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  1. XB1

    hey now I just got my first solo dub! feels so good
  2. As per the picture

    he's not a dev, just the Manager. he has a dev crown so he could spawn some things that were broken ingame
  3. XB1

    yall some noobs. lmao. I need a solid 4th
  4. XB1

    anyone out there have cod black ops 4? lookin for people to play multiplayer or blackout with. hmu
  5. The greatest intro

    welcome pal
  6. Player Spotlight! Rytur! *Explicit*

    Probably the greatest spotlight yet. So glad his name was thrown into the mix.
  7. 1k post

  8. Staff Update 10/2/2018

    Sabrina has always been a dude. xD I wondered who was gonna comment on that first same time that I win the lottery irl. although he has been on 3 days in a row. stranger things have happened
  9. Staff Update 10/2/2018

    Quite some time. Few months even. That's why I did it.
  10. Staff Update 10/2/2018

    Hello members of the Near-Reality Community. So I know there hasn't been one of these done in quite some time, so I figured I'd make one up with all the changes since the very last one! First up! the Resignations! Ticket has resigned from his position as Server Support Sabrina has resigned from his position as Moderator Iron Bar has resigned from his position as Server Support Mithril has stepped down as an Admin and is now a Moderator Imma Kill U has resigned from his position as Admin Posin has resigned from his position as Advisor Now Promotions! Phinoy1 has been promoted to Server Support Espire has been promoted to Moderator Jellyman226 has been promoted to Moderator Cayleb has been promoted to Manager Torn67 was promoted to Advisor and then again to Community Manager Paganesque has been promoted to Advisor Luckybamf has been promoted to Admin Slim Shaco has been promoted to Admin Thanks, 1hitncya, Near-Reality Moderator.
  11. 9-24-07 News post!

    it just had to be a nh tourney.. wellp. better try anyway! sad to see ticket and sabrina go. best of luck to them!
  12. rdi spec

    how woulc a quicker spec timer ruin the eco... awkward
  13. Bank Sale

    Look at the date of the thread. Don't gravedig please
  14. Infernal Comp

    probably because you don't log in. idk tho. just a hunch
  15. Dharok's Tournament - Sept 14, 2018

    sign me up papi!
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