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  1. New slayer helmet?

    Light blue would be kind of sick. Mixture would be fun as well. I like combining each of the other three into one, but then you don't need the heads yourself, so maybe the heads and 3 fsh or something. What effect would it have? Cosmetic?
  2. Cash out rule? With some other.

    I mean, first, there are not trillions in the eco. Of course we need to be doing a better job of fixing bugs, I don't dispute that. The thing with his laptop being broken was just the screen- he sent it in to get it fixed and just got it back. No need to buy a new computer in the meantime. That certainly doesn't make him selfish. PS- new content is on its way.
  3. Add a PJ timer or Remove Ragging rule

    A new read-through will let you know that Rule no. 33 is ragging (added a few days ago). Just an FYI
  4. these need fixing.

    Here's the solution to your not having a top bar problem.
  5. Could someone tell me what is wrong with turmoil? As far as we can tell, it's working as intended.
  6. Logour bank pin

    Seems like a complicated fix for a problem that isn't much of an issue. The pin serves to keep people who dc from dying and losing everything once they log back in. Could it be replaced with a timer? Yes, but when you need to immediately put in the pin you could just die while you're doing so.
  7. Not receiving voting points

    Works just fine for me. Looking into it.
  8. Logour bank pin

    The purpose of this is so people logging in don't lose their +1 or die before their screen loads. They should not get targets though until pin has been put in. In this pic it looks like you're trying to kill a guy who just logged in

    Need to submit a password recovery thread, or just use the email to recover it yourself (which is what we would do for you so you may as well do it).

    You can get rank back if you donated irl cash to get it with this owner (~2014 to present). You'll need receipts
  11. Thank you for the feedback.
  12. That's pretty neat.

    sadly it did happen
  13. Staff Update 5/13/2018

    Hold on a second here. Posin is incredibly active- if he isn't ingame he is reachable every single time I need him. Further, not a single mod disagrees with recent promotions- we gave our input at the time and frankly, 1hit's job so far is all the evidence you need. He is doing an excellent job. With regard to me, I invite you to PM me what mistakes I've made so I can correct them. I suspect that all you have is the rammernauts thing, which I mistakenly thought had been fixed as there is supposed to be a rammernaut in ::die2. Lastly, I don't think you know what "constructive" criticism is. All you're doing is bashing staff for things that aren't even true. And then you turn around and beg us to unmute you for flaming other players.
  14. Staff Update 5/13/2018

    You're the only one who knows me bb
  15. Lower the ticket tax

    Again, you could get around that. If it's worth the cost to you, PM the guy who put the item in the trading post and ask to cancel the offer to trade it to you. The point of the ticket tax is to be a cash sink so that the economy doesn't get over-saturated with coins as it has in the past. Believe it or not, it is a very effective one that benefits the economy a lot in the longer term. I respect where you are coming from with this suggestion, but judging from past experiences I do believe this is a good one to keep.
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