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  1. Divinate Progress and Goals

    why is 100m all skills crossed out you have 40m construction.
  2. A New Event Idea.

    So, Imagine an event that is a lms of who cant stay on the longest without logging but not being afk. it would have afk checks every 10-20 minutes and be amazing. this would probably have like 2 contestants every time but i need money so. trust me its a good idea.
  3. trading post l0c

    so, when?
  4. [recycle][FFA][fight pits]

    Yeah wouldnt mind people watcging me come first.
  5. castle wars minigame

    Just another thing for people to do rather than pk. and the items from castle wars are in pkp store.

    Just use dhally dds or claws for pvn.

    Yeah cause thats what this server needs
  8. Fix Tree/Ore Respawn

    Meh i autoclicked the ores with the autoclicker at 16 seconds. Worked fine for me just slow.
  9. [sell] iron vs pvm bones

    so easy to get i doubt they are worth anything anymore.
  10. trading post l0c

    Trading post location?

    so. including this trading post timer, this is now what? like 4 update timers that haven't worked out. it's kinda sad to see people quit simply because the devs arn't releasing the updates at the time the timer ends and its honestly getting ridiculous at this point. so either get ur shit together and release the updates when the timer ends or stop with the fucking timers all together.
  12. tekton fix

    so, sometimes when tekton walks back to his anvil and comes back to attack you, he will hit you once and walk back to his anvil or let you hit him once then walk back. this repeats for about 5-10 minutes until you kill him. 1 in every 5 times you atk it you will get more then 3 hits off and this just seems really impractical and bad. so i suggest you make it so you actually get to hit it 3+ times when he becomes attackable.
  13. australian timezone staff

    fuck that guy
  14. australian timezone staff

    we need a fookin australian mod or someone in our timezone. i know luckybamf does a pretty good job with us but theres only so much 1 mod can do. most nights us aussies have no staff online and need to wait till the morning. can i suggest: s00per l00t and john54 or just ask the people our timezone.
  15. hybird ffa food

    could we get a rune pouch and add a brew and food in the runes spots. 2 claws specs and u lose all ur food and a brew
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