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  1. suggestions

    +1 to all very good suggestions
  2. The Return

  3. LDI Yell timer

    Catwick would you like some cheese with that whine?
  4. Bandos Avatar Suggestion

    3-5k damage minimum would be good for both gano and bandos ava imo.
  5. Update 2-10-2019

    woot!! best update yet
  6. E-KIT Color

    bumpity bump bump !
  7. Fire Capes

  8. Final One Claimed

    Holy cringe fest. 1. You never ended my kill streak or greens, its at 46 and doing well tyvm 2. Why do you keep saying its only ticket and you no matter how many times you repeat this lie it isnt going to make it true. (your always 4+: Criz, ticket, draco, flippers, spank, eso, tiki). Everyone notices, so call it a "friend sesh" if the term merge hurts your feelings but you merge with every other clan that we've cleared from the game. oops. 3. You are a waste of our time. Yday we fought you guys 4v4 at gdz for about an hour straight trying to end greens kill streak and we clapped all of countless times you dont see us making threads posting pics. Cringe.
  9. The planking of phinoy1

    Big oof !
  10. Veri nice, keep the guides coming
  11. Arcane spirit shield

    to me h3h3
  12. Team #Plankers

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