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  1. Finally!

    Gratz man!
  2. Long time no see

    No problem! It is actually a great time to join with the current boom in population and although there was an eco reset, it seems as if money has already been distributed vastly again.
  3. Long time no see

    Welcome back! If you have any questions just hit me up I’d love to help but yeah the server recently had a economy reset.
  4. Staff Update 5/14/2018

    Congrats to both of you! I’m glad to see two hard workers looking to enhance the server!
  5. Game Updates | 05/06/2018 | Bug Fixes

    Thank you for the update!
  6. Fortnite

    Add me on Xbox babes
  7. Relaunch date + Information

    Hell yeah can't wait!

    Nice, Goodluck next reset!
  9. Player Helped me out ~S00per l00t

    I’m not, I’m just saying I think the guy that posted this, kinda makes it seem like he’s trying to give S00p some recognition and stuff. Trust me I think he deserves ss but I also think this post, is kinda useless
  10. Player Helped me out ~S00per l00t

    Well obviously I consider them highly due to the considerable amount they have donated, but just because they have donated, doesn’t make them a better person. All my argument consisted of wasthat I believed he didn’t fit in a staff role that’s all.
  11. Player Helped me out ~S00per l00t

    Uhhh please re-word your sentence I’m confused.
  12. Player Helped me out ~S00per l00t

    All I’m saying is that I personally don’t agree with this post, second, don’t call me a twelve year old because obviously I have a much higher vocabulary then yours so I would prefer you to relax, and when you say stick my about where it doesn’t belong, what are you pertaining to? It’s a post where I am allowed to freely state my opinion? If you have no intention on providing a well organized argument don’t try and start one please.
  13. Player Helped me out ~S00per l00t

    Honestly!! He calls me a 12 year old when actually the only reason I have been only playing everyday for 2-4 hours is because I am 18 and I’m actually going to a university next year so I have a lot to finish up. For somebody who wants to judge me because I have been “inactive” is pretty funny when I’ve been playing 7 days a week for at least 4 hours each day
  14. Player Helped me out ~S00per l00t

    I understand that yes he did help you but please consider the servers economy is coming to a reset soon, also, S00per amongst many people knows that giving him recognition like this won’t help him receive a occupation on the staff team, that is earned from hard work and dedication which we’re currently lacking. If anybody agrees with me, I just feel that the vibe of this post is to help him prove to staff he’s “worthy” of a spot. Personally, yes I have seen him help people, but I rarely see him on, aswell as I forsure know other people who are much more qualified and don’t need to advertise themselves in order to try and get a position. He’s been running for staff for a while and has been beaten by others for obvious reasons that the staff has proven time and time again that people don’t understand. I would appreciate it if a staff member closes this.
  15. [buy] skyblue hween overpay

    What’s your price for one?
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