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  1. Staff commands

    Excellent Zander very thought out +1 !!
  2. E-KIT Color

    We all do
  3. Game Updates 12-10-18

    YAY thanks for this !
  4. E-KIT Color

    Iv noticed that when you upgrade an item it stands out and looks very unique but when you equip the weapon/Armour the enhanced coloring goes back to standard dye. I think pieces enhanced should stick out vibrantly like how they are in your inventory to all, this way others can distinguish who and what items you have that are enhanced without having to trade and would look pretty damn cool P.S. Iv added images of what exactly im talking about for those who have yet to enhance any items
  5. first?

  6. What a day it was!

    Big blessings haha congratulations spank !
  7. drop tables

    Its true for 2/3 bosses. And only to those who can afford the staff/know about it have that luxury. For some reason those con drop rolls are suppose to be rarer yet pop up more frequently than the main reason people go to kill them.
  8. Advertisements

    totally agree
  9. e-kits items

    Zander my little boy
  10. Thoughts on ::Die Changes

    Exactly what I thought these would make more sense +1+1
  11. Game Updates | 12/06/2018

  12. New beginings!

    Have a good one
  13. Pointless Title.. We Know What Happened....

    Read my mind
  14. E-Kit's Suggestion

    Sounds interesting!
  15. Staff Update 12-3-18

    That link ! lol
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