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  1. The post I didn't want to make today

    I am not okay
  2. Hope all is well

    You too my brother, you will
  3. Hope all is well

    Will do man, thanks a lot
  4. Hope all is well

    I miss this game and it’s community (you know who you are) so much and wish I had the time to play. I got a great promotion at work and am moving forward in life faster than I’d like to. Although I do have some free time, with my 12 hour a day shifts, it is very limited. With the few hours I have I use it on my health. Hope all is well and it makes me happy to see everything is still thriving and updating constantly. Great job to the staff. Hope to be back soon!
  5. Thanks for the update buddy
  6. Relaunch date + Information

    Thanks for the post, exciting things coming
  7. I'm Back.

    Very legit, everyone is working very hard.
  8. Staff Update [04/04/2018]

    Well deserved, Congrats Posin.
  9. Forum Post Rewards Program

    This is awesome, thanks bud
  10. Time to go

    Thanks for all the work you did put in Stephan, best of luck to you man.
  11. Staff Update 02/03/2018

    Gz master
  12. Calling all Pet hunters!

    Great idea! Good luck all!
  13. 100-400m

    Don't trust him unless he has vouches ^
  14. Blackbear

    Welcome back man! Hope you end up joining us ingame.
  15. Aggression

    Welcome back man!
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