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  1. Growing Pains and Plans

    sounds good buddy
  2. Suggestions for a better NR

    Hilow, Most of you already know we've been blessed with a spankin' new dev, who is (fortunately for us) active in the community. I have some suggestions that would benefit the current LD's and any new LD's in the future as well as players who are not LD. Now, I know what most of you are thinking. LD's have enough, "Insert spongebob meme here" PaY 1k iRl FoR LdI oN nR pVm. I completely understand that point of view, at one point before I was even RD I believed that they were given too much. If we were to break it down, we would see that RDI actually has more benefits in a sense than LDI does. For a $600 price difference in the two, that shouldn't be the case. I'm one of the people who have donated for my LDI rank with credits. I didn't receive my rank through the lottery, which allows me to look at things in a slightly different perspective. Below I'm going to be listing a few suggestions that I believe should be added to the LD island as well as some changes for normal locations. I understand that some will not agree but that doesn't mean to shut it down entirely. Provide some criticism, its greatly appreciated. With avatars being considered to be removed from the LD island, we need content to replace the gaps that we are going to have. As we already know RDI and LDI give a 25% increase to drop rate, which limits on what content they're able to add in order to maintain the stability of the economy. I've spend some time thinking about it, and I believe I've figured out a solution. Abyssal Sire timer change and Abyssal Portal on Legendary Donator Island Abyssal Sire Timer As we're already aware, the timer on the Abyssal Sire is incredibly high. It takes nearly a minute for the sire to respawn, it's almost faster to use the teleport and running to the western side for another kill. I suggest that the timer be reduced to 30 seconds to 45 seconds after the sire has been defeated for it to respawn. Abyssal Portal on Legendary Donator Island With the change of the teleport location on ::LDI, it gives more incentive to add something to that location than just the avatars considering they will be removed with the wilderness rejuvenation. In order to prevent the 25% drop rate increase to affect the likelihood of getting an unsired drop, I suggest we add a portal called the Abyssal Portal to teleport the player to an instance (or just a Raids map like the current world boss) off the island. This room will only be accessible by the portal located on the LD island AND only if you have an Abyssal Sire or Abyssal Demon task. In this room, the player will find an Abyssal Sire in the second phase at full hitpoints. This will give LD the benefit of being able to kill the Abyssal Sire without first having to kill the respiratory system. The damage dealt to the Abyssal Sire in that location could be reduced by 25% to control the time it takes per kill. Adding a respawn timer of 30 to 45 seconds will remove the need to teleport out and back in to perform another kill. Considering the value of the LD rank being $1000 usd, I don't see this being an unbalanced suggestion. Kree'arra Found in the God Wars Dungeon and the RD island, this particular bird has given us all headaches. Even through prayer, Kree'arra does entirely too much damage. I feel like her damage should be reduced in order to make having Kree'arra tasks a much more enjoyable experience. Especially for those who have to use Ecumenical keys in the God Wars Dungeon. So far that's all I've came up with tonight Please let me know if there's anything I should change about my suggestions! Zylly
  3. Game Updates | 3/19/2019

    Amazing work chaff!
  4. Hi, I'm Chaflie!

    Hey buddy, welcome! I can't wait to see some of these bugs get fixed!
  5. Hey ya planker. Check messages. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  6. Man, I cant send a message on forums, I'm kicked from the discord, and ip muted. This isn't a funny joke, legit makes me wanna just leave.. All I did was make a joke.

  7. Small sale!

    my god. sol.d
  8. My Thoughts

  9. Small sale! Pm me ingames for offers!
  10. Owning PVM

    Username: Zylsium Combat lvl: 126 Slayer lvl: 99 Have ::di or higher : LDI Drop pic(Optional): Will u respect NR rules: Uh. Referred by: Jeremiah Do u have discord: Ye jk, ironguy referred me.
  11. Small sale!

    Black Slayer Helm - 4.5b each Lime * - 6b Lime(regular) 4b ea Zamorak Godbow - 1.5b Avernic Defender - 2b Primal Gauntlets - 1.5b Vesta Longsword (Deg) - 2b Gano Top + Bottom - 2b Torva Legs - 3b
  12. Buying Ultimate Slayer Helm

    Title says it all. Buying Ultimate slay helm for 50b cash! Pm me in game!
  13. As long as they add some sort of delay to the damage received when teleing into the wb zone, I dont wanna ::Wb and end up getting smacked down after ovl.
  14. Selling D Pins NRGP/Items

    Selling 21 d pins for nrgp! Willing to trade some for thok/ush! PM me ingame or message on discord! Discord name is Slay N Chill
  15. Lr/Volcom intro

    Hey man! Welcome back! Pm me in game if you need anything!
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