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  1. Drop Table Update 2

    Glad to hear! Keep up the good work!
  2. 1100 POST COUNT

    Congrats buddy!
  3. Allow Us To Lamp Construction

    +1 have been asking about this since re launch!
  4. CALM DOWN :)

    Tbh spam post, also its not even under the correct section.
  5. General Compliment

    I agree people should report every bug they come across with great detail. However, it doesn’t seem like anyone looks at the reported bugs. I made a post a couple days ago reporting a bug with auto retaliate. It has 3 views. Each view was from myself. Kinda makes people who want to help the server lose faith and feel ignored. That’s just my opinion though.
  6. Finally!

    Moves thread and ignores question. Great help from a staff member right there. Anyways congrats, I believe there is a thread dedicated to the reward for posting. I believe it also tells you how to claim your reward.
  7. You got my vote as well
  8. Fire capes

    Not a bad idea. I support!
  9. Me when maxed but cons is bugged

    Right??? Figured they would have initiated this by now
  10. Drop Table Update 1

    Looks pretty decent. Good job

    server was only down 1 month, not months
  12. The Future

    RIP near reality
  13. Behind the Scenes | March 2018

    We have heard this before. Not gonna get my hopes up this time tho
  14. Poll 20/03/2018

    So if all that happens could we also ask for more transperancy. The main thing I have noticed that gets to the players is saying you are going to do something on a said date or time and then not following through with it or delaying it.
  15. thats what u get

    I need a backstory
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