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  1. The NR Veteran

    … that is simple? welcome nonetheless.
  2. [S] 24 dpins for 07

    I may have a thok you could buy with those
  3. I'M BACK

    welcomeeee back
  4. hiiiiii

    welcome to the server! gz on that thok hns win as well. may hit you up to buy it. Willlyyyyy make me one too! I need a new one
  5. OverDose is back!

    Clan activity. I like it. (Will remove this comment if needed) ❤
  6. won pegs and an arcane. he's waiting for people to log in
  7. I don't believe his ban is lifted until tomorrow. you got time.
  8. Someone explain this...?

    luck. massive luck. lmao
  9. who cares

    no gravedigging .-.
  10. hola

    I hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. INV SALE

    hm for it all?
  12. Gold Drops

    I replied to it and commented because he asked me to. and wanted my honest opinion.
  13. Gold Drops

    the best money making methods are in the wild for a reason. if we put the op things like that in safe areas, they'll be camped 24/7 and then we'll be at the other end of the spectrum. too much cash and not enough items. there are just as many item sinks as cash sinks. if you don't want to get pked, don't do the said things in the wild.. its that simple. theyre there so it doesn't get too flooded. THE ONLY place I could ever see revs other than wild.. would be RDI.. and that's not going to happen. so -1 to whatever the suggestion is here, as it is worded poorly.
  14. S00per L00t and Sabrina

    s00p saying that in sb was way prior to him becoming server support. Sabrina is or has been "career counseling" unsure if that's still going on or not. just because theyre not on when you are, doesn't mean theyre inactive.
  15. 2 Days..

    good shit
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