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  1. [recycle][FFA][fight pits]

    +1 great idea!
  2. Change your passwords.

    Kinda a given but a good reminder for everyone. The 2fa is annoying since it won’t remember your computer for 30 days, however I haven’t been hacked so it must be doing some good haha
  3. Calling all Pet hunters!

    Great idea. Good way to get more pvp going as well. Gl all!
  4. trading post l0c

    Bless! Hopefully it’s released by the time I get off work
  5. Game Updates | 3/06/2018 | Bug Fixes

    Speaking of, when can we expect this update? This week? Next week? This month? I understand y’all are trying to fix several issues. I would just like to feel informed
  6. Forum Theme Poll

    So are there plans to revert the forum appearance?

    +1 such a pet peeve of mine saying you will do something at a certain time and then not following through with it
  8. Client

    Yess! A client that auto updates would be such an improvement alone
  9. Client

    If it wasn’t complicated then we wouldn’t have people on the forums confused about it every day. I’m just saying make it one file that downloads and then goes into a setup wizard to finish the rest. If we could make this happen then I can definitely see all the advertising they have recently invested in paying off.
  10. Client

    I am sure this has probably been suggested but it really needs to be addressed in my opinion. I have played on several private servers and they have a great client download process. All you do i click play now, choose your operating system and the file downloads. It goes through a setup wizard and then launches the client. I have never had any issues with servers that have it set up like this. I believe if we make it easier for people to download the client then it will allow for more players. Advertising and voting only does so much if we can't get player in the game. Yes i know there are people always helping but i am certain there have been many players that say screw this after trying to download the client.
  11. Donating for others

    Seems like a simple thing to do. Instead of making the donation amount go up on your account just make it go up on theirs. Not a bad idea.
  12. Construction Guide

    Appreciate the guide, will have to get 99 con tonight
  13. drop rate pin confirm

    great idea. i could see my rage now if i accidentally did that
  14. Reeeeeeeee

    Hey man, welcome back! Shoot me a message in game. Glad to see old players returning.
  15. Staff Update 02/03/2018

    Congrats man you deserve it!