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  1. NR`s Lime Whip

    lime and lava was super overpowered when pking nh/dh/etc.. i think its perfect how it is right now.
  2. Game Updates | 3/17/2019

    finally someone putting in work. its the little things that matter. great job
  3. Retarded Lms Rules

    i never had a problem with beating teams. git gud. peep this below
  4. March Events!

    Sweet my dudes and dudet.
  5. Final One Claimed

    lol nice kills
  6. Wilderness things

  7. New gano

    did gano the other night, and we killed iron taylor as soon as he came, did max 100 damage and still got a drop so something is messed up.
  8. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    sweet update!
  9. UN/Bloodlust Discussion Group Applications

    In game name?: Ween Are you a clan leader or part of a clan?: yes If yes, what clan?: Goons If yes, what is your role in the clan?: Leader Do you have more experience in Singles or Multi?: both but alot more singles and barely any multi Why do you want to join the UN?: i would like to be apart of the come up of the pking scene, ive always had a ton of ideas for events but it was just never enough clan activity. now with the few new clans joining and spicing up the wildy, i think it would be a good idea to put some of my ideas into play. also see a few improvements that could be made in the wildy to help with bl.
  10. Bye

  11. NH TOURNAMENT - JAN 18, 2019

    count me in.
  12. Zulrah..Easy kills

    nice guide
  13. Protect value chaotics

  14. Game Updates | 01/09/2019

  15. Lets get rid of Xmas stuff

    santa claus is the correct spelling.
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