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  1. Buying all 07 and Rs3 Gold! Current buy rates for 07: $.65, Current buy rates for Rs3: $.12.
  2. Hey guys! Its been awhile since I have been around. Been getting into the gold market in Runescape. I am currently selling 07 and rs3, for better rates than 99% of sites. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit the site or pm me on here! Current rates: 07 = .62-.67 Rs3 = .10-.12 Note: If this is not allowed on the forums, please remove the thread. Thank you
  3. Fixing java issues with client

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to make this quick simple guide to help other players who will have same problems I did. If you login and you cannot right click, but you can right click anywhere other than the near-reality client, then your java is to new. Yes, it sounds weird but java outdated certain codes with new versions of java. And a lot of RSPS still have that older code, making things start to not work with the newer java's. So if you have that problem, you need to uninstall all java versions from your computer. A full uninstall, for windows 7 go to control panel > uninstall a progam. For windows 10, you can just type uninstall on your search bar and it will come up. Once you have deleted every version of java, go to this link Java archives (Its archived java versions). Once you are there, scroll down until you find "8u152". This version still has the things that java removed from the newer versions. You should be able to download any of the version 152. Once you download, install and restart your computer. Once all done, re-open client and all should work perfectly. P.S. - This works if the user is getting a black screen with client and its saying "Fatal Error"
  4. Update Notes- 07/12/2018

    Ooooo nice
  5. If your giving out free stuff, sign me up
  6. Clue Scroll Chat Announcement

    I support this, I think it would be a nice feature
  7. Suggestions, Dont want to see the server die

    The server needs more advertising. It was definitely launched to soon, but if they take it down again for updates they will lose to many players. They need to crank out all the shit they should have before the launch. Then advertise a ton and get the playerbase back up.
  8. Buying drop rate pin

    Title says it all, will be buying for osrs gp. Pm me or post below! Cheers
  9. 1k

    I’ll get there one day don’t worry
  10. Streaming fornite

    Check out me playing fortnite on Xbox one!
  11. Fortnite xbox

    Anyone play fornite on the xbox?
  12. First Signature, Advice?

    what about this one? (My new signature)
  13. First Signature, Advice?

    Hello, I am relatively new to photoshop, but this was my first signature I have made. Opinions and advice? Thanks
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