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  1. Donation Infomation

    EDIT: Just found this, but probably not in the right section! Update this thread and pin it in the donations section of the forum, and this might solve it
  2. Donation Infomation

    Hi Guys. I have just come back after a long break and I can see that there has been a new LDI rank added and by the looks of it - some incoming changes are pretty close to being implemented into the game. I went to the Donation section on the forums to learn about these changes and what they included but the two stickies there have little to no information about RDI and LDI and If im being honest, there is little info on ::DI and ::DIE. I know that the Wikki does have some info on Premium and E-Premium, but perhaps if the server is expecting a new influx of players with the upcoming updates, a more detailed Donation Sticky might encourage people to donate - especially if they are well educated in what they are donating for/towards! Perhaps a job for the Wikki Editors - but to be made for the forums?
  3. Fix wilderness?

  4. Some Final opinions on 2018

    Yes for Drain Rates - Would 100% encourage a more active wilderness with people being intised by the chance of that +1. No for another donated Island - At the moment, I think the concept of ::DI, ::DIE and ::RDI works well, and that another island would just be pointless at this stage of the game. I have both ::DI and ::DIE and id say that myself and that most? of the people are happy with what is there. Not sure about deaths outside of wild - Would act as a decent cash sink for those who afk boss in max gear, but might also ruin what a lot of the community enjoy. As for new content, a raid style NPC? Something that takes a lot of time to kill/patience but some chance for some great loot? Might bring a bigger clan aspect to PVM. Just not in the wild please.
  5. Great updates, thanks. I've been lucky enough to test out some of the Godbows and I have to say they are still pretty weak. I cant seem to hit any higher than a 28 with a near enough maxed range set up, and I am stil opting to use either a CCB or a Dark Bow at the moment. This seems a shame for the people who put in the effort to try and get from from the 1/5000 drop rate. This could do with another boost!
  6. Staff Update 5/13/2018

    Well deserved guys, keep up the good work.
  7. Benj/Benr0cks

    Holy shit man, great to see you here!
  8. Benj/Benr0cks

    Will 100% be me when I loose bank staking or go 1,200 kills dry and no drop.
  9. Benj/Benr0cks

    Cheers man! See you in game!
  10. Benj/Benr0cks

    Sup all, Absolutely buzzing to see that NR is being brought back to the glory days. For some of you who have been around for a long time, and who have played various version of NR you may remember me or you may not. I spent a vast amount of time PVMing and staking, and towards the midddle of 2015, took up a staff role for Drax's version of NR. I can't wait to get back in game and get started again. Please enjoy some of the old school screenies below, and if you see me ingame, don't be affraid to hit me up!. Screenshots:

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