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  1. Ree

    *rees so hard i open up a black hole* *rees so hard my face melts* *rees so hard i instantly learn calculus* *rees so hard i turn into a glass of OJ* *rees so hard time stops* *rees so hard i grow another arm* *rees so hard i cease to exist* *rees so hard i ree*
  2. Im back boys

    Check out this ree and a half
  3. Im back boys

  4. Buying

    Buying all ree's
  5. PvM Poll

  6. OMG

    So yesterday i snorted like 20 percs and passed out I had a dream that i got promoted to ss I woke up and realized it wasn't real and cried
  7. PvM Poll

    I like most of these ideas.
  8. PvP Poll

    I like most of these ideas.
  9. QoL Poll

    I like most of these ideas.
  10. Game & Client Updates | v1.4 released | 4/3/2019

    First. Good shit.
  11. Max hit

    Make mage max hit potential appear when you type ::maxhit Make shade robes wearable
  12. Very First Ring

    My ball stank reeks.
  13. More events!

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