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  1. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    sweet update!
  2. UN/Bloodlust Discussion Group Applications

    In game name?: Ween Are you a clan leader or part of a clan?: yes If yes, what clan?: Goons If yes, what is your role in the clan?: Leader Do you have more experience in Singles or Multi?: both but alot more singles and barely any multi Why do you want to join the UN?: i would like to be apart of the come up of the pking scene, ive always had a ton of ideas for events but it was just never enough clan activity. now with the few new clans joining and spicing up the wildy, i think it would be a good idea to put some of my ideas into play. also see a few improvements that could be made in the wildy to help with bl.
  3. NH TOURNAMENT - JAN 18, 2019

    count me in.
  4. Zulrah..Easy kills

    nice guide
  5. Protect value chaotics

  6. Game Updates | 01/09/2019

  7. Lets get rid of Xmas stuff

    santa claus is the correct spelling.
  8. Sneak Peek: Comp Capes

    fuckin right!
  9. Farewell

    congrats dude, this is a new chapter to your life. wish and hope for the best for you man. if you ever need anything at all you can always message me on discord for whatever you need.
  10. 15B off WEEN GF

    nice kill (:
  11. #Luredbydoicarehappy2019

    nice kill
  12. Some Final opinions on 2018

    prayer drains yes, the way combat is setup youre food+brew eating through lime hits/specs and there is really no risk on being smited for your +1. legendary island i say no. maybe add the rank with maybe a 5-10% increase drop rate around the world for these ranks, but if an island is introduced to the game, maybe not have any npcs(bosses and such), have things like no timer spec restore, double xp on the island for skilling,some special shops with some reduced pricing, no yell timer would be nice also. an losing items on death is a no from me, i feel like pvming is pretty well balanced as it is. nuff said. as far as new content ideas, i would like to see more wilderness updates get it active even if it mean making it op to pvm in wild, bc thats what it should be. nr was a pking based server and now i feel like its pvming for money and very very little pking going on other than a couple of clans we have on here.
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