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  1. Cmonbruh @staff

    what are you even talking about
  2. Cmonbruh @staff

    cmonbruh i was saying how much i love my god and religion and get kicked for it.
  3. Rain Bow down to I Hate Spots..

    nice wildy seems kinda active
  4. @staff help

    @Spank why r u speaking i was telling them to check my appeal please shut the fuck up and dont post on my thread
  5. @staff help

    someone check my appeal pls, im muted on everything so this is my only way of telling you.
  6. Buying Deg Vesta/Deg Statius

  7. Mod jacmob & Torn67 & Paganesque & Slim Shaco

    zander is gay spread the word
  8. Staff Evaluation

    Moderator Crucio- to heavy with the rules, its a private server, settle down. Ween- enforces the rules and stuff fine, but is overbearing sometimes. Catwick12- seems good enuf i guess. Hippo422- i've not logged in since he became mod so i wouldnt know. Divinate- is a fine mod, does everything he needs to. Sandballoon- different timezones i think idk Mithril- seen him online once since i came back. but thats none of my bisness Imma Kill U- is an excellent mod but is only a mod every second month for some reason? Phinoy1- good at what he is meant to do but should consider getting a bit more serius Admin Espire- is a great admin and is good at the job but is also to serius, its a private server, settle down. Forg33- is vry nice admin good job Luckybamf- great admin, nice, the most unbias person ive ever met, deserving. Advisor Slim Shaco- no clue what advisor is even meant to do but he is very active and seems like he is doing stuff? Community Manager Paganesque- welcoming, fun, but should be abit more serious at times. Manager Torn67- even if i had anything negative to say he owns the team Developers Juan- Does he even work here anymore?, seemed like he was good enuf idk. K4rn4ge- nice man decent work i guess idk? Mod kLeptO- gr8 dev, might finally save this garbage server. goodluck. Mod Jacmob- legitimately the best developer ive ever seen in my life. very active, very true to his word, obviously cares about the server a gr8 deal, is probably autistic. they hated me because i told them the truth
  9. wow amazing

    just put all the mods on ur ignore list most of them are retards
  10. Morons

  11. Morons

    man u must be gay or something i meant why is this a seperate thread you fucking muppet
  12. Team Hello Kitty Win Again..

    when are these post going to be considered spam?
  13. Mod jacmob & Torn67 & Paganesque & Slim Shaco

    how could you flame the staff like that
  14. Morons

    what is this doing here
  15. Buying Deg Vesta/Deg Statius

    If you have Vesta deg or statius deg pm me ingame or on here to find a price.
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