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  1. Mithril's Resignation

    noooo for real?! youll be missed pal!
  2. Staff Update | 04/08/2019

    gz everyone!
  3. QoL Poll

    I like the pet idea, but don't agree with it due to the pets needing to be removed.
  4. PvP Poll

    custom items in the wild is what makes nr, NR. they should differ from pvm-pvp of course. but don't remove them completely.
  5. Game Updates | 4/5/2019

    oo! thanks chaff!
  6. Welcome to Dread | New Developer

    welcome! I can see things are going to go very well. Torn #1 manager. (sorry jbaikie)
  7. Game & Client Updates | v1.4 released | 4/3/2019

    yasssss queen
  8. PvM Poll

    loving the communication from staff team to the players
  9. Pet Benefits

    no to reset on pets.
  10. Growing Pains and Plans

    soooo ult cape. what happens to those of us who used capes with comps to make the comp version? are we fucked?? or is the comp version whats needed.. bc I cant see that being a req.
  11. Growing Pains and Plans

    Excited for the coming content and changes!
  12. Game Updates | 3/21/2019

    bae! righting all the wrongs one love.
  13. Game Updates | 3/19/2019

    good shit fam!
  14. Game Updates | 3/17/2019

    love love love this! thanks chaf!
  15. Welcome Chaflie!

    Yay chaf!
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