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  1. Drop Rate Checker

    I've created a drop rate checker. it calculates that the drop rate is if you for example have RoW equipped and are at ::di island but don't have the drop rate box. All you need to do is enter the original drop rate (if the drop rate is 1/750 you enter "750") and enter your % drop rate increase (if you have RoW and ::di its 15 + 5 = 20, and you enter "20") After you enter the 2 numbers the formula will work out what your new drop rate is under 1 The link for the COMMUNITY google doc can be found Here
  2. Birds Nest

    Birds nest you receive from woodcutting are completely useless. I haven't seen anyone pick them up or talk about getting anything good. so lets make them worth picking up. There are 3 types of nests: Seeds, Eggs, and Rings. Birds Nest(Seeds) : I suggest we change the seeds you receive to herb seeds that you can actually use. Wouldn't be super useful but better then getting a acorn seed that has zero uses. Birds nest (Eggs) : This one is pretty easy to make better. The nest when opening has a chance to give the player the woodcutting pet maybe 1/2000 or something similar. and if we want some big RNG a 1/100,000 for any pet drop at random. Birds Nest (Rings) : For this last one just put some chances at the Daganoth Rings, Possible another way for Ring of Wealth's, and maybe a Tyrannical ring?
  3. Buy D Pins OSRS - Highest Pay

    you just replied to a post over a year old btw
  4. How to movie the NR client

    1 - Hover over the client icon 2 - Wait for the display window to pop up 3 - move your mouse over the display window 4 - right click the display window 5 - click move 6 - use arrow keys THEN use mouse are you a visual learner? click here
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