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  1. When they see another meme post by Drop I don't know why you have to keep deletinhg my meme posts on Comedy Central section, wonder why it's so empty. Rather make fun of the current server situation and all the players who lost all their shit(in a funny/positive way) by bringing some happiness with these memes than making a rant on how good the server management and their decision making was while pointing out the fact that this is a recurring situation that happens every year.
  2. Coincidence?

    6/6/06 6/6/19 NR Reset
  3. Compensation For All Our Hard Work

    is that your UIM?

    BUYING PINS NRGP RAINBOW PARTYHAT 1/1 in game! Leave offers below or PM ingame!
  5. Moving Forward | Important Information

    Jacmob's seasonal posts coming in like:
  6. The State Of Our Economy

    You wouldn't need to be a mastermind to predict what would happen to the pin market with the ability to buy donator status by trading them in, since there aren't enough people donating IRL cash for them to balance it out and keep the market flow, it was obvious that it would eventually die! In every "important" update there's always this problem with balancing things out and having vision for what will happen in the long run in specific scenarios.

  8. Selling Easter ring

  9. QoL Poll

    6. Should the Justiciar set receive the Elysian Spirit Shield effect when all three pieces are worn? I hope it's a PvM only effect, otherwise imagine justiciar set(with ely effect) + ely in PvP like wtf!?
  10. PvP Poll

    Sounds great
  11. PvM Poll

    7. How difficult should a raid be? Challenging with a proper effort to reward ratio 9. Which would you prefer? Why not both? No need to rush such content, take your time.
  12. PvP Poll

  13. RARES

    Still open for rainbow phat offers, @Jellyman226 gratz once again on server slave rank #4RAIN
  14. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Rain isn't "closed", it's currently inactive until further wildy changes worthy our comeback are made. Nevertheless thanks for your concern and have a nice day.
  15. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Due to the increase of players asking to join our clan we decided to create this thread Road to wild domination, we strive to be the best multi pking clan. Currently the most active clan, our main purpose is to hold profiting wild resources such as Revs, Gano and Tekton making the wilderness as active as possible. Even though we are a pking clan, you are allowed to do any other activities as you please, but bear in mind that we will request your assistance in times of increased wildy activity such as wars, events and pking trips. Repeatedly not attending these may result in a demote or a kick. Do not apply if you're just leeching or looking for protection! (further rules can be found in our discord channel) Application Form (don't worry, some of these requirements are not strict!) Username: Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory): Do you have any NH experience?: Do you have any clan experience?: Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?: Recruited by: Due to a higher flux of requests your application can take time to be approved and it will be used for future reference!
  16. Selling pins NRGP

    I'll buy
  17. Selling Ring of Coins

    it's not considered discontinued because staff can get it into the game when hosting events, even though it was removed from fragment store.

    now buying pins updated

  20. osrs money making?

    best osrs money making with those stats is: Play NR > Sell NRGP for 07
  21. The next step!

    Because in order to do PvP content you are subjected to alot of factors like risking your items, being in constant lookout for pkers, finding out ways to avoid different types of dangerous situations and many more. It's obvious that the reward should always be way higher since you're not doing some braindead afk cookieclick type shit at LDI, I just can't understand why you think this shouldn't be fair. You can't ask for equality on stuff that don't relate. PvM =/= PvP Safe =/= Wildy
  22. WorldBoss Crybabies

    The world boss is a community based event, obviously there needs to be mutual respect and cooperation from everyone in order to kill it without any problems, meleeing it is not an issue if you don't move and the boss is already in the safespot (so you don't ruin it for everyone). Now what I can imagine from what you've said here and the actions that were taken towards your behaviour is that you're just a guy trying to act smarter than everyone else not giving a fuck if you ruin it for the rest or not, you just played yourself, cry baby.
  23. Unpopular Opinion

    There is no such thing as "good stakers" you're either greedy and lose it all quickly or you're not and know when to walk away, nevertheless if you keep staking you'll eventually end up being cleaned.

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