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  1. The greatest intro

    nice. and gl mate!
  2. Amazing updates! ♡♡
  3. Beast suggestions of 2018

    I could get behind these.. as for the custom items. seems a bit much for the devs.. they have more pressing things to do than make custom items for the already ::rdi players.
  4. Type of Events?

    your tournaments are pretty much already held at ::ffa ..when theres one qued. hns and races happen often. that's about it
  5. jackmob pre texture

    i'm gonna need you to make me one of those works of art. it would be my honor to use it.
  6. jackmob pre texture

    yeah i'm here to just say, Posins siggy is #1. where can I get one of those? edit @op: that is insane! def wanna see what it looks like with texture now
  7. 50B+ Staking Montage W/HOmtatt

    share I tbed! hah. niceee
  8. Staff update [18/01/18]

    gz guys! well deserved
  9. best of luck my man. sad to see a rdi leave tho :/
  10. A couple of suggestions

    I figured when they said shop revamp, it included the star sprite shop as well. as for the drops you get from trading in the stardust, its meant to be skiling items and some cosmetics.. nothing too op. so what else could they honestly do to it? blood key, we have seen quite a bit since release.. but yeah I don't believe theres been a rare drop from it.. hmm. I'm sure theres something in the works for it all. patience.
  11. Cerberus Completed

    12 p rapiers.. holy shit. and oh my! I was DIE. lmao
  12. Not a bad day

    dannnnng. I knew hed go back to staking eventually.
  13. Price Guide

    if anyone has anything to add pm me, ik Serp helm and some if not all of the Zulrah drops aren't in there. changing it now
  14. Selling full dragon (or) 10b

    full set for 10b? gl with that..
  15. great updates! love the thought of the altar in wild. maybe add prestiging skills for "prestige points" ? used at a cosmetic shop. just a thought.
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