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  1. 2019 NBA Champions

  2. A Proper Near-Reality

    Now don't take this the wrong way, but I do remember a time when I was on the staff team, you were quote to say "as long as I am the active manager of Near-Reality; there will never be another reset." Only time will tell where the server will go from here. best of luck see you all july first. side note: ill like have my brace off my left hand come relaunch
  3. Return of Artur

    welcome back!
  4. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/19-5/25

    ooo events! shame ive fractured my index finger
  5. Update on the Updates

    can't wait to see what is in store.
  6. RDI QoL Suggestions

    prayer altar and mage altar to rdi I can see. ldi have ::sb and ::pb to swap so no use for them to be there. I agree kq is useless in rdi, but not because it isn't safespottable. I would rather camp them at di over rdi bc its just easier to clump. as stated, the no coal furnace is already in ldi. bosses in rdi that are safespottable are not that way on purpose, so making the other ones safespottable is a no from me. we can't make the game too easy. at that rate, you might as well just give everyone boosted stats and 1 hit everything. vetion and Calisto.. oof. where I would like that, I would have to agree with the above, keep them in the wild. if they were added anywhere it would be ldi since the $$ gap. but i'd prefer wild only. ldis and rdis or whoever as a whole should have some say in what new bosses to come should be.. but I believe Torn already asked about a rotation in bosses in the areas and I don't believe that the community liked that.
  7. evil kid | GFX Artist Returns

    although I've never met you, welcome back! dm me. I may be in the market for a new sig. mines outdated
  8. Adios for now

    oof! good luck! thoughts and prayers
  9. Mithril's Resignation

    noooo for real?! youll be missed pal!
  10. Staff Update | 04/08/2019

    gz everyone!
  11. QoL Poll

    I like the pet idea, but don't agree with it due to the pets needing to be removed.
  12. PvP Poll

    custom items in the wild is what makes nr, NR. they should differ from pvm-pvp of course. but don't remove them completely.
  13. Game Updates | 4/5/2019

    oo! thanks chaff!
  14. Welcome to Dread | New Developer

    welcome! I can see things are going to go very well. Torn #1 manager. (sorry jbaikie)
  15. Game & Client Updates | v1.4 released | 4/3/2019

    yasssss queen

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