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  1. E-KIT Color

    1+ support
  2. Hello again

    Welcome backk
  3. Game Updates 12-10-18

  4. e-kits items

    GZ :P:PP: 123
  5. Game Updates | 12/06/2018

    Yummy updates!
  6. Primal War Hammer

    Whats that?!?! Am good pkermon! When i sees you next Rytur its HAMMER TIME That would be great!
  7. Primal War Hammer

    I would like too see a prot value added to the primal war hammer, The stats look fine but i brought it with the intention to BASH Hola & Torn. Without a Prot value its kinda useless
  8. Selling Katana

    I can give you 5-6b in items - Goodies not junk.
  9. New beginings!

    Looking forward to the vids
  10. Abyssal Dagger (op btw)

    1+ lol
  11. Max E-Kits Incoming

    Well in mito doing so he has not only helped clean up a few limes from the Eco preserving the price, But it might make lime prices increase also..
  12. Why, Hello There!

    Welcome back.
  13. Event time

    Lmao go zander
  14. Staff Update 12-3-18

    @Ween Rip, :\
  15. Also No Points

    Just needed a little time
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