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  1. Lucky

    kill count?
  2. Revs Improved

  3. Staff update - 14/08/18

    well deserved - seen you on more than any other staff since you got it
  4. Rabbi's suggestion thread

    it can but it needs constant work
  5. Good day staking

    your welcome
  6. Just Let Me Lamp Construction already

    if you can do construction in 1hr nice
  7. Rabbi's suggestion thread

    i like the idea of being able to trade them
  8. ill have them all
  9. Selling 12 pins 2.5m OSRS each

    as soon as the service is back up ill take all 12
  10. Rabbi's suggestion thread

    thanks for the feedback guys
  11. Rabbi's suggestion thread

    As a player of all the nr remakes and the actual one itself - I have a couple of suggests to help bring more players to us. don't do as many ::ffas - the concept of them are brilliant, they are made brilliantly but they are killing off the wilderness. We need actual wild events - im not talking about big ones with big prizes. tell the players to pk at castles and people will come, tell them they could get blood keys/pvp drops/pkp - trust me they will come. take away dds only duels - whilst I like the idea of this, the original nr had the biggest staking community ever and guess what? no dds only rules. The reason this will work is people with smaller banks won't go out and stake their entire bank because they have even chances at anyone - they will stick around, save for a lava or lime which will take time - giving us more players. ::barrows drop rates - at the moment they are trash - a new player doesn't want to have to slave for an hour to get a barrows set. if they wanted to slave for barrows they will just go play osrs. increase gano drops - guarantee at least 1 good drop - give someone a reason to sit in the wilderness for 20k hp. its not worth it at the moment for a 10m drop at the end. ::di - add the spec restore altar back - whilst I like the monsters that have been moved to ::die from ::Dii - a spec restore will ultimately make more players think about paying only $25 for access to that. Bringing in more revenue and in turn more advertisements and more players. remove waydar (temporarily) - Players (even myself time to time) will want to stake and if there is no one at the duel arena they will go straight there and dice away there money - rather than saving it to buy limes,lavas, pk gear. if there is no way of chucking away all there cash people might stick around and risk pk. votes - add super rares at 800 vote points and allow people to trade vote tickets - we might be able to get a stable mini economy where a new play who just joins the server votes, sells the 7 tickets for say 35m and can then proceed to get some pk/pvm gear and stick around. also allowing the richest players opportunity to interact with lots of players and spread the wealth around. ::di pins - I'm still to this day unsure why you made them were you can't buy and sell to the same player in 24 hours. If a player knows he can make real life money by pking/gano/staking etc that is an incentive to anyone surely?? I know it has an opposite effect aswell but if someone knows they can buy into the game easier people will do. people that buy osgp and get pins will do it either way so it doesn't really matter - the only effect is bringing more people to the game. Let me know your feedback because at the end of the day I want this game to be a success and busy again. Cheers
  12. sell 16 dpins 07gp

    Ill have em
  13. SOLD

    ill have em
  14. Thought on the New Update

    revs are great at the moment - just need buffing the regular statue drops and its fine
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