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  1. Integrity

    Jellyboi and me going hard, whats ur bloc loc? We coming tru
  2. Integrity

    I don't think any staff will say otherwise because no matter what, they are not going to disrespect the final decisions of their superiors and post their opinions here.
  3. Revenants

    Yes I think the wilderness need a revamp pvm wise, either drop tables or whatever because it isn't worth anymore farming gano for example, and the majority of the bosses there, since there is a big quantity of items in the market. I just hope the next boss or content coming out is for the wilderness, because right now it's not the best money making anymore.
  4. Integrity

    Being a "fellow clan member" has nothing to do with the facts I've been presented with, obviously I took the time to write this specially because he's someone I care for, and for your information jellyman226 wasn't the only staff member in my clan. Obviously I woulnd't be expecting any other type of response from you rather than inferiorizing one.
  5. Integrity

    I surely don't want to be unfair and badly judge whoever had a say on the revoke of Jellyman226's staff, but I think this decision was cold and taken without much consideration, especially when you value so much the relationship you have among your staff team and consider it a family. If whatever he did had no economy repercussions or affected anyone in particular and was purely done for his own amusement without any malicious intent, then I simply can't understand why such action was taken without even talking with this person to atleast clarify things. I don't know why would this action be any different comparing to other staff members that take advantage of their powers to easly farm kills to get certain drops for themselves... without even wanting to mention the ones who abused their powers multiple times for they own advantage affecting the players that were involved and the economy by handing out bribes as a form of compensation in many different ocasions and many other forms of abusing powers and rule breaking. With all this said, I want to make clear that I don't want to go in-depth about what I've experienced and witnessed with other staff members in the past, because I think that won't bring any good to the server and I think certain situations need to be forgiven and just move on, pride will take us nowhere, reason why I think this decision would need a second and different approach. Regards, I Drop
  6. News Post 11-4-18

    That was the main joke
  7. News Post 11-12-18

  8. News Post 11-4-18

    FINALLY THE GRIND IS OVER I KILLED SO MANY JUNGLE STRYKEWYRMS! Before: After: I'd like to thank my mom and my whole clan for all the support.
  9. Content Poll: Enhancement kits!

    errr??? oh thats the spoiler xdd
  10. About last event (Ahrim Blood barrage)

    The gear for the event according to the rules was full ahrims including ahrim's staff to prevent people from autocasting. There's an amulet called "Amulet of the damned" that gives hidden buffs if a player wears a full Barrows armour set in conjunction with the amulet. Ahrim's buff:
  11. Just a funny meme about last event #RAIN
  12. Content Poll: Enhancement kits!

    Will the enhance kit bind with the enhanced item and add it's value(alch value) to the final item or will it drop separately as 2 items on a pvp situation? (Just like tent+whip on osrs) @Torn67
  13. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Yes, specially when u edit your stats. P.S: You can always apply.
  14. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

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