e kit on each piece to store all cballs fix arcane and other corp sigils and remove the prayer drain from those that aren't supposed to have. gold feather use? cerb boots? combine to make ult boots purple color. :3 may be a thing in the making, but cant hurt to suggest. next enhance kit list?
  7. Bandos Avatar Suggestion

    agreed. leechers are annoying af.
  8. The Return

    oi where are my nudes asshole
  9. The Return

    welcome back pal :3
  10. Add SafeSpot to KQs for Rdis

    this. they do need toned down in damage just a tad bit, however. making everything safespottable is a nogo. if its "unfair" that ::di has a safespot, then remove it. there is a safespot at rdi, but only for 1 kq at a time. and you have to have a longranged bow.
  11. Final One Claimed

    draco is an oldie pkerman that left and recently came back. noob
  12. Final One Claimed

    omg not the uim. noooo l0l
  13. Game Updates | 02/02/2019

  14. Goodbye for now.

    damn another one bites the dust. later bro! we'll be here for when you come back
  15. The time has come

    noooooo! good luck irl. I 100% can relate. hope to see you come back
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