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  1. selling 1100m rs3gp for dpins

    pm me in game or forums
  2. Wildi Suggestions - One more point

    On This Point, NR was at its best wen I could create a account, spend 2 min @ ::Train to get my 99 range and Str, buy pure pk setup from the shop and instantly start pking. That is the NRPK that we want. Not the one where you have to wait for 2hour timer to start doing what I came to do in NR'PK'.
  3. Forgot to mention this previously, but.. 2 very important points!! 1) You do not get any pvp rewards (inc pkp) for killing someone who has less than 2 hours of gameply!!! - This completely fucks up pking in a sense, since instant pking is not possible!! - I vote for this timer to be reduced.. it does more harm than good especially at the current player base. 2) Can we reduce the amount of time we have to wait to kill the same player again to earn pkp… I believe its 20min reset time atm?? My current situation: At maximum, I see around 4-5dhers at edge. I kill them up within 5mins.. and now for another 15mins, I have no fight.. If there are 3 pkers at edge.. fight happens within 2mins.. and now for another 20mins pking is dead for these players.. What happens all the time is dhers come for 2mins, kill 2 ppl and now there is no more point pking #deadpk Please remove these timers until we get enough active pkers, or lower the reset timer to 5mins maximum thank you!! @Torn67 @Cayleb
  4. What do you want from the Wilderness?

    Many people actually do not PK (especially new players) because DH costs too much to buy. Edge used to have a fair amount of DH pkers but with the nerf of barrows drop this has died down gradually, made even worse by the increase in price of barrows item ::di, these 2 updates essentially fked up. Please revert these changes, droprates maybe 1-10, 1-15 is not worth spending hours(for new players with dscimi) to try and obtain a pvp set. In addition, this is the 4th time I have suggested this, 3 times in my previous suggestion posts!! - Add coin drops to target kill!! The game is lacking very badly on gold! - Adding gold drops to pvp target kills will do a lot of good thins: 1) encourage pure pk. 2) encourage new players to pure pk with welfare gear to get starting money for the game. 3) Fixes problem of having too little gold in game! Please Consider This!! @porn67, @Corn67, @Born67, @Horn67, @Tornwho?
  5. What do you want from the Wilderness?

    Wilderness Slayer Master that assigns wildi tasks, vetion, callisto, vene, demonic gorilla etc etc etc.. - When killing a monster assigned by wilderness slayer master, a rare chance to drop lime: 1 in 10k, Infernal Cape, 1 in 10k, Eldar Maul 1 in 12k, Weed Cape 1 in 15k etc etc etc.. Wildi Task Reward Points: That can be used to achieve some sort of wilderness armor with stats equivalent to fighter torso level - This equipment will not be loss upon death (Can be bought back from death for 5m gp per piece). Basically add some incentive that are good enough for players to venture out into the wild #literally
  6. Turdy stop flaming at my post child, surely your life cant be that sad to spend it flaming on a public forum #smh
  7. I swear there is not a bigger kid in this server than turdy 123. Kid got muted for a reason. On the side note, valid point tbh, guna remove the SC of OS Window.
  8. Selling Pins OSGP! - Cheap Rates of Bulk Buys Got a good stack, PM me ingame or forums!
  9. The NR Journey! Overview: #2 Months of NR #Cashed out 1.6t NRGP #Made 3.6b OSGP -------------------------------THE Journey---------------------------------------------------- #05.05.2018: Near Reality Relaunched! #05.05.2018: Vorkath - New Account was Created! #05 May - 10 June: Cashed Out about 50-70 Pins for OSGP (Pins were bought for 1.3-1.5b each, sold for 7-10m each osgp) #10 June: 1st Bank Photo was made public: Bank Value 400-500b #10 June: Started 1st phase of Major Cash Out. From the above photo, My cash stack went down to 2b, 14 limes went down to 2 limes and RSH was sold for 30b. I was still playing the game while cashing out and I was making money faster Than I could cash out. #10 June - 2nd July: Continued Playing while Cashin out. Total Cashout at this phase: 200-250 Pins for OSGP (Pins were bought for 2b - 2.5b Nrgp, Sold for 6-8m each OSGP) #2nd July: After cashing out 200-250 Pins, New Bank Update was posted: Bank Value: 600-800b in the Photo + another 100-200b in the other tabs. #2nd July: Gameplay came to a halt, 2nd phase pf Major Cash out. #2nd July - Present: Cleared the entire bank above for Pins. 350-400pins were bought (About 100 for 2.3b ea, about 100-150 for 2.5b ea, rest at 3b each, because at this point I held 70-80% of all pins in the game! Overall Update: In 2months: Total Cash Out: 1.6T NRGP After cashing out everything, I acquired a total for 3.6b osgp. <<Screenshot Deleted>> 2 Months of NR helped to make 3.6b OSGP!! - THANK YOU ALL WHO SUPPORTED! #08.07.2018: Rebuild Starts!! Hyped to start playing again with a low value bank. After 99% cash out this is what my current bank looks like: New Goal: To do it all over again!! GOOD LUCK ME P.S: I still have good amount of pins left to sell for osgp!

    In-Game: vorkath Feedback:
  11. Sooooo after hours of PVMARENA, man became the 1st to pluck out the infamous Twisted Bow out of the PVM Arena Shop.. ONLY TO FIND OUT that MAgic Short Bow has legit! MORE DPS! #RIP #NERFReality #ItemsStatsAreShit #WTF?? #FR???? Tested it on - Bork, Plane Freezer and Nex (Preety much max 'nerfed' gear) and Witnesses can confirm its absolute GARBO!
  12. 03/07/2018 - Items Stats Updates #SHM

    Buy anguish 100m!
  13. Fuck the item re-works! Absoulte BS! - Nothing more to say thank you.
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