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  1. Selling Ring of Coins

    it's not considered discontinued because staff can get it into the game when hosting events, even though it was removed from fragment store.
  2. admin+ in the wilderness

    Wait, what? I thought Torn ended up giving your shit back?!

    now buying pins updated

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  5. admin+ in the wilderness

    I didn't generalise I know you do sanction staff on most issues, I was specifically talking about staff abuse wildy related issues that in my eyes are taken lightly, this is the impression we have since all we can see is the people in question only being promoted.
  6. admin+ in the wilderness

    I want to make clear that all the issues I've mentioned above were in the past and none were any recent events (mainly because I'm barely online nowadays, let alone in the wilderness since it's dead), what I was trying to explain to @Sukamanut was that these kind of issues aren't that rare and will continue to happen. With this I'm not saying for you to expect being 1 shot rushed by an Admin+ in deep wildy that had bad intentions, but you will find staff(any rank) on crazy risk with boosted hp roaming around, killing mobs and freely escaping when someone finds them and try to kill them followed by some random excuse, that shouldn't be allowed. Nevertheless I'm glad that is the main issue when it comes to abuse of powers in the wilderness nowadays since that compared to what I've seen and experiencend in the past is nothing.
  7. admin+ in the wilderness

    That has also happened in the past multiple times in deep wildy with no repercussions whatsoever,no staff has ever been punished for abusing their powers in the wilderness, usually it's just a sorry followed by some type of compensation which most of the times don't even make up for the loss and the staff member in question is just told to don't do it again.

  9. admin+ in the wilderness

    There has always been this kind of issues in the past, in my honest opinion I think every staff should be allowed to PK on their mains as far as they don't abuse their powers, the problem is alot of them don't know the boundaries or don't care at all because they have a high rank and think they should be allowed to do so. They boost their stats to farm stuff, sometimes they kill people on accident because they forgot they had their stats boosted and are most of the times found with a crazy amount of HP. I don't see any issue in this under certain scenarios like when Pagan come help people kill gano and then leave, but I've seen and experienced staff abusing their powers multiple times in the past while deep wild pking (having high hp while fighting back, crazy risks and even teleporting out of the wilderness to escape) and I don't think there should be any kind of excuse for stuff like this to happen and this should be punishable. Most of the times when issues like this happen either the staff in question lies about it or admits their mistake and tries to bribe you to compensate your "loss" and avoid the escalation of the situation. Torn does pay out people who kill him when he's hosting that event, meaning it's not always like this! Unfortunately, this was one of the staff members me and my clan had issues with in the past, so you should expect some type of bs whenever you see him out in the wildy, specially now that he has recently been promoted to Admin+ which gives him more commands such as turning his loot off, etc. With all this said, I understand and agree with your point since I've been through that multiple times!
  10. osrs money making?

    best osrs money making with those stats is: Play NR > Sell NRGP for 07
  11. The next step!

    Because in order to do PvP content you are subjected to alot of factors like risking your items, being in constant lookout for pkers, finding out ways to avoid different types of dangerous situations and many more. It's obvious that the reward should always be way higher since you're not doing some braindead afk cookieclick type shit at LDI, I just can't understand why you think this shouldn't be fair. You can't ask for equality on stuff that don't relate. PvM =/= PvP Safe =/= Wildy
  12. My Thoughts

    We camp it because that's the best money maker in the game right now, why would I waste my time and risk bank in the wilderness if I can literally make triple the money afking stuff at LDI with no risk whatsoever? I've been 24/7 in the wilderness with my clan since server relaunch May 2018 until LDI got released.
  13. My Thoughts

    You've said it all here.
  14. WorldBoss Crybabies

    The world boss is a community based event, obviously there needs to be mutual respect and cooperation from everyone in order to kill it without any problems, meleeing it is not an issue if you don't move and the boss is already in the safespot (so you don't ruin it for everyone). Now what I can imagine from what you've said here and the actions that were taken towards your behaviour is that you're just a guy trying to act smarter than everyone else not giving a fuck if you ruin it for the rest or not, you just played yourself, cry baby.
  15. Unpopular Opinion

    There is no such thing as "good stakers" you're either greedy and lose it all quickly or you're not and know when to walk away, nevertheless if you keep staking you'll eventually end up being cleaned.

    Item demand on GBs are high for obvious reasons so don't expect otherwise

    BUMP - Updated sale


    bump - still taking offers

    Sorry I don't RWT
  21. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Due to the increase of players asking to join our clan we decided to create this thread Road to wild domination, we strive to be the best multi pking clan. Currently the most active clan, our main purpose is to hold profiting wild resources such as Revs, Gano and Tekton making the wilderness as active as possible. Even though we are a pking clan, you are allowed to do any other activities as you please, but bear in mind that we will request your assistance in times of increased wildy activity such as wars, events and pking trips. Repeatedly not attending these may result in a demote or a kick. Do not apply if you're just leeching or looking for protection! (further rules can be found in our discord channel) Application Form (don't worry, some of these requirements are not strict!) Username: Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory): Do you have any NH experience?: Do you have any clan experience?: Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?: Recruited by: Due to a higher flux of requests your application can take time to be approved and it will be used for future reference!

    The existance of clans is a natural thing when it comes to competing in the wilderness, everyone started in equal footing so everyone is technically able to achieve what Rain has achieved by creating a clan and competing with us. I just don't think that a place that involves constant risk should be less or equally profiting than any other areas and the existance of a predominant clan shouldn't have any effect on this decisions. Also I don't quite understand in what facts do you base your accusation when you declare we have staff helping us, you're probably just frustrated, but let me directly tell you that they don't and they never will give any type of advantage. If anything please fill a report on forums instead of falsely accusing anybody.
  23. #freegodlix

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