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  1. Thanks for the update buddy
  2. Relaunch date + Information

    Thanks for the post, exciting things coming
  3. I'm Back.

    Very legit, everyone is working very hard.
  4. Staff Update [04/04/2018]

    Well deserved, Congrats Posin.
  5. Time to go

    Thanks for all the work you did put in Stephan, best of luck to you man.
  6. Staff Update 02/03/2018

    Gz master
  7. Calling all Pet hunters!

    Great idea! Good luck all!
  8. Blackbear

    Welcome back man! Hope you end up joining us ingame.
  9. Aggression

    Welcome back man!
  10. Reeeeeeeee

    Welcome back buddy!
  11. Content Poll

    Great ideas here, rev caves would be an awesome addition
  12. Construction Guide

    This is just the fastest/easiest way that I learned to get 99 construction (Thanks to Fatts). If you find a faster way, feel free to comment it below. 1) Make steel nails using 1 Iron Ore 2 Coals (You don't need many nails at all) 2) Make Planks using Regular and Oak logs by right clicking the Sawmill Operator by the portal at ::home 3) Buy a house with the Real Estate Agent, right click the portal, and click "build mode". 4) Build a Parlour Room 5) Level 1-50 Right click the chair, build chair, right click chair again, remove chair. Repeat this until you get to a high enough level to build tables in a dining room. Once you reach a high enough level to build Teak furniture I suggest either buying Teak logs off of other players or killing Jungle Strykewyrms for them (They have a 1/128 chance of dropping 700 teak logs) It took me 2,000 Teak logs or less to get to 99. OR You can chop Mohogany Trees by Training teleports > Jungle Strykewyrms and running South-East until you see some tree inside a fence. 6) Level 50-68-99 Create a "Costume Room" and make Toy Boxes until 99. Again, there could be a faster way to do this but this is just the way Fatts and I did it. I simply made this so people in game wouldn't have to keep asking how to do construction. BY THE WAY: If you are experiencing this bug just teleport to ::mb or ::trade and back to ::home and it should go back to normal This is just for the time being and will be fixed shortly.
  13. Staff Update 02/03/2018

    Congrats man!
  14. Staff team overhaul

    Great ideas, welcome back! Excited to see where this will take NR
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