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  1. Who #Rain Really Is... [Detailed]

    THK never did pk trips or rarely, they just sit in mb or edge and trash talk in trade cc for you to "come singles".
  2. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Due to the increase of players asking to join our clan we decided to create this thread Road to wild domination, we strive to be the best multi pking clan. Currently the most active clan, our main purpose is to hold profiting wild resources such as Revs, Gano and Tekton making the wilderness as active as possible. Even though we are a pking clan, you are allowed to do any other activities as you please, but bear in mind that we will request your assistance in times of increased wildy activity such as wars, events and pking trips. Repeatedly not attending these may result in a demote or a kick. Do not apply if you're just leeching or looking for protection! (further rules can be found in our discord channel) Application Form (don't worry, some of these requirements are not strict!) Username: Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory): Do you have any hybriding experience?: Do you have any clan experience?: Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?: Recruited by: Due to a higher flux of requests your application can take time to be approved and it will be used for future reference!
  3. Bye

    Everytime Sandniqqa uses his crystal key on the chest at home:
  4. Selling Ghostly phat

    SORRY, TEXT SIZE ONLY GOES UP TO 72. Now there are 4 ghostly phats.
  5. Mute for?:D

    Tengo la certeza absoluta de que si mi respuesta hubiera sido en español te habías quedado en la misma...
  6. NH TOURNAMENT - JAN 18, 2019

    @Slim Shaco isn't occult considered a +1?
  7. NH TOURNAMENT - JAN 18, 2019

    Last time I gave this exact feedback I was flamed on
  8. Mute for?:D

    Unfortunately I can't understand what you're trying to say, I would be more than happy to help clarify your concerns but it seems you didn't even understood what I said in my previous post.
  9. Mute for?:D

    Dear Meuw, I understand the reasoning behind your demotivation and concerns, I wanted to let you know that I partially agree with what you are trying to say, the game can sometimes be unfair for new or unexperienced players and trying to get ahold of the best money making methods (Gano, Revs, Tekton,etc) is very hard because wildy is usually ruled by clans and you can't simply expect it to be risk free. When it comes to wildy events the prizes are usually bigger than normal because they involve alot more players compared to the FFAs where usually there's only 1 winner. There has been quite a few FFAs in the past where the prizes were valued from 20-40b, maybe you've just missed them. I also want to make clear that RAIN's dominance in most events and the fact that we control the wilderness on a daily basis is accomplished by our own merit and we have never been given any unfair advantages over our competitors by anyone. Also having staff members in our clan shouldn't cause any concers or be an excuse. If you have any questions feel free to pm me here or in game.
  10. Finally we had a crazy event with 30+ players, good to see the increase of wildy activity and hopefully the pking community. This time we were outnumbered, yet managed to take the win, thanks for the loot boys! #RAIN With the utmost respect - Drop
  11. Who #Rain Really Is... [Detailed]

    All the pics I've posted on your thread were all singles, I have more kill pics from multi which I haven't posted since you specifically asked for single ones, you're just denying a simple fact. Atleast you made it public so everyone knows not to trust you.
  12. Who #Rain Really Is... [Detailed]

    You're not gonna give shit, just like Oi Ali, both of you shown you are not a man of their words so I'm not wasting any more time posting any kill pics. If you wanna get a middleman to pay out for the kill pics, I'll gladly take the time to post them here. Awaiting your response.
  13. Who #Rain Really Is... [Detailed]

    Delusional full of lies as always. Save your ass from all the killpic posting cringe spree, you know we have way more kills on you.
  14. Who #Rain Really Is... [Detailed]

    It's always a good laugh when you make these cringey posts showing how desperate and powerless you are, only proving how big of a flop your clan was, mainly because of you for snaking most of your members. Stop trying to assume you know who our members are, you named a bunch of inactive players and some who were never in rain. BTW great repost of all the kills you managed to get in this server, once again you posted killpics of non rain members just to make this post look "good", so nothing new here. That's why we've held all the wildy resource areas since day 1, we don't care if you get 10+ players to rush us at gano after a day of planning and scouting, we will still get the loots without any losses and continue to make bank ready for the next move.
  15. Small sale

  16. Small sale

    pm me in game guys my private will be on
  17. #Spareno1

    I know by now you're just another attention seeking random trying to become relevant, but I will take my time to answer you. The problem isn't me not being aware about old nr's clan scene, the problem is you being ignorant about the current NR scene which was the one I was referring to. On a different note I wanna let you know that we've had many threats in the past from BBE, VH, THK and Shavers and none lived up to it. I'm down to see more clan activity, promoting proper sportmanship, but if you're another drama seeking fuck boy I'm telling you, you won't last much longer here.
  18. #Spareno1

    That's also the point.
  19. Pkerman

    Good stuff
  20. @Rain

    We've always been everywhere comfortably, we still out there since day 1 making money: Gano, Tekton, Callisto, Revs, you name it, nothing like you and your disbanded clan "THK" that all you did was start drama to try and show any signs of superiority and call out for pointless 1v1s at edge which is the only wildy area you're "comfortable" in. BTW don't get too comfortable scamming people in the duel arena, next time it's a perma ban.
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