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    The lack of drops in the wilderness are due to nobody going into the wilderness to pvm, Nothing in the wilderness apart from ava and gano are killed unless people are doing wilderness slayer. I myself do a lot of wilderness pvm even tho I’m LDI I still go into the wilderness to do it and I don’t see any issue, I also don’t know where you got 10-50b a day from because most people are camping Avatars and they aren’t making anywhere near 50b a day.
  2. Update 2-10-2019

    Top Job
  3. Add SafeSpot to KQs for Rdis

    I couldn’t agree more with with, It just has to be looked at different I guess, Having 3 safespottable kq’s could lead to excess of lava’s coming into the game.
  4. Sneak Peek - Bandos Avatar

    Looking good, Can’t wait to check it out in game.
  5. Add SafeSpot to KQs for Rdis

    However much I would love to see this happen, i feel like it would just be camped 24/7 if it were safespotable on rdi, maybe reducing the damage it does would fix the issue, ever since the fix they did to solve the issue with monsters not doing the correct damage they made a fair amount of things stronger then they should have been. But if it’s easier to just make a safe spot I suppose why not, Just expect it to be camped.
  6. The Return

    Welcome back JP.
  7. Final One Claimed

    Your killstreak bugged, cause we killed you at gdz. Flippers is an alt, tiki and eso come singles when we’re on and a few times at gano, spank came once for a suicide run, Draco is barely ever on. You 4v4’d us at gdz? I do believe we 3v7’d your team and then you levelled up your alts and had more then 10 people at one point, yet when we asked for a fun 4v4 multi war you declined and said ‘cleared’ which was amusing, Don’t say you ‘clapped’ us when we’re out numbered 3 to 1. We don’t care for making money we wanted to fight cause it was boring, You boys declined the offer so we just suicide rushed you for an hour or two for something to do. We had the idea that due to the fact you won’t fight us in singles, maybe you would in multi but clearly you just don’t want to match for the fun of it. Not even going to reply to I Drops comment, You clearly just don’t get it.
  8. Final One Claimed

    OK BUDDIE, LETS HAVE A TALK ON THAT VERY SILLY COMMENT YOU MADE, THAT I HIGHLIGHTED IN RED FOR YOU. Number one, You never come singles. Number two, You avoid us in singles at all costs, while you are running to gano. Example, You teleport to the opposite side of the wilderness, to get to your destination, Which is gano and btw teleporting to east dragons when the gano is at bandit camp, Is not the fast route, Hit my pm up for help. Number three, We literally ran at you 3v9 for about 2 hours straight because we were bored and you are the only people in the wilderness. Number four, How can you say 'Since you couldn't do it nhing us' When you never leave multi to nh us and when you do this kinda shit happens. Number five, This is not me being toxic, This is be being confused, Regardless we will continue to run into multi cause you boys wont come to us, So the only choice we have is to come to you. Have a wonderful day, Hope you enjoyed the read. With thanks, Ticket
  9. Game Updates | 02/02/2019

    finally seed is worth buying
  10. Fluxuations Comprehensive guide to Avatars and nomad

    Nice guide, Hope to see more.
  11. Goodbye for now.

    Get back on the pking scene, Miss you bro
  12. Final LDI price

    Can agree with lowering it to $1000, I mean eventually it will probably hit that price regardless of the outcome of this poll
  13. Weekly tournaments

    Yeah, there are most of them afk. ffa is completely different, like how can you even compare them.
  14. Weekly tournaments

    Are they still a thing? The chance to be able to enter and have some fun using a variety of different pking set ups. I know this was a thing before that most people probably remember and as I’ve only recently returned to NR I’m unsure if they are still a thing, I think it’s still a good shout for the server. There are a lot of pkers on the server who are probably willing to do the weekly events for a chance to win a prize even if the prize isn’t massive it’s aimed at having fun and to be competitive, Let me know what you think about the option. Leave some feedback so we can get these up and running again if people are interested in the concept. Obviously it’s not just aimed at people who pk, you don’t have to amazing at it and you don’t lose anything for entering and having a go, it might even get some people who aren’t to familiar with pking to try something different and they may even enjoy it.
  15. MGM’s pk videos

    Interesting watch.
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