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  1. Selling Pins OSGP! - Cheap Rates of Bulk Buys Got a good stack, PM me ingame or forums!
  2. Update Notes- 07/03/2018

    hosting BJ! - Hosting dice 55 x 2, 80 x 3 @ dice cc
  3. Sll Pins OSGP

    Selling pins for OSGP - Got good amount PM me ingame
  4. As the title says, if some1 is looking to spend $300 donation or their refund credits please hit me up in game or forums pm. I am offering to pay substantially more than the average market rates for your credits. Paying in NRGP or certain NR Items. Thank You!
  5. Upcoming Projects

    Its is like the Hunger Games concept. Where you start naked and collect resources to srurive to kill everyone else. Last Man Standing Wins. I cannot wait or this update!! Another of my favourite OSRS content coming to NR!
  6. Vorkath - Guide + Mechanics

    Vorkath is out! One of the most mechanically fun bosses of OSRS and also my favourite - Can prolly tell by my name. Anyway, I have done a lot of Vorkath kills in OSRS and therefore thought I would make a quick guide to show how the mechanics works, as for someone who has never done Vorkath before it can be quite challenging. Overall the boss is easily doable once you have grasped the mechanics. In the first video you can see me killing Vorkath with Karils and magic short bow - Therefore high level gear is not required. Attack Styles and Mechanics: See video for demonstration Blue Spheres: These attacks are magic attacks and can really really hurt. You should always use protect from mage to nullify this attack. Spikes: These are range attacks and can do damage in the low 30's. It does not do as much damage as the magic attack therefore u can just tank it. Melle: If you stand within range, Vorkath also attacks with melle. Fireball: Vorkath launches two fire-balls in the air both doing 50 damage each. Make sure to dodge this attack by moving or it can definitely 1hit K0. Purple Flame: This is a basic dragon fire attack but shuts down your prayer. Make sure to switch yr prayer back on every time. Freeze Attack: Again a basic dragon fire attack that freezes you. While you are frozen make sure to kill the vorkath spawn using crumble undead before it reaches you. Failing to do so can deal 50+ damange. Dragon Fire: Standard dragon fire that can be nullified completely by drinking dragon fire potion. 'Rapid-Fire-Cannon': This is where Vorkath lands poision patches on the floor and shoots rapid fire. If not avoided, this can kill you very very fast. It can be easily avoided by continuously moving until the end of the attack phase. Stepping on the poison patches also does damage. TIP: Always move between every attack to make it easier to dodge fireballs. Also turning off run helps to avoid the rapid fire attack with more efficiency. Video: Here's the video with various killing styles and different mechanics. I cut some parts in the first clip to make the video shorter.
  7. Update Notes - 6/16/2018

  8. Update Notes 6/11/2018

    yaay! ty!
  9. UPDATE NOTES- 06/09/2018

  10. New Updates | Welcoming a New Developer

    Thank you!! - having mentioned this all in my previous suggestion thread, it feels nice to know that my comments were acknowledged. Things sounds very promising, I am hoping it will be delivered!
  11. Update Log - 21/05/2018

    I am speechless... 4 days of update = new NPC that prolly takes 4 mins to code... On the other note: Blood Keys were the main source of generating coins in the game.. now you nerf that as well....?? Shut the coins supply and add more items source.. well done guys really well done.! perfect solution!
  12. Game updates - 14/05/2018 - Fixes + drop rates

    GODBOWS NOT WORKING STILL! Yes the stats has been updated! HOWEVER: CCB with Onyx Bolts Doing: MAXHIT 30 GodBow has +50 more range atk bonus and 80 more range str bonus (compared to ccb with onyxbolts): MAXHIT 23! - Very innacrate! Fix Please!
  13. Buy D Pins OSRS - Highest Pay

    Buyin d pins for OSRS GP. Will beat all offers here. PM in Game

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