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  1. As per the picture

    That's a good meme
  2. PVP TOURNEY 10/13

    Congrats to our winners: haxjax, n1tts, and itz geo!
  3. :)

    It sure is a good thing Torn is a better stafferman than pker
  4. PVP TOURNEY 10/13

    You may, but you have to bring it yourself

    Our very own fashionista
  6. PVP TOURNEY 10/13

    For any wondering why the 5m osgp is below the dpin, the simple reason is that currently the prices I have seen are higher than 5m for a dpin.
  7. PVP TOURNEY 10/13

    BATTLE IN THE KNIGHT TOURNAMENT – October 13 2018 Featuring guest host Froggerman62 RULES 1. Each round will be decided by a death or run/tele. 2. Taking longer than a minute or so to restock or change setups/ causing other delays may result in disqualification. 3. If you d/c, there will be no rematches unless you provide quick proof so that we can continue the tournament. 4. Do NOT turn this into a flame war. 5. ONLY regular prayers allowed with SMITE as your overhead the entire fight. 6. All spectators must have nothing equipped or on their players prior to asking for a teleport to watch. 7. No attacking spectators. GEAR · Gear is being restricted to: o Full Steel, which includes legs, plate, and helm · Additionally, NO CAPE BETTER THAN MAX IS ALLOWED. · 3 brew limit. · No recoil is allowed Dragon boots and an amulet of glory must be worn No rune pouch is allowed! But Vengeance is. · Now this is where your preference comes into play; · Each player may choose their sword and shield. Any sword and any shield (except ely) are fair game. Whips (such as lime whip) are NOT SWORDS and are therefore NOT ALLOWED. · Your weapon MUST be a sword. You may NOT bring multiple swords. Pick one and stick with it. · Any shield that is not an elysian spirit shield is fair game. You will be skulled and risking one or the other; this is a DANGEROUS tournament. · You are allowed to change setups between fights but please, as mentioned in the rules, try to be quick so that we can move the tournament along in a timely manner. Sample setup: WHEN/WHERE AND WHO October 13, 2018, 3 PM ET Start I will teleport participants and spectators to a private Edgeville. Please be there on time. PRIZES First: 15M OSGP Second: ::Di pin Third: 5M OSGP Application (You can show up the day of as well): In-Game User: Feedback on Rules:
  8. The greatest intro

    I like the title of this thread
  9. Player Spotlight! Rytur! *Explicit*

    Fuck you! Frogs > lizards
  10. 9-24-07 News post!

    Let's get these events rolling!
  11. Dharok's Tournament - Sept 14, 2018

    I call jellyman226 in the first round. I'll be there unless I have work
  12. Had Some Luck

    Damn man, nice!
  13. Selling rs3gp for DPINs

    Moved to correct section for buying pins.
  14. Just Let Me Lamp Construction already

    Want some planks?
  15. Good day staking

    Very nice luck at the sand casino
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