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  1. Modern Price Guide

    hanoob your prices are almost spot on these guys are randoms
  2. an idea

    I don't think people pkp farm
  3. an idea

    time 5 is a lot :s but maybe double pkps in hot spots??
  4. Looking forward to 2019

    maybe we can get comp cape reworked first
  5. woot unbanned

    kushman too raw for nrpk
  6. Looking forward to 2019

  7. wtf is this

  8. comp cape re work

    comp cape needs some revampin either chance appearance all togeather or make it colorable again ? its a big accomplishment and it looks just like max cape :[ thanx 1 up this
  9. News Post 11-4-18

    gl fellas
  10. My time has come

    glad your still gonna stick around 1slut
  11. Top PKers

    really l0l niceee I wont donate another dime and no one else should till hes willing to put money back into game
  12. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    who all is partaking in this rain organizations
  13. Buying xbox live

    doesn't Walmart sale xbox live
  14. Hey!

    wb moobi
  15. Top PKers

    damn cant find a dev?? surely theres a dev out there that loves nrpk
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